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Christian Husband [@briechandler ] Father 3xWorld Champion Fighter Gym Owner - @trainingcampnashville ⬇️Online Workout and Meal Plan⬇️

#workoutoftheday - single arm kettlebell flow with @primal.swoledier - 6 reps each side 5 sets 1 min rest between - #successnotperfection #mma #ironmichael #primalswoledier - 🎥: @dustinhayungs
Proud of each and every scar I’ve accrued because they have lead me to the man I am today. - Where would we be without our scars? More importantly, WHO would we be? - I’ve felt this game’s merciless wrath. I was written off And left for dead In this game of inches In which fickle fans From their high horse benches SCREAM your shortcomings From the rooftops. Megaphones on hand for your failures And speakeasy decibels for your successes. - But the battle is far from over. The surface is just now being scratched. - Huge thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me. The best is yet to come! - #successnotperfection #ironmichael #mma - 📸: @lucasnoonan
Your willingness to embrace the grind on the days you don’t want to is what will separate you from those around you. - In a world full of comfort, seek out ways to add discomfort to your daily life. - See you at the top! - #successnotperfection #ironmichael #treigninglabstrong #treigninglab - 🎥: @marqos_maldonado
Throw yourself into the fire so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory. - In exactly 8 weeks from tonight, I continue to solidify my legacy with the biggest fight in @bellatormma history. - Can’t wait to get in the room and sharpen my tools this week. - See you at the top! - #successnotperfection #ironmichael #mma
- The mission. The motive. The macro. - The work. The grind. The hustle. - Throwback to shooting content for the release of @garyvee #cloudsanddirt @kswiss sneaker. - 📸: @erinpennington_
GIVEAWAY TIME! - My good friends at @bluebirdbotanicals want to hook you up with the best #CBD on the market! 1. Follow @bluebirdbotanicals & @mikechandlermma 2. Like this photo 3. Tag a friend that could use some CBD! - We will choose 4 lucky winners! Winners will receive two 1oz bottles of Hemp Classic, two 1oz bottles of Hemp Complete, and two 1oz bottles of Hemp Signature - one for you and one for your friend! *Unlimited entries! Tag as many people as you’d like for additional chances to win, just make sure to do so in separate comments. ➖ 4 winners will be randomly selected 3/19/19 and notified via a tag in the comments. Open to residents 18+ of the United States (except South Dakota). This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.
#workoutoftheday - partner @dynamaxusa medball toss and sprawls - Find a partner that will push you like @primal.swoledier and use this as a finisher. - •20 toss and sprawls with no break in between. •5 total sets each •1min break in between sets - #successnotperfection #primalswoledier #ironmichael #mma - 🎥: @dustinhayungs
Sometimes I tend to go a little over the top. - See you there... - #successnotperfection #ironmichael #mma - 📸: @allelbows
#wrestlingwednesday - My man @darrylch is a genius at getting to the hips and body and utilizing throws...but you know I had to mix some of his techniques with a little flare😄 - #suplex #suplexcity #wrestling #wrestler #wrestler #wrestle #wwe #ironmichael #successnotperfection #mma
地點:Studio 540
What an amazing experience sharing my journey with @davidmeltzer - Sometimes the ENEMY is really just the INNER-ME which is lead by the wounds of your past and what you were taught growing up. - It took me decades to give myself permission to be the best...and frankly...I still fall victim to the “small guy from a small town” mentality that plagued my past. It’s a constant battle to silence the naysayer inside me. - If you can relate, throw a 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ in the comments. - You have to do what I did and take extreme ownership of what goes on between your ears. Nobody can make you believe in you if you don’t first believe in yourself. - You were made in the image of an almighty God and your playing small does nothing for the world. Be bold today. Take steps toward the freedom and accomplishment you were born for. - @davidmeltzer #davidmeltzer #theplaybook #mma #successnotperfection #ironmichael #fitness @gymking @gymkingfightdivision
#workoutoftheday - bulletproof by @primal.swoledier - •30 second sprint on @assaultairbike •TRX wall stand 30 seconds •Animal pose toe touches 30 seconds •No break between exercises •30 second rest between sets •5 total rounds - #successnotperfection #ironmichael #mma #fitness #fitnessmotivation #workout #workoutmotivation #primalswoldier - 🎥: @dustinhayungs
Throw yourself into the most scorching of fires so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. - Can’t wait to feel that way again... - See you at the top! - #successnotperfection #ironmichael #mma
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