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“There are elements to Elle's story that everyone can sort of relate to as a young teen, especially when you have to put on a happy face. There's also the scene when she's dressing up to go and meet her friends and she ends up rejected. There's a lot of relatability in her insecurity and vulnerability.” @olivia_dejonge to @popsugar on her character in @thesociety . . 📸: @damon_baker
“I don’t think he’s either a good guy or a bad guy. It’s up to the viewer to decide, because everyone has a different moral view...he fits into a really gray area, where some things he does are good and some things he does are bad.” @alexfitzalan to @cosmopolitan on his character Harry in @thesociety . . 📸: @damon_baker
“I just really fell in love with the creepy eeriness of the fact that there are no aliens or crazy monsters. It's always creepiest to me that the people are the monsters.” @gideonadlon to @teenvogue on the unsettling mystery of @thesociety . 📸: @damon_baker
I’ve been waiting so long to tell you this!! SELENA will be played by the incredible @christianserratos in our upcoming @selenanetflix series! ❤️
did you catch all of these references (and more) in @daybreak ?
ready to meet your match? YOU season 2 is coming december 26th
are you ready for moor(dale)?
Hawkins, Indiana - but make it fashion
all the cazzie in this season of @atypicalnetflix has my heart full, my skin clear, my room cleaned, my crops watered
picky eaters beware, the apocalypse menu might not be for you 🦗
🌸i love @dannapaola & @georginaamoros. the end. 🌸
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