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The DJ asked what music to play, and I didn’t answer “Miley on repeat.” That’s growth PC: @mattmarcheski x @ultesports crew - I miss my mustache
Thanks @jhart for listening to the story of my Villanova BBall tryout with Coach Wright
We are all titans
I’m average height...for an Asian guy
One of my first friends in LA ❤️🔥
Hi Insta, I’m back! It’s been a minute since I posted but after some quality of life changes, I’m feeling way more positive and healthy. This page won’t be about my photography anymore, but instead about the amazing journey I’m on and the wonderful people in my life.
@itsskylol 😎
Cause all I need in this life are a few good ride or dies (and pot stickers)
Exciting new adventures coming soon
My ride or dies