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It appears that @panchsaenz knows something that the rest of us dont. Cant wait to watch him step in that cage and get his fight on this Sat! #ufc #ufcnashville #mma #mmafighter
Had a great time talking shop with @orrthorx at NBC Sports radio tonight. We talked about mma, growing up in Upstate NY, and brain aneurysms (among a hundred other things). I’’ll post a link to the interview mañana for those who missed it tonight. ____________________________________________#mma #mmaradio #mmainterview #ufc #boxing #ufctraining #mmatraining #mmatrainer #brainaneurysm #tuf
Here’s another guillotine choke sequence I’ve been using a lot lately. I show this from a failed arm-in guillotine from the guard, but you could set this up from butterfly guard as well. Make sure you dont let go of the grip during your roll/transition to mount. I let go here in the video just so I could give a better angle for the instruction, but if you notice during the beginning demonstration, I keep my hands locked. Also, there are two parts to this video (both uploaded here. Last! If you want any details covered, just ask.
(Please share if you like this) Full vid link in bio (only 1:45 min) Here’s a choke sequence Ive been using lately. I transition from a head and arm guillotine to an Anaconda choke. Then, if my opponent defends by bridging on top of me, I roll through and come up on top and either take the back or transition to my Walsh choke (guillotine with arm between our bodies). Make sure to keep your grip locked when you roll on top and keep your hook woven into your opponent’s leg (same side where the head is on).
Just a couple of black belts doing black belty things. It was a pleasure having @givoss come to the school and give a fabulous gi seminar. I have been practicing BJJ for 19 years now, and he has forgotten more than I have probably ever learned about gi Bjj. He also promoted Kamuela to Black Belt and we even got a roll in! Giva and One Jiu Jitsu were happy to take me in to the family a few 年前發佈, and I am very grateful. I was so inspired, I even registered with the IBJJF after six years of being a black belt! ______________________________________#bjj #bjjblackbelt #bjjgi #brazilianjiujitsu #grappling #onejiujitsu #onebjj #mma #mma #thearmcollector
Ive been on a quest for some better air mitts. I just ordered a custom pair of Winnings, but they will take six weeks to arrive, so Ive been digging up old air mitts from around the gym and replacing the insides. Im going to try this old Everlast mitt today filled with two layers of eva foam, two separate layers of memory foam, and a standard one inch foam. We’ll see how they perform in a bit! #winning #winningboxing #everlast #boxing #boxingmitts #mittwork #mittworkout #boxing #mma #kickboxing
March 2003, Hilo, HI: Here is a weigh in pic of my first fight out of Arizona. I fought Jamal Perkins (7-0), who had just beaten Rob Emmerson, and I was brought in to lose to the local favorite. Fortunately, I submitted him in the first round, raining on the parade of the locals. This was my first of four fights in Hawaii—I went 3-1 on the islands and fought in Oahu, Mauai, and the Big Island. _______________________________________#bjjblackbelt #mma #mmafighter #mmafights #mmahawaii #ufc #trianglechoke #bjjformma #bjj #submissions #grappling
地點:Hilo, Hawaii
Twelve 年前發佈, I made the best decision of my life.
Where to start? I met Kamuela six 年前發佈 when he was a skinny, blonde hair-tipped, Xango selling young man, and he happened to be a purple belt in BJJ. From the day I met him, I knew he was something special. Not only as a fighter, but a person. He is so dedicated to this sport. He is so mentally strong. He is so technical and talented and athletic. And he can fight! But he is caring and thoughtful and respectful and gracious. He is someone I hope my children grow up to be like. He is a role model—not only for the youth, but for us old, cranky, disenchanted people who think we know it all. And now, among all other things, he is a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under @givoss _______________________________________#bjj #bjjblackbelt #blackbelt #achieve #futurechamp #ufc #onejiujitsu #siegemma
地點:Siege MMA
Im very excited to have Chris (right) join our MMA family. He’s very respectable and loves to learn, and he’s got a toughness that cant be taught—I expect great things from him in this crazy game of MMA. #thenextgeneration #mma #mmafighter #hulkstrong
In three weeks, on March 23rd, Brandan (1st pic) and Eric (2nd pic) go int the cage again in Flagstaff. These guys started their careers with me, and I love to work with the amateurs and turn them pro. It shows a dedication between both trainer and fighter to build these early relationships, and Im just glad I can be a part of their journey. 📸 by me(of course!) ______________________________________#mma #mmafight #mmafighter #mmatraining #mmatrainer #mmacoach #boxing #boxingtraining #ufc #ufc235
地點:Siege MMA
@coolhandmma showing some love to the fans after his big win last weekend at UFC Phoenix! ____________________________________________#mma #ufc #knockout #beatings #ko #phoenix #mmafighter #mmatraining
We’re a week out for @panchsaenz return to the @ufc cage. Thanks @chicanojohn @henry_cejudo @kaseytmma for giving him rounds over the last couple of weeks. Nothing to do now but make weight and fight. ____________________________________________#mma #ufc #ufc235 #trainhard #mmafighter #mmatraining #fightready
It was a good day of sparring as @panchsaenz got his last rounds in with @chicanojohn and @kaseytmma . Come next Saturday, Frankie has the privilege of doing something so few people will ever have the chance to do: live his dreams while fighting in front of millions of fans around the world. #Repost @panchsaenz with @get_repost ・・・ Solid rounds with my boys! The work’s put in, now time to put on a show. #ufc235 #az #mma #mmafighter #ufc
Had the pleasure of holding some mitts for @aliaquinta today. Great fighter and a great human. #ufc #watchoutforthisguy #mma #mmafighter #fightready
Winner. Winner! And that’s how you do it! @coolhandmma just knocked out Renan Barao in a beautiful second round victory! #ufc #ufcphoenix #mma
Once the hands are wrapped, it’s real. @coolhandmma is ready to go. #ufc #ufcphoenix #mma @empire_protape @rob_monroe_cutman
Heading in to the office/work for the day.
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