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@paulyloz notes, "Tranquility - when a place or state of mind is peaceful, calm and serene 🌅." That's definitely the vibe here😎🌊 (🎥: @paulyloz 📍: Siargao Island, Philippines)
@erubes1 beams, "With beaches, mountains, and jungles all within the heart of the city, few places shine as bright during golden hour." Tag someone you'd want to catch these sights with🇧🇷😎! (📷: @erubes1 📍: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
@ourkindlife exclaims, "Haven’t worn shoes once the past few days and it really is freeing to feel the sun on your skin, sand in your toes and breathe the salty air. So good for the soul to let the waves wash away the negativity and be present and thankful for each moment." Words💭 to live by, and views😎 to crave! (🎥: @ourkindlife 📍: Maldives)
@sjoerdbracke exclaims, " I still doubt if the farmers truly understand they’re creating this art, when you see their paddies from above! This probably is one of the most busy places in Bali during the day, but so calm and beautiful in the early morning!" What a view😍🇮🇩! (📷: @sjoerdbracke 📍: Bali, Indonesia)
Skydiving into The Blue Hole in Belize! 🐠 Have you heard about this spot before? Named one of the "10 Most Amazing Places on Earth", check out our Story today for more crazy footage! (📽️: @nickleventis & @samkolder 📍: The Blue Hole, Belize)
@ravivora describes himself "driving through the most beautiful desert autumn colors." Fall in New Mexico certainly doesn't disappoint🍂! (📷: @ravivora 📍: New Mexico)
Sunrise and fresh snow this morning in the Swiss Alps ⛄️😍❄️ Did you know that the car-free village of Bettmeralp is only accessible by a large cableway? 🚠 It is located near the impressive Aletsch Glacier, the first Unesco World Heritage Site of the Alps and it boasts almost 300 sunny days a year! ☀️ 🏔️ (📸: @sennarelax 📍: Bettmeralp, Switzerland)
Castelvetro di Modena is between Modena and Bologna🇮🇹. It is a town full of old medieval charm, complete with colorful vineyards and an enchanting castle. Tag a friend who would take a wine tour 🍷here with you! (📷: @stefanotermanini 📍: Castelvetro di Modena, Italy)
People say this is one of the best views you can get of this beautiful cove in the Philippines. Imagine docking your boat🚤 here for the day 😍 (📷: @ninjarod 📍: Kayangan Cove, Philippines)
People speak German, Italian, and Ladin in the South Tyrol area of Northern Italy🇮🇹. As it is close to a few countries, while technically part of Italy, this area's inhabitants identify with a variety of cultures and traditions. (📷: @wonguy974 📍: South Tyrol, Italy)
Haddon Hall has been featured in several films🎥, operas🎶, and novels📚. Ever heard of Jane Eyre, or the Princess Bride? Tag a friend who was destined to live here! (📷: @dpc_photography_ 📍:Haddon Hall, England)
Matera is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the 2019 European🇪🇺 Capital of Culture. Bring your hiking shoes👟, as you'll spend your days wandering through the cave-like "sassi" and learning more about its quite unique past. (🎥: @donquiellumbera_ 📍: Matera, Basilicata, Italy)