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Luna and I now have official Quartz employee ID badges 💼💼
Two blondes died and went to heaven. #shelties
Luna, Louie and their blondes.
Soho stooping
Luna, look at the art.
Bidding adieu to summer on a (docked) boat
Wanting to bring all the gringos in my life to a Brazilian beach, for reference.
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my Brazilian friends so, so much. Living far away sucks. Wish we could have these mornings regularly, @ilananasser @dominiqueot . 😢
“Can I slide down your long legs?” Yes, baby Bernie. @dominiqueot
As everyone knows, the point of graffiti murals is the photo op.
My Instagram posts depicting a perfect life probably make some people feel sad. I’m very lucky, privileged AF and very happy a lot of the time, but 14 years ago was diagnosed with depression. I wouldn’t live the life I live had it not been for the right meds and support I got. In honor of #mentalhealthawareness month, a gentle reminder that Instagram lives are filled with struggle outside the filtered frame. [Português] Meus posts no Instagram demonstram uma vida perfeita, mas há 14 anos fui diagnosticada com depressão. Eu não teria a vida ou as oportunidades que tenho se não tivesse recebido ajuda e tomado remédios. Em honra do mês da saúde mental, uma lembrança de que vidas no Instagram são repletas de luta e tristeza fora da imagem filtrada.