Believe You Me

Treat yourself. @sanabul
Watching some of the next generation of fighters at #blackknights kickboxing and Mma in burnley yesterday.
Walking back into #blackknights kickboxing gym in burnley. I trained here with head coach Alan Clarkin from when I was a young teenager. Alan really took me under his wing and was a great coach and mentor. Anyone in the area who wants to train kickboxing, Sambo, jujitsu I can not recommend it enough. #oldskool #takingmeback @builtforthisdoc
Very proud to be back at one of the places where my martial arts journey started. Here with Black Knights coach Alan Clarkin. Alan really looked after me when I was a kid. This gym has been here for nearly 40 years, and hasn’t changed a bit. Which is amazing!!! Thanks Alan. Great to see you and be back.
Great to be back home. Unfortunately my knee has flared up again and I’m limping around. Thank god I brought my @cbdmd.usa recover with me. Been applying it all yesterday and woke up this morning able to walk without limping. Thank you!!!!
Coming soon. @builtforthisdoc
Let’s go driver.
This picture speaks a thousand words.
So thankful for the reception here tonight. Thank you all.
Thank you to every Theo has supported me over the years. My wife and children, everybody in the Uk, my coaches,the ufc and many many more. Keeping it short as I’m supposed to be working the fight here. Much love to you all.
So good to be back in the o2 arena. Defo feels weird to not be fighting but it’s great being a part of the show and feeling the energy from this incredible crowd. Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome.
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