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la vie en rose — model: @kaiida_ #andyvisualzportrait
hey street photography, it’s been a while #andyvisualzstreet
always a fun shoot with @dudestude !! #andyvisualzportrait
model: @jessiejazz777 location: @29rooms
mOrE studio photos model: @zzzzuym mua: @beauty.mxza
@angryboygra drip 🔥 more studio~ #andyvisualzportrait
hailey at scooters @hailsssssssss teal(green?)/red~ #andyvisualzportrait
As a senior in high school, it’s the time to find the right post-secondary school and program. @OCADUniversity’s open house has opened my eyes to many opportunities and art-related programs I could apply for. #OCADU has access to some of the best photography facilities in Canada that include both a colour and black & white darkroom! Students are able to work creatively and develop strong skills through the use of analog and digital photography! To apply to this school, you'll need to create a portfolio. Click the link on my website or copy & paste below for tips to create your own portfolio and also to see your program requirements on their website! 📸🎨✨ #OCAD_Ambassador
first studio shoot! big thank you to @_karldelacruz_ for letting us use the studio, more photos to come :)) — Model: @zzzzuym (and also to jazzmyn for modelling for the 100th time) MUA: @beauty.mxza (hit him up for make-up he’s so talented) #andyvisualzportrait
Green Model: @ehmie.w MUA: @beauty.mxza Location: @imagine.jpg 3/3
Blue Model: @ehmie.w MUA: @beauty.mxza Location: @imagine.jpg 2/3