Happy Taiwan National Day!! 🇹🇼♥️ When checking in to a hotel do you ask for the highest floor? My mom did! When sightseeing do you intentionally find the tallest building viewing platform to stand on? My mom was taking selfies at the top! How about hiking/standing at the tip of the highest point in a city? My mom was right there next to me enjoying the view! My mom, Bita Nia, had an obsession with high places with the BEST VIEWS. Even though she loved her views there wasn’t once she didn’t give up her window seat for her children to enjoy... pure selfless. I created an itinerary in dedication of all things my mom would have done here in this insanely amazing city and I’m forever grateful! 📝 In Taipei I hiked up Elephant Mountain, one of the most gorgeous trails with panoramic views of the capital city & of course Taipei 101 so close you can touch it! She would have liked the view but not the misquote bites that came with it! However the top of Taipei 101, the world tallest GREEN building would have been her jam (swipe to see the view!) It was the tallest building I’ve ever been in and sitting by the window watching the sunset into the Taiwanese mountainside I felt her with me in that moment, even if it was for a second because I know she would have loved this! Check out my story highlights to see what I mean! #BitaDiaries

地點: Taipei, Taiwan


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