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Chicken, bacon, and BELGIAN waffles! Did I mention maple syrup?😳 Oh man, the diet starts soon.... I promise 😜 #ftwi #eastbayeats #berkeleyfoodie #eastbayeats
@beernerdssf was such a chill spot to go for after work drinks. Great service and beer list. Also some pizzas come drizzled with honey 🍯 #ftwi #sffoodie #bayarea #bayareabeers #sfpizza
地點:Beer Nerds
“He ah drink pine and ginger!” 😘 My fiancé is a strictly fresh squeezed and organic juice type of guy! We were so happy to stumble upon this shop in Port of Spain. @ayushi_organic_juices y’all rock!! #ftwi ftwi #trinidadfoodies #organicjuice #greenjuice #pineapple #ginger #arsenal #02 #pineandginger
There is this lovely women that sells homemade guava pine ice cream by #crownpointbeach . I was a bit worried about how sweet it was going to be, but I was so impressed in how fruit forward it was without giving me a sugar rush. #trinidadfoodies #ftwi #guavapine #guavaicecream
We’re on a boat!!
I wasn’t too big a fan of this beer until I had it at the beach! It came alive with the ocean breeze and warm sunshine. #Carib is a local beer in #trinidadandtobago Drink it with the #bakeandshark and you’ll be set! #ftwi #trinidadfoodie #trinidadandtobago
地點:Maracas Beach
We heard we had to try Bake & Shark in Trinidad and we loved it!! Okay, we didn’t have the shark, we had chicken, and it was amazing! Apparently it’s a combo of any meat fried and the bread is also special (and I think fried too). The real flavor comes in the tamarind, garlic, pepper, and herbal sauces you can squeeze over the meat with the veggies. A perfect pairing for the beach! #ftwi #trinidadandtobago #trinidadfoodie #bakeandshark #peppersauce
We are still trying to find our restaurant staples in the tri valley area. We were really excited to try this new addition - Market Tavern. Their wood burning oven is awesome! We ordered their pizza as a starter and I had their skirt steak. Their pumpkin and pear cake dessert was also incredible and tasted like fall in a bowl 🍁🍂 #ftwi #bayareaeats #bayareafoodie #eastbayeats
When on PTO I tend to have at least one day that I deem “Panda queen for the day 🐼👑”. I’ll go to a new spot for food, probably go shopping for a bit, and get some kind of spa treatment or leisurely self care (run/walk) done. Today I’m so happy I found @bunappetitdonuts. Their #breakfastsandwhich is amazing and paired with the #vervecoffee it results in an awesome treat fit for a queen! #ftwi #sffoodie #bayareaeats #donut
We stopped by El Pollo Supremo for a very late breakfast. Okay, I’m not used to having chicken in my first meal of the day, but my fiancé didn’t mind at all 😂 I had rice, beans, and plantains and he had a burrito. Apparently they start cooking the chicken at 9 AM and you can see how productive they are by the chicken stacks almost to the top of the grill! This Mexican/Cuban spot has been around for a while and they don’t miss the mark with their food at all. #ftwi #bayareaeats #sffoodie #plantains #riceandbeans #pollo
Today I had 2 Girl Scout cookies for breakfast, yesterday I had this entourage. It’s hilarious when work breakfasts are more decadent than your breakfast at home. So grateful for my work culinary team. See ya after my PTO ✌🏾#ftwi #workplaceeats #bayareaeats #lifeintech
I went to my first #shabbatdinner with @the_shalon and it was a super cool experience. Their concept is to bring together the community over food and conversation on complex issues. We chatted about mental health and well-being while feasting on an awesome spread. My favorite was the roasted duck and veggie ceviche! #ftwi #bayareaeats #dinnerparty #ceviche #roastedduck #challahbread
@therealchefmimi killed it at my workgroup’s happy hour this evening. My fave was her Hennessy BBQ sauce that was homemade for the fried chicken. Her mac and cheese and sweet potatoes were also 🔥 #bayareaeats #eastbayeats #soulfood #bayareacatering #friedchicken #cornbread #sweetpotato #greens #hennessy
It was so fun revisiting the first bar that @carowu2 and I ever went to in Manhattan. They use such quality ingredients, you can’t go wrong with anything you order. I stuck to tequila based drinks that played with sweet & spicy, and Caroline’s sesame ice cream based cocktail was incredibly tasty and unique. #ftwi #newyorkeats #foodiesofny #cocktails
地點:Angel's Share
Foodie SME @carowu2 at it again. She always brings me to the best spots in NY. Tonight we treated ourselves to a 3 course meal at @ippudony. We were super impressed by their broth and service. Their pumpkin creme brûlée cake was another show stopper and totally unassuming. We did wait a while to be seated but luckily they have a text service to give you a 5-10 min. heads up before the table is ready. #ftwi #ramen #newyorkeats #nyc #foodiesofny #pumpkin #cremebrulee
How did it drop 30 degrees in a few days?? I braved the Brooklyn cold to nab some croissants from @nickandsonsbakery. They have new flavors some days, but I stuck with traditional almond and chocolate. The crunch on these bad boys is out of this world! So caramelized and perfect. #brooklyn #newyorkeats #ftwi #williamsburgfoodie #croissants
Ummm so I never knew pastrami was SO delicious! There’s a Katz’s Deli in Houston that was famous for late night eats - particularly fried pickles and cheesecake milkshakes. Well, when I went to the original in NYC I asked what I should order, and the chef said, “pastrami, we’re famous for it.” Well, it was awesomely delicious. Well 👏🏾 done 👏🏾 Katz’s 👏🏾 Deli #ftwi #nyfoodie #newyorkeats #nyc #pastrami
NY means #gelato This ginger gelato is particularly tasty! #ftwi #nyfoodie #facebookfood #facebookfoodie
地點:Facebook NY
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