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A festive bake this time around
First ride since April! A huge huge thank you to Elijah and the rest of the @rittecycles team who hooked me up with a great deal on a replacement bike after my much beloved Stainless Snob was stolen earlier in the year. I’m so happy to be back on a bike :) and a huge thank you to @goldensaddlecyclery for building this beast up for me. What a great group of people.
Oh helllll yes! Amazing! 10% rye, 10% whole wheat, 80% bread flour. Fantastic.
Först time baking in a while. Feels great to get back into it. Really active starter made the dough feel lighter, so I’m excited to dig I to this one...
Feeling quite sad to share that my beloved Ritte bike was stolen yesterday 😔 someone broke into the gate and cut the lock). I lusted after this bike for a long time and had to special order it, and thought it would be a lifelong bike ;( If you’re in the LA area, please keep your eyes out. It’s a distinctive bike, there aren’t many like it. #stolenbike