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Don’t ask me what my feet were doing in these all I know is I didn’t fall so I’ll take it 😂 loving this two piece set from the babes over @rebdolls it’s super comfy and you can dress it up or down ! Go get yours so we can be twins ! 😍😍😍 . . . Fit @rebdolls #sexyforall #rebdolls #ad . . . . . @deemarienoir #discoverunder20k #explore #goldenconfidence #psstyle #plussizeblogger #discoverunder10k #instacurvy #curvyfashion #dejaroux #curvymodel #fullfigured #styleinfluencer #boldncurvy #dailyfashionideas #explorepage #effyourbeautystandards #bopo #curvynstyle #curvystyle #streetstyle
When they tell you life ain’t all sunshine & rainbows so you gotta prove em wrong 😂🌞🌈 no but really the light hit just right in this picture I had to share it . . . Dress and Sandals @misslolaofficial @misslolacurve #lolababe #lolacurve #misslolacurve #misslola
Summer I mean Fall in La like why is it 90 degrees in November y’all? Send help 🔥😩 at least I get to rock cute dresses right?! . . . Dress & Sandals @misslolacurve @misslolaofficial use code DEJAROUX for 30% off your order ! #lolababe #misslola #misslolacurve . . . . . . . @deemarienoir #influencerfashion #influencerlife #influecerstyle #bodypositive #Effyourbeautystandards #curvywomen #plussizerunway #plussizemodel #curvyfashion #goldenconfidence #celebratemycurves #honormycurves #discoverunder10k #curvypower #curvygirl #yoinplus #loveyourcurves #moda
Happy Sunday Babes ! I’m honestly shocked we’re heading into the 2nd week of November already! The end of a decade is near. What was your biggest accomplishment this year ? What goals are you already setting for 2020 ? . . . . Outfit @shopchicsoul #chicbabe #chicsoul #shopchicsoul Shoes @misslolaofficial #lolababe #misslola
These boots were made for lookin pretty and that’s just what they’ll do ! I mean can we please get into these boots 😍😍😍 I love statement pieces they can really dress up a simple chic outfit without it being too much. What’s your favorite type of statement accessory ?! Lmk in the comments ! . . . . Boots @misslolaofficial @misslolacurve #lolababe #lolaootd #misslola use code DEJAROUX for 30% off your order ! Fit @shopchicsoul
Mood when it’s your birthday month and it’s finally starting to feel like fall in la... kinda 😂 . . . So guys help my birthday is on the 24th and I still don’t know what I wanna do 🙃 well I know what I wanna do I just don’t know where I wanna do it at 🤦🏽‍♀️ anyway my cute ass outfit details are below ! . . . Top & Pants @shopchicsoul #chicbabe #chicsoul #shopchicsoul Boots @misslolaofficial @misslolacurve #lolababe #misslolacurve #misslola
Can we get real for a sec? Issa long read so bare with me. Instagram has been really discouraging lately & as a blogger some things are hard to talk about. it’s hard to ask for help with likes & engagement all the time because to some it’s annoying & they don’t fully understand the struggle we endure when creating content & putting ourselves out there to be scrutinized. The other half think it’s based on the content you’re producing when in reality it’s Instagram hiding your posts, & insights from home & hashtags at an all time low. its not easy being open and honest but we put in a lot of work to produce content, think of captions, create the art direction, edit the photos, manage posts, engage with peers, post as much as we can, be active on our stories, be real but don’t over share. The pressure to create cohesive content so that our feed doesn’t change etc. but it’s “just instagram” right? Wrong this stuff literally takes HOURS have you ever had to shoot 5 outfits in one day in different locations with different hairstyles shoes and sometimes makeup? It’s hard work but we do it for you guys and because we love it. So when we ask for help or for you to like or save or share or comment on our posts it’s because without you guys’ support we would literally be nothing, the collabs with companies would be non existent the pr the brand trips/events would not be a thing, like we need you guys to build a strong foundation for our brands. You guys put your trust in us to be honest & promote things we truly stand for and believe you’d love, we put our trust in you to engage and help our brands cont to grow. So I’m asking you guys that follow and support me to help me beat the algorithm and engagement issue by being active on my posts/stories as much as possible the fact that 5.1k people are on this journey with me is still so surreal and without you guys none of this would be possible so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ! I love you more than you know ! 💛 . . . Dress is @rebdolls #sexyforall #rebdolls
#ad Don’t ever dim your light for someone else’s shine. Surround yourself with people that know how to shine with you not against you ! ✨👑 . . . . Dress @rebdolls #rebdolls #sexyforall
#ad Back to our regularly scheduled program! Inspector Gadget But Make it Fashion 🕵🏽‍♀️✨ . . . Dress @rebdolls #sexyforall #rebdolls
Hello, it Smee! 😂 That’s a wrap on #halloween2019 til next year guys! I hope everyone had an amazing spooky SZN! #captainhookandmrsmee #mrsmee #captainhook #wehohalloween #weho . . . . Hook Costume @funcostumes Smee Costume @amazonfashion
Disney, Mean Girls & Nickelodeon Walk into a bar on Halloween, you finish the rest! Squad up ! To the police officer who took 3 rounds of photos to get this shot thank you for being the real MVP of the evening! #halloween2019 #weho #wehohalloween #framily