Our tour is almost coming to an end! The other day our team stopped in San Jose, CA ☀️ with our Champion @anacvieirajj 🥇 to visit our partner @caio_terra_academy ! We had a blast spending time with our athlete @yurisimoesjj and getting to meet the entire family at Caio Terra HQ! Huge thank you to Nick @ossclothing 👕 and @caioterrabjj for opening your amazing academy to us and allowing us to come spread some CBD love. If you are in the San Jose and looking for world class Jiu Jitsu 🥋and world class recovery🌱, then make sure you stop at Caio Terra BJJ, the exclusive provide of Black Belt CBD products in San Jose!📍With only two more stops left where do you want to see us go next? Tag your gym in the comments below 👇


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    What's up with a rash guard? 😃💲📤 - 1 月前發佈