Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former Mr. Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California. I killed the Predator. I told you I'd be back.

I think this is a first: winning the @arnoldsports Strongman and getting married in the same weekend. Congratulations guys. I was honored to celebrate with you.
The @arnoldsports is about training your mind and your body. And believe me, this chess game was great training - for me.
Am I doing this right? Follow me on @tiktok : aschnitzel.
Congratulations to @william_bonac on your @arnoldsports Australia victory!
REPOST @espn : In February, Miles Taylor's viral deadlift video caught the eye of @schwarzenegger , who called the athlete with cerebral palsy his "hero." A month later, Taylor got to flex in front of Arnold at his event 💪
13 reps of 352 pounds. This is why I love visiting the @arnoldsports Strongman. Thanks for putting on a show, @worlds_strongest_gay.
Pumped to kick off the @arnoldsports Australia! We are here in Melbourne to spread our message that fitness is for absolutely everyone!
President Trump, we need to talk about your decision to cut after-school programs in your budget.
Here’s a flashback. I grew up without running water, so I didn’t know what a shower was until I was 15 and joined the gym. This basin and a washcloth was how we bathed. My brother and I would schlep the water from the well to the house, and then we would all clean ourselves - first my mother, then my father, then my brother, then me. The water was a little dirty by the time it was our turn but my brother and I weren’t going to schlep back to the well. Tell me about the memories from your childhood that remind you how far you’ve come. #fbf
This is what happens when @patrickschwarzenegger and I go shopping together.
Congratulations to our 2019 @arnoldsports Arnold Classic champion @brandon__curry !
Two champions. Congratulations @thorbjornsson on your second consecutive Arnold Strongman victory! And thanks @smiles_taylor for helping us celebrate with your never-ending joy.
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