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A fantastic and very brave insight from our very own @honeybadgermma . If you haven't signed up to his brilliant HBA you will be missing out so get on it now. . Head over to @honeybadgermma Instagram page for more details. . . #onehitmanagement #honeybadgermma #postivethinking #postive #mentalhealth #mma #sbgport . #Repost @honeybadgermma • • • • • • Guys, I've made a little podcast to share some insight on what I wanna do with HBA! I been in a few dark places over the years but now I am buzzing. I've noticed lately that a lot of people around me suffer from the same things. I was lucky enough to master these feelings and come out the other side a much stronger person! That's what HBA is, I'm gonna share everything I know to help anyone who needs it Get the good vibes going! I forgot Instagram only let's me post up a bit of the video. But you can listen to the full thing if you sign up to the Honey Badger Academy 😎💪 Link to my website is in my bio!!! If you have any questions just fire them down in the comments! Happy Thursday 🤙 #hba
And just like that @pikemanmma is on his way back to cage but this time he is on his way to take over the Bantamweight Division of @bellatormma . Get your tickets now because this is going to be one amazing performance 👊 . #Repost @pikemanmma • • • • • • My next fight takes place in the @bellatormma bantamweight division! I'm bringing excitement, chaos and KO's to the 135lb bracket!! The climb to my world title starts on 4th May, Birmingham 🇮🇪👑 - Link 🔗:
A little throwback to our very own @chaoscuts performance of the night at the recent @bellatormma Dublin show in the sold out @3arenadublin . . When will we see Ryan in the cage again?? Keep an eye on our page to find soon👊 . . Footage from @bellatormma . . #RyanCurtis #chaoscartel #mma #BellatorMMA #BellatorDublin #SBG #SBGCharlestown #FutureStar #bestwiththebest #OneHitManagement #coachowenroddy #coachroddyvlog
Not even the freak artic snow storm that hit Ireland last night could stop our guys from putting on two great performances at @grapplekings3 . @honeybadgermma was up first and he was clearly in a rush to get home before it started snowing even heavier as he pulled off a quick triangle for the win - where will we see him step into the cage next?? @bellatormma @bravemmaf @onechampionship get your offers in because with Phil you know it's going to be a great fight 👊 . @coachowenroddy back in action after a 7 year break was dominant and won by RNC, showing all the young guns how to do it, maybe @polaris_professional is next or a certain other MMA manager can step up to the plate 😂 . It was a fantastic show by @grapplekings3 we cant wait for the next one! . Thank you to @kotvmedia for the great pics . #BJJ #OwenRoddy #Rowdyisback #PhilMulpeter #TheHoneybadger #grapplekings #RNC #Triangle #BlackBelt #polaris
Only a few hours until @coachowenroddy returns to competing, it's going to be a fantastic card of BJJ fights with our very own @honeybadgermma looking to join Roddy in getting a big W for the Irish team. . If you want tickets unfortunately its completely sold out according to all @grapplekings3 but keep an eye on our page for updates. . #bjj #coachowenroddy #thehoneybadger #grapplekings
The @bellatormma show was truly something special for everyone involved and everyone lucky enough to attend..oh and everyone at home watching the event live @skysports - a first for Bellator MMA!! . For us it was truly memorable for many reasons - one of which was getting to experience the amazing Irish fans in all their glory and secondly of course was our athletes all putting on fantastic performances. . @chaoscurtis after a massive layoff came in and took over the event with a fantastic first round finish - let's see @bellatormma create a division just for him now 👊 . @leahmccourtmma put on such a dominant display that her opponent was stopped by the doctor from continuing, the Sky is the limit for this Wonder Woman and we cannot wait to see her next performance! . Last but not least is @concretecleary who unfortunately came up short and made no excuses despite suffering a serious injury which reoccured right before his fight, he will be on that September show to make amends dont you guys worry 👊 . To all our partners and our sponsors we cannot thank you enough for supporting our guys without what you do for these it wouldn't be possible. . #bestwiththebest #bellatordublin #futurestars #whatanexperiance
Like the true professionals they are, all three made weight today and are ready and waiting to put on one amazing show for all those who got their hands on the now like "gold dust" tickets. . . Tomorrow will be another historic night for Irish MMA - Add it to the ever growing list such is the talent on these shores - so if you didnt get a ticket your going to wish you did come Sunday morning! . . You can catch all our guys om the fantastic @bellatormma app and of course the rest of the fantastic Irish fighters on the main card live on @skysports. . . See you all tomorrow 👊 . #BellatorMMA #TheBigShow #SBGcharlestown #IrishMMA #Skysports #MMA #OneHitManagement #LeahMcCourt #IanCleary #RyanCurtis
@skysports showing live @bellatormma events in the UK and Ireland is fantastic news for the sport as a whole. . Growing up watching various different sports, all on Sky has been a massive part of our love for a variety of sports, now that MMA will be shown live and given what I would imagine will be the usual fantastic coverage by Sky I can only see great things in the future for the sport of MMA reaching such a huge audience. . We have seen how well Sky covered the @officialgaa games and the growth that it created so we are really looking forward to seeing how they launch this. . Well done to all involved @bellatormma @skysports for getting a deal like this done. . Exciting times ahead for all involved in MMA in Europe and of course some of our Atheltes who are currently signed with Bellator so if you want to get on board do it now, don't be one of those who are saying you could of but you didn't.... 👊👊👊 . #Bellator #Skysports #MMA #Gamechanging #bigthingshappening #fastestgrowingsportintheworld #nobodyengagesbetterthenus #RyanCurtis #LeahMcCourt #IanCleary #onehitmanagement
