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@tina_eisen discovers the speed, creativity and flexibility that shooting with the #ProfotoA1, brings to creating stylish, beautifully lit portraits in a full day in London 🌺 Read full story on ... Now we've got a special campaign for you when you purchase the world's smallest studio light. Buy a #ProfotoA1 and get a Grid Kit for free. Buy a Profoto Off-Camera Kit or #ProfotoA1X and get a Grid Kit, Gel Kit & Wide Lens for free. Link in bio. Limited offer. ... #ProfotoA1 #BehindTheScenes #LightShaping
@hannahcouzensphotography: ”Last one to finish my #ProfotoTakeover! For this shoot I used one #ProfotoB10 with OCF silver beauty dish. The Santorini sky didn’t disappoint as we shot the sunset and forever changing clouds. The trusty little B10 didn’t miss a single shot”. ... Buy a #ProfotoB10 and get Light shaping tools to the value of 500 USD. Link in bio. ... #PowerOfSmall #BehindTheScenes
@hannahcouzensphotography; ”Here in this Santorini wine cellar it was very dark! Using all three lights, B10 plus, B10 constant light and the #ProfotoA1X in my bag of light we were able to light up the scene. Swipe right for a GIF to see what each is light is doing 👍🏼” ... #ProfotoTakeover #AbagFullOfLight #ProfotoB10
@hannahcouzensphotography: ”Next shot, one B10 plus with OCF Magnum allowed us to shoot in the midday sun ☀️” #ProfotoTakeover #ProfotoB10 #PowerOfSmall
Hi Everyone, @hannahcouzensphotography here taking over Profoto’s Instagram for today. Here is another image from Santorini. This is one B10, handheld with silver beauty dish. More to come with behind the scenes and stories later today. ... #ProfotoTakeover #Powerofsmall #ProfotoB10 #Behindthescenes
Hi there, Panasonic shooters! We've got great news for you. Today we announce that the Profoto Connect and Air Remote TTL are compatible with Panasonic cameras. On Nov 19 you will be able to update the firmware of any of the former Olympus versions, which will make the products compatible with both Olympus and Panasonic cameras. ... #profoto #profotoglobal #ProfotoConnect #panasonic
@hannahcouzensphotography overcomes 4 lighting challenges with her bag full of light in the beautiful Greek island of Santorini ... Now, we got a special campaign for you - when purchasing a B10 or a B10 Plus, you will get Light Shaping tools to the value of 500 USD*. Go for the Duo Kit and get Light Shaping tools to the value of 1000 USD*. Offer valid until December 31. Local variations may apply. Link in bio. ... #Profoto #PowerOfSmall #B10Campaign #ProfotoB10 #ProfotoB10Plus #BehindTheScenes ... Videographer @nusafilmsuk Behind the scenes @natezemanphoto Talent @maurisa_s_coleman Crew @panagiotis_terzopoulos
@taraherron_photography used the #ProfotoB10 and #ProfotoA1 to create these beautiful Halloween portraits 🎃 ... "For the first image, I put the A1 inside the pumpkin. For the second image, the Space Cadets/Futuristic Family, I used the B10 and a soft box👨‍🚀💫 y’aalllll... this picture was such a disaster IRL. I had such high hopes... Anders was into it but the cutie on the end wasn’t sharing my vision 😜 Her wig was too itchy so she kept pulling it off every 3 seconds! She wouldn’t hold her space blaster or wear her headband and wanted to keep sitting down". ... Go to @taraherron_photography for more images. Keep sharing your #Halloween images with us on your feed and stories by tagging @profotoglobal and a chance to get featured ... #PowerOfSmall #WorldsSmallestStudioLigth #BehindTheScenes #HappyHalloween
@hannahcouzensphotography went to Hertfordshire countryside to create some bright and colourful portraits with the new #ProfotoB10. ... Learn how to get started with light shaping and create natural beautiful portraits with Hannah in her #ProfotoAcademy course online or at her next workshop in Edinburgh, November 15. Go to our highlighted story for link ... #ProfotoWorkshop #ProfotoB10 #ThePowerOfSmall
@creativesoulphoto, a husband and wife duo from Atlanta, work with kids from all around the world, focusing on the beauty and versatility of Afro hair: “When we entered into the kids’ fashion space we saw there was a lack of diversity, we’d have African American children with gorgeous, natural hair showing up for shoots with it straightened - because they thought that was what they needed to do to get into the industry.” ... For these images, they used #ProfotoB10Plus as a key-light and a second #B10Plus with the gel aiming across the model from the opposite direction; this helped separate the model from the background, and bring a little pop of blue to the hair". ... Read the full story at ... #PowerOfSmall #AfroArt #PortraitPhotography #BehindTheScenes
#ProfotoLightTribe member @_hikari_____ tried out the new #ProfotoC1; ... “I tried using the new studio light # ProfotoC1Plus for smartphones from @profotoglobal. When linked with the smartphone app, it can be used like a flash. Easy to adjust color temperature and brightness. It's fun because you can make a dramatic finish with strong light and shade, and you can make various finishes by applying light! ! ✨ ... I haven't used it to shoot people yet, so I would like to try it out.Let someone take a picture of your friends!” #Flatlay #Profoto #SmartphonePhotography
We’re back with another #ProfotoTakeover! This time it’s New York based photographer @Brandonwoelfel who specializes in bright, whimsical portraits. Follow the takeover on our feed & stories✨ ⋯ “I don’t have too much experience with studio shooting so this shoot in particular was an exciting challenge for me. I created this dual lighting effect with a #ProfotoA1 firing from the left of my subject while an rgb-led continuous light was set off to the right.” Swipe right for the BTS image🦋