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UKSCA S&C Coach 🥊🏋🏼️ Co-founder of #BoxingScience 👊🏼⬇️ LINK IN BIO ⬇️ Sign Up for our weekend course in LIVERPOOL - May 25/26th 📈🔬

Big morning in the lab with the lads 👊🏼 @vlad.mateei and @smithey97_ kicking off their ABA journey tomorrow, @pretty_boy_assassin and @uniqueshafiq starting their de-load ready for March 30th and @callumbeardow @rowardale and @saulholland1 pushing on and progressing 👊🏼🔥 —————————————————- #strengthandconditioning #boxing #boxingscience #boxingtraining #mma #ufc #combatsports
#Throwback 6 年前發佈 I was building my experience in Boxing by putting @callumbeardow and Kas Hussain through their paces every Tuesday and Thursday morning 👊🏼 #Boxing #BoxingScience #BoxingTraining
‼️ANNOUNCEMENT‼️- we will now be releasing our #BoxingScienceTV episodes on IGTV as well as our YouTube channel 👊🏼🔥
TOP 5 TIPS FOR COLLECTING AND MONITORING DATA 📈🔬 —————————————————————- #boxingsciencewednesdaywisdom 1️⃣2️⃣ is all about data collection and analysis. This week I’ve had a few conversations with athletes about their numbers on strength, running and wellness discussing improvements, different trends and making targets for where we can improve. ———————————————— In the past I have often been called “the numbers man” 😅 yes, I collect and analyse data - that’s my role as a sport scientist 🤓 but Im not blinded or dictated to by the numbers... I’m cautious in what numbers we take at #BoxingScience and how it affects what we do as our coaching and athlete development comes first 👊🏼 here are my Top 5 tips for collecting and analysing data ————————————————- 1️⃣ Select Simple Data .... and impactful! Don’t choose data for the sake of it, something’s that is time consuming, lacks practicality and intrusive. If we wanted a perfect understanding of the sport - we’d be taking lactate samples in between rounds from their ear lobe.... doubt the boxers will like that!!! We take session duration / sets x reps, RPE, weight load, speed, heart rate and often take lactates but not every session. Body mass and session day wellness .... all easy and straight forward! 2️⃣ Be consistent in data collection so you can get a good understanding of trends and improvements. For example ... We take every speed recorded on the curve at the same time points appropriate for the type of session. We’ve created databases for different athletes and different runs - Therefore we can be confident in our analysis of their progress and prescription for future training. 3️⃣ Push the boundaries of analysis to find out more.... don’t settle for less with the numbers you have, find ways to delve into the data - compare, create individual and group means, correlations.... the list goes on. 4️⃣ Be informed by the numbers... not led! Don’t become obsessed or dictated by the numbers - you’re a coach and most things can’t be quantified. The numbers are there to help evidence and inform our practice, but we shouldn’t let it get in the way of our coaching and building relationships # ...continued below..
FOLLOW > @redzonerunning Red Zone Running isn't all about smashing through the red zone. Try this session to work on your high-quality & high speed running by working through the gears ⚙️⚙️⚙️ . . . #redzonerunning #conditioning #sprints #sprinting #hiit #intervaltraining #sit #sprintinterval #winning #running #runningmotivation #run #runninghype #hiitworkout #runningmotivation #fitnessmotivation #winner #fight #fitnesslife #fitnessjourney #runningman #instarun
All the hard work is done for @afowler06 at #BoxingScience as we reduce the load so he can put his all into his final spars and technical prep with @davidcoldwell Check out this video for an insight to how we adjust the programme as we near the fight
@rowardale and @saulholland1 introduced to Olympic lifting just last week on @munday_boxingscience new programme and movement is looking great already as they work through key learning exercises to set strong movement foundations for bigger lifts in the future 👊🏼🔥 ————————————————— #strengthandconditioning #boxing #boxingscience #boxingtraining #mma #ufc #combatsports #sportscience
Creates a potentiating effect to fire up a boxer before a strength training session 🔥 Countermovement Jump from Small Blocks - 5 Reps Ice Skaters - 6 Reps each side Pogo Jumps - 10 Reps Landmine Punch Throw - 3 Reps each side Try 2-3 circuits before your strength training session to improve speed and explosiveness 👊🏼
