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Stand up comic/mixed martial arts fanatic/psychedelic adventurer Tour date info at:

San Diego! 4/20 is almost upon us! @tonyhinchcliffe @cheetosantino and me are bringing it! Tickets at
If you ever need inspiration, @davidgoggins has got you covered! #Repost @davidgoggins with @Rep0stApp • • • • • • • Never allow the fear of being judged make you not try to be exceptional! Whenever you break free of trying to be “normal”, other “normal” people will do their damnedest to make you feel like shit! One of the worst things we can do in life is to listen to people who aren’t even trying to do what we are attempting to do. Think about it- how many people are sitting back on their couches armchair-quarterbacking the lives of others? We have people who can’t even run a mile critiquing a young man who wants to become an Army Ranger. We have people who can’t throw a football 10 yards talking shit about the play of an NFL QB. We have people who barely graduated high school discouraging a young student from applying to an Ivy League. The examples are endless. There is a pattern here. Most of the people giving the advice, doing the judging and criticizing, etc., are people who have failed to even attempt greatness. It is so easy nowadays for people to publicly judge others thanks to technology and the many platforms at their fingertips. A lot of these underachievers can easily hide and talk their shit. This outlet makes them feel better about themselves. You can’t allow these cowards to prevent you from excelling in life or at least attempting to do so! If the people around you aren’t pushing you to exhaust your physical and mental limits, do not allow these people in your life! They will do everything in their power to bring you down as you make them feel insecure because they aren’t willing to give the effort that you are everyday of your life.
My man @bryancallen is too high so he’s exercising. #killthedemon
#Repost @bryancallen with @Rep0stApp • • • • • • • Tomorrow! “Complicated Apes” will be available! 🦍🦍🦍 * ITunes * Google Play * Vimeo (Australia) * Youtube * Amazon Prime * & more! Pre-order now & get it as soon as it becomes available
We’re getting hailed on in LA! @bryancallen is in pain! We’re about to do a podcast. Tune in live at
About to go live with one of the baddest motherfuckers in comedy, my brother @ronwhiteofficial
I enjoy every minute of my time with this awesome and silly dog! Plus I know he needs the exercise, so it forces me to get these trail runs in! I’ve had a lot of cool dogs, but @marshallmaerogan is truly one of a kind.
The champ is here! Going live with @usman84kg
This Tuesday and Thursday I’m at @hollywoodimprov with some great comics!
About go live with war journalist @benjohnanderson
Travel music for the trip to @icehousecc tonight provided the great and powerful @killermike and @runthejewels ! Time to get fired up!
These are the kind of text messages you get when you’re friends with bad motherfuckers like @davidgoggins ! One of many amazing benefits I’ve gotten from doing the podcast is to get to know truly exceptional people like him! #RESPECT !
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