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it does not matter how long that story, that pattern, that wound, that thought form has been in your body, in your energy ... you can write it out. ✨ Just uploaded another new Podcast all about conscious intent and manifestation and these words flowed through me during this episode. It’s my favorite I’ve ever recorded. I’ve never felt so inspired by life and learning and mastering this incredible vessel and mind we’ve been gifted. We truly are so powerful we just need to remember and then access the tools we’re already blessed with so that life can just flow as it should x ——————————————————————————- If you’ve been wanting to work with me 1-on-1, I now have 2 openings for next week for everyone on my waiting list and beyond. 60 minute, 80 minute, or brand new quick 20 minute sessions are available- just for quick guidance on 1 subject! 🌞 or
Both of my Self-Love and Self-Empowerment limited edition decks are now fully SOLD OUT. But don’t worry all of my new decks are still available! ✨*** As you end one cycle and begin a new one - new day, new week, new potential... Affirm. Repeat. Feel. See. Believe. Receive. Let your new begin by planting seeds of hope and abundance for your future self to reap. ✨ Affirmations are one of the greatest tools we have here. They cost nothing physically or energetically, except when repeated “wrong” and carry a different vibration other than what we truly desire, we need no one else’s assistance or permission to create them or repeat them, we can say them at absolutely any moment ever! and they gift us with absolutely everything. EVERYTHING. To consciously write and manifest our own path is our greatest power. x With that being said I have now listed custom Affirmation packages and I have about 6 more Limited Edition Self-Empowerment decks left in stock for only $33(until they’re sold out) which contain 44 Affirmations of your light, power and worth to help you realign with your abundance and manifest your full potential! You weren’t created to live a life less than your full joy, so reclaim your right to receive that. Otherwise you can purchase what’s left of my small or larger decks for full price! I’m moving soon so I won’t be restocking cards again until mid April!! 🌞⚡️ or
Here’s to patience as our dreams manifest. To surrender to the Divine plan unfolding. To trusting in the unseen and the seen. Here’s to honoring the subtle realms and remembering that we’re more a part of them than the reality we can actually see. Here’s to self-mastery and creating such a strong, worthy and abundant inner realm that we can’t possibly receive less than outside of us. Here’s to remembering that everything, absolutely everything is progress and is here to serve you. Here for you. ✨ My new website is finally launching in the next couple of weeks!!! 🌞 My heart is bursting. For you, this means... So many more offerings are coming. Finally my blog is coming. A whole new Instagram page full of more physical energetic understanding - so how energy manifests in our bodies and how to master our bodies/minds and reclaim how and what we’re manifesting. How to support our physical bodies and self-heal both physically and energetically. This also means my books can finally be born now that less time is dedicated to