We’ve had an AMAZING RESPONSE to our announcement of the Ultimate Coaching for Combat Sports LEVEL TWO 👊🏼👏🏼 over the moon as we can’t wait to share more #BoxingScience methods with you across 8 BRAND NEW workshops 👊🏼🔥————————————————— ⬅️ SWIPE LEFT ⬅️ for more info about the workshops 📅 11/12th May 2019 📍 Feltham, London 📥 DM for more information ——————————————————- 🏃🏼 Advanced Conditioning Methods 🏋🏼️ Advanced Strength Training 😎 Virtual Testing 📈 Programming and Analysis ❤️ Dominate the Red Zone 🤸🏼‍♂️ Advanced Movement Training 🥊 Tapering and Pre-Fight Warm-Up 💥 Single Leg Plyos ————————————————— Take your coaching to the next level with our second instalment of the ‘Ultimate Coaching for Combat Sports’ workshops. ———————————————— We have loved delivering our workshop to so many passionate coaches and athletes, and we can’t wait to share even more of our training methods to progress your Boxing Science knowledge. —————————- The theme of the level 2 workshop will be based on working with an athlete that has mastered the basics of sport science training methods. ——————————- The Athlete has developed good strength foundations, cycled through our three conditioning pillars to improve high-intensity fitness, and now requires some more complex testing, analysis and training methods in order to continue their physical development. ——————————- Across 8 brand new workshops, you will learn the science behind these advanced training methods and acquire the ability to deliver these in your training environment. ———————————— #boxing #boxingscience #boxingtraining #mma #ufc #combatsports #sportscience #ufc #combatsports
地點:Tribe One Gym
@itsjordangill first day back in camp 👊🏼🔥💥 working on lighter load exercises to build up the training load 💪🏼📈 —————————————————- #strengthandconditioning #boxing #boxingscience #boxingtraining #mma #ufc #combatsports #sportscience
NEXT COURSE > our next Level 1 Course in LIVERPOOL May 25/26 👊🏼🔥 —————————————————————— ⬆️ LINK IN BIO ⬆️ —————————————————————— Boxing Science have had he pleasure of delivering our 'Ultimate Coaching for Combat Sports' workshop to over 100 coaches. We love engaging with passionate coaches from all over the world, and we thoroughly enjoy sharing the Boxing Science methods to help their development. —————————————————————— Whilst on the courses, we receive amazing feedback from the participants - however as sport scientists, we love to take data and analyse to help improve our future workshops. We have some impressive stats from our post-course survey. —————————————————————— 📝 97% Rate Theory Content Over 4 out of 5, with 75% 5 out of 5! 🏋🏼‍♀️ 100% Rate Practical Content Over 4 out of 5, with 79% 5 out of 5! 👍🏼100% Recommend The Course —————————————————————— Along with these amazing stats, we give coaches the opportunity to give us a testimonial. We were given these kind words from our most recent course... ⬅️ Swipe To See Testimonials ⬅️ —————————————————- #boxing #boxingscience #boxingtraining #mma #ufc #combatsports #strengthandconditioning #coacheducation #sportscience #ufc
2 weeks to go 👊🏼🔥 March 30th and we have 4 in action ... @afowler06 in his first title fight in Liverpool, @uniqueshafiq @kyle.yousaf and @pretty_boy_assassin all at Magna in Sheffield 👊🏼 all working hard for weeks on end and ready to go 🔥 ———————————————————— #boxing #boxingscience #boxingtraining #mma #ufc #combatsports #strengthandconditioning #sportscience #fowler #fowlerfitzgerald
⚖️ Errol Spence vs Mikey Garcia weigh-in: —————————————— Errol Spence: 146.25lbs Mikey Garcia: 145.5lbs ———————————————- Big difference in height and leanness ... think Spence will put on more following his 10lbs rehydration check, whereas Mikey won’t put on too much and there will be a BIG difference in the ring. Boxing is all down to skill, but we have 2 elite fighters - there are weight categories for a reason! Spence will be too big, too strong for Garcia in my opinion! However.... this is boxing after all! ———————————————————- #boxingtraining #boxing #boxingscience #spencegarcia #mma #ufc #errolspencejr #mikeygarcia
Everyone follow @munday_boxingscience ... UKSCA accredited S&C coach at 21 years old, working with the champs such as @afowler06 ... he’s currently knackered after being Danny Wilson for the week so he will fully appreciate your support 😅👊🏼🔥 ———————————————————- #boxingtraining #sheffieldboxing #strengthandconditioning #boxing #boxingscience #mma #ufc #combatsports #fitness #hiit
Last day in Seville 🇪🇸
Amazing sunset at Las Setas .... aka ‘The Big Waffle’ as @robyn.06 calls it 😂 also a nice evening stroll seeing Seville at night.. beautiful city 🇪🇸 #sevilla #Seville
地點:Las Setas
Dominating the RED ZONE ❤️📈 is VITAL for successful boxing performance 🥊🔥 this is covered in the ‘Accelerated Performance Series’ ... our FREE 14-day fast track programme for sport science in boxing 👊🏼 ⬆️ LINK IN BIO ⬆️ —————————————————————- This infograph demonstrates the heart rate responses for a professional boxer sparring 10 rounds. The graph shows that the majority of activity is spent in the red zone, with the fluctuations between and during rounds highlight its intermittent nature. This suggests that boxing is not a endurance sport - and contrasts to the traditional training methodology of long road runs at a steady state. The heart rate data shows that boxing is high-intensity intermittent sport that requires red zone dominance - therefore the physical conditioning should focus on improving an athletes ability to produce high-intensities, and to be able to repeat and endure them over the duration of a bout 👊🏼🔥 ———————————————————————- #boxingtraining #strengthandconditioning #sheffieldboxing #boxing #boxingscience #hiit #fitness #sportscience #acceleratedperformanceseries #mma #ufc
Not a bad day in Seville @robyn.06 #seville
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