Bobby James

I beat the crap out drums for a living. i am one half of DESTINEAK. we rock hard and don't go home

・・・ Sup 😜
Rogers Arena !
Ready and hit it!
More action from Quebec! Drum Fest International Ralph Angelillo 2018 Québec, Palais Montcalm - Oct. 21 Bobby James -@drumndirty @rolandcanada @destineakmusic (Roland V-Drums) Photo - Claude Dufresne
Playing some mean beats at the @drumfestintlra in Quebec Sat! @drumndirty @rolandcanada @destineakmusic Photo by Claude Dufresne at the Ralph Angelillo International Drum Fest 2018, October 20, in Quebec City ...
Yes by far the cooolest photo ever!! @drumfestintlra @rolandcanada @destineakmusic @tommyaldridge !
Getting ready to rumble! So grateful to be invited and be treated so amazing! @drumfestintlra @destineakmusic @drumndirty @rolandcanada
Quick thank you and a great start to the weekend @drumndirty @drumfestintlra @rolandcanada @drumeoofficial @destineakmusic
What a great crowd and AmazIng questions in Edmonton tonight! Thanks to LnM and @rolandcanada for bringing this together @drumndirty
Touchdown Edmonton! See you tonight @drumndirty @rolandcanada @lnmnorth #vdrums event!
#Repost @destineakmusic with @get_repost ・・・ SO SO PROUD. Bobby James aka @drumndirty has been asked to perform, speak, and represent @rolandcanada at the @drumfestintlra Drum Fest International Ralph Angelillo 2018 in Montreal on Oct. 20. Featuring some of the world's most renowned drummers - this is a huge honour to be asked. Make sure to check it out!! #internationaldrumfestival #drummer #live #edm #progressivehouse #DJ #quebec #canada #roland #honour @roland_us @destineakmusic @drumndirty
Warp modulator status confirmed! Prepare auxiliary seat harnessing and helmets for maximum exposure @rolandcanada @drumndirty @destineakmusic #drumclinic #edmdrums #readyfortakeoff @wentworthmusicstore
@destineakmusic What an HONOUR to perform Opening Game for our @canucks last night. To bring all of our hard work and new songs to a stage like @rogersarena is a dream come true. #openinggame #backstage #bornforthis #dancemusicisalive #livemusic #progressivehouse #vocals #drums @rolandcanada @roland_us @destineakmusic @zynthandco @drumndirty
@destineakmusic On SportsNet!! #awesome
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