Lauren KITTENS Abedini

Excellent n cool 4.78 stars 🐆 Producer | DJ | Intersectional Feminist ⚢ Founder of @PWRxKITTENS JBlanc@ParadigmAgency.com

Ayyy ur girl is back with the Vegas residency at @DRAISLV this Summer babbyyyyy first date is April 5 😤
A woman
Who else ready to blame absolutely everything on mercury retrograaaaade✨
Had the first @pwrxkittens workshop of the year this weekend and my heart is soo so full😭 If you don’t know about it, PWR is something I started to teach girls how to DJ in a safe space, where all the money from ticket sales is donated to a local Women’s or LGBT shelter. Having a place where women feel empowered and comfortable trying something new, messing up, asking questions, and helping each other was so important to me and the response from people wanting to attend has been overwhelming. We’re bringing these to more cities this year so follow @pwrxkittens for event announcements. Also bigggg thanks to our sponsors @glossier @serato @puma @bpmsupreme @scratchdjacademy love youuuu❤️
@lvrngram Grammy party was fire 🥴
She is giving u lesbian CEO on her way to close a major deal with a client after work while sipping a martini and making people cry at the office all day Bette Porter realness
Overpacking is honestly a skill and I am the literal master. Do I bring 97 outfits and 20 pairs of shoes on the road and only end up wearing the same 3 things? 10000%. Traveling so much for work is dope but also exhaustinggg so having my entire life in a bag (shouts to @tumitravel A3 for having a million compartments) makes me feel medium sane which is kinnnda important before performing infront of so many people..I like OPTIONS OK #sponsored
Me lookin at myself cuz I can’t stop screaming bluefacebabyyyy I need help
Whatever it’s fine
Hi I’m panicking about the 2020 elections already it’s gonna be a longgg 22 months what are we doing for self care and basic sanity?
Think it’s time to let the curls back out for a bitttt. Come thru with the product recommendations below pleeaase
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