For those of A Different Breed™ Next Drop: Friday, March 22nd, 5pm CST.

A Different Breed ThermaCan’s will be restocking in a few new color-ways next month! Our stainless steel bottles are able to keep your fluids hot or cold for 12+ hours and will aid in the reduction of plastic finding its way into the ocean and landfills. - Sleek, durable and environmentally friendly; our ThermaCan’s will go the distance. 🔥 #ADifferentBreed
Focus on you, your craft, and those in your life. We put too much time into distractions and if we aren’t careful, this decelerates our growth and potential. - Prioritize your life. 🔥 #ADifferentBreed
Get out what you put in. 👊🏽 @korean_enforcer in the Black Performance Training Shorts. Restocking next month! 🔥 #BeAboutIt
There is no need for more friends than your fingers can count, keep your group close knit and beware of those who do not have your best interests in mind. - It only takes five to make a fist. 👊🏽 #ADifferentBreed
Although it’s starting to warm up here in sunny San Diego, many of you are still dealing with the cold... ❄️ so we thought we’d do a run of some premium pullover hoodies! Which one is your favorite? 👊🏽 - We have a ton of new gear on the way, drop dates will be posted shortly. Subscribe to our email list on our website to receive exclusive discounts and insider info. 🔥 #ADifferentBreed
The Extra Mile Is Never Crowded. ⚡️ #ADifferentBreed
Procrastination is the result of comfort consuming you. The way you think turns to action. The details you assume don’t make a difference, DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. - You think the day’s don’t keep track? You think they don’t know when you’re slacking? You can fool everyone else, but you can never fool progression. Make The Days Count. ⚔️ #ADifferentBreed
Our Limited Edition NEVERQUIT. Hybrids will be restocking in ALL sizes this Friday! 👀 Durable, extremely ligthweight, zip side pockets, perfect for wherever your training takes you. 👊🏽 #ADifferentBreed
It’s hard. It’s really fucking hard. You notice the sweat dripping from your brow onto the pavement as you stumble to regain your’re breathing is heavy, your heart rate is spiked. You’re tired and you’re wondering if it’ll be worth It. You’re beginning to wonder if you’ve prepared enough or if your best simply won’t make the cut of what is expected. - Doubt is orbiting around your conscious like a shark deciding on his next meal. It smells the blood, It knows there’s a weak point somewhere. But we only allow into our minds the things that will make us better. Not this looming fear of self-doubt. - Your breath is controlled, your mind is focused as the sweat continues to drip. This is what it’s all about. This turmoil you feel right now of either succumbing to fear and fucking quitting or sacking the fuck up, and finishing what you set out to do. 🔥 #ADifferentBreed
Maroon Performance Joggers v2 // Our revamped Performance Joggers have an even lighter fabric with equal durability, featuring pockets and ribbed cuffs that deliver a streamlined look and feel. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks! 🔥👀 #ADifferentBreed
It’s tempting to settle, to accept the easy route and never really needing to struggle. This is where greatness dies. Mediocrity taunts us all, but only the willing taste repute. 👊🏽 #ADifferentBreed
This weekend we’re running a 15% OFF sale on the rest of our FOCUS+PERFORMANCE pre-workout! 🔥 If you haven’t tried it out yourself, now’s your chance. 👊🏽 Take the warning label serious please, this shit is potent. 💀 - Offer is now LIVE! Code at checkout: FOCUS15
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