Back in action sooner then you think... . #Repost @pikemanmma • • • You'll have to kill me 🇮🇪
And just like that we have our third Athlete on the upcoming @bellatormma Dublin card on the 23rd of February. . This time it's the local D1 hero and hugely talented @chaoscurtis who along with his famous "Chaos Cartel" will be taken over the @3arenadublin. . Ryan is without a doubt one of the most exciting fighters in this country both inside and outside the cage so get in contact with us now and you can have the opportunity of getting involved with the new and brightest star of @bellatormma 👊 . Tickets are flying out and this event is looking like it will be the biggest MMA event since that famous @ufc Dublin card so don't miss out! . #mma #bellator #sbg #SBGCharlestown #RyanCurtis #RyanChaosCurtis #thefuture #chaoscartel #3arena #irishmma #thebestwiththebest #OneHitManagement #RDXAthlete #Workwiththebest
Another Huge Fight announcement for us all here with the fantastic @leahmccourtmma stepping into the cage for her @bellatormma debut in Dublin on the 23rd of Feb. . With Leah coming off some fantastic results in the BJJ world and of course her last great win back on @cagewarriors 94 we can't wait for her to step back into that cage to show her huge improvements 👊 . Tickets and of course sponsorship/collaboration opportunities are available so get in touch now because this is going to be one amazing show!! . #LeahMcCourt #SBG #SBGCharlestown #MMA #Bellator #BellatorDublin #bjj #RDX #rdxsports #rdxathlete #gymshark #gymsharktrain #futurewomenschamp #thebestwiththebest #OneHitManagement
Who's excited to see @concretecleary step into that @bellatormma cage on Feb the 23rd for what is going to be an amazing night of MMA for Ireland and of course us as he is one of 3 of our fighters who will take this card over 👊 . Contact us now to get your tickets because they are flying out. . There are still opportunities to work with Ian for this fantastic fight so send us a dm and we can put together a fantastic activation plan to really ensure your brand gets a huge push 💥 . #mma #concretecleary #Bellator #BellatorDublin #IrishMMA #TheBigshow #sbg #brandactivation #collaborations #thebestworkswiththebest #SBGCharlestown #ISI
A little throw back to @honeybadgermma chilled as f##k walkout in his last fight at the fantastic @cagewarriors 100 card in Cardif. . It didn't go as planned but as usual Phil put on a great show and we can't wait to see him back in the cage soon!! . A big thank you to our partners @playchip_ who have always been great to work with and who supported Phil fantastically in this fight, they are brand new to Instagram so get on and give them a follow, a very exciting company who will be changing the game in Cryptocurrencey very soon!! . All footage owned by cage warriors 👊 . #mma #cagewarriors #ufcfightpass #Philmulpeter #thehoneybadger #MulpetervDalby #Playchip #crypto #cryptocurrencey #onlinegaming #onehitmanagement #bestwiththebest
Our very own @ginger_beard_photos , not just the face of the combat photography game but also the face of @immafed mma game. . The most dangerous photographer in the game. . #mma #IMMAF #sportsphotography #Gingerbeardphotography #notorious #thebestwiththebest #OneHitManagement
The return of the Rowdy one 👊👊 . Nobody brings a crowd like @coachowenroddy does, so this event cannot be missed. . Get your tickets now! . #Thereturn #coachowenroddy #rowdyroddy #sbg #SBGCharlestown #grapplekings #bjj #bjjblackbelt #onehitmanagement #thebestwiththebest
Big things happening in 2019, it's going to be exciting 🙏 . The best always works with the best 👊 . #Repost @coachowenroddy • • • In life, you get to move into so many great chapters and I am moving into another one now with the launch of what I believe will be the most Elite MMA Management Company in Europe, @onehitmanagement. At One Hit Management, myself and my business partners are looking to fill what I feel is a huge gap and issue in the MMA management scene and that is one where the fighter comes first, be it financially, physically or their general well being we aim to have it covered. We will work with the best of the best from guys top of their field when it comes to Marketing, Managing,Sponsoring, Brand Building, Accounting, Diet + Nutrition, Strenght + Conditioning and of course all things MMA so our clients will only have to concentrate on what matter's and that is competing and performing to their maximum. Its an exciting new chapter and one I know I will make a successful one! Photo by @fogarty_p #onehitmanagement
Happy Birthday to our @immafed World Champion @gerharris. . He not only won Gold at the recent World Championship in Bahrain he also won the hearts of all attending 😂😂 . Enjoy your day and we can't wait to see you back in that cage! . And yes that is Ireland's Heavyweight World Champion he is riding around on 😂😂 . #IMMAFWorlds #immaf #worldchampion #goldmedal #happybirthday #GerHarris #MMA #MMAWorldChampion
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... . Huge thank you to @rdx_sports for the delivery of the excellent black out range, some of our clients are going to have a very happy Christmas breaking these in...although their sparring partners might have some issues 👊 . #mma #rdx #topqualityequipment #mmaequipment #bellator #brave #ufc #immaf
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