Bas Rutten Blk Belt🥋, 2 X Instructor of the Year 🏆🏆= #MasterSplinter 🐭 9140 W 100th Ave A1 Westminster Co 80021 720-589-8792 ORGANIZING MARTIAL ARTS⚡️

#FatTyler needs that Fit To Fight program —> Tjdillashaw.Com @bangmuaythai
Bang Muay Thai classes today at 11am , 730pm and 830pm at @legacylosangeles . The fundamentals class keeps growing and lots of ninjas have been coming consistently and showing major improvements. Keep it up ninjas 🙏🏼🙏🏼 #bangmuaythai #bmt #bmtburbank #burbank #muaythai #kickboxing #fundamentals #muaythaigirls #kickboxinggirl #martialarts mma
Promoting the fights is a must but Please keep Respect for Yourself, for Others and for the Arts. Plus Masvidal doesn’t play those games. #BackYardFlorida 💪🏻👊🏻 “Wow. Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal just got into a scrap backstage at the o2 arena. #UFCLondon . . . 🎥 @espnmma
@lilbasludwig = Ninja
Ninja skills at @tjdillashaw
Awesome artwork of Master Splinter In Bruce Lee’s Stance 🙏🏻⛩🥋 Thank you @jade_paul_army your awesome 😘👧🏻 @brucelee @tmnt #MasterSplinter
Throw back Thursday @UFC 42 my 1st octagon appearance against the always entertaining Genki Sudo and a Photo bomb by the great @JoeRogan
Awesome Match Up @jarchmma - In the works now!!! @thewolfmma @bellatormma thanks @therealscottcoker go time!!!!!! 🤘let’s hope he goes through with it.
Congrats to @k1takeru The story of Muay Thai VS Japanese kickboxing continues Repost from @k1takeru using @RepostRegramApp - 今日の試合KOで勝つことが出来ました。 たくさんの応援本当にありがとうございました! 僕の中で人生最大の大勝負で これにKOで勝つことで次のステージに進めることがすごく嬉しい。 これから格闘技ブーム、K-1ブームのスタートなので みんな付いてきてください。 一緒に盛り上げていってください。 これからも応援よろしくお願いします! 今日の試合はAbemaビデオで配信中📺
Love sharing Martial Arts with Ninjas like @TheMuayThaiGuy .. “I want to share a quick story about how Duane Ludwig and @bangmuaythai helped save my career 🙏 • Years ago I was stuck in a training rut. I felt like I lost my fire and creativity when it came to Muay Thai. I had little to no motivation to train and was even considering quitting my fight career to start in a new direction. • Before deciding to quit I thought it would be a good idea to mix up my training and travel to a different spot to train in hopes to revive my passion. I had some friends in Boulder so I decided to spend a month in Colorado training at Ludwig Martial Arts... and I’m SO thankful I did. • During that month I felt like a complete newb learning Professor Ludwig’s striking system. It was unlike anything I’ve ever done. The movement, the drills, the techniques... they were all new to me. Not only that, but his passion for martial arts and for teaching helped reignite my passion for Muay Thai and made me excited to learn again. • In that short month I learned SO much about footwork, cutting angles, switching stances and a ton of other things. I also got to train alongside TJ Dillashaw, Joseph Benevidez, Lance Palmer and other beasts who all were super nice and welcoming to me when I joined the pro training sessions. • • • Now, when I teach seminars or host @muaythaivacations a lot of what I share stems from his system of striking. So if you’ve ever taken a seminar or came to a retreat with me you have professor Ludwig to thank for the Dutch Drill and many others. • Thank you professor for helping me continue along my Muay Thai journey 👊🙏
With Cro Cop’s recent retirement , I thought I would share The stare down between @crocop1009 and @wandfc as one of the most memorable moments to me. Thank you for the Awesome fights and Thank You @gorilla_the_bear for the awesome artwork 🙏🏻
地點:Tokyo, Japan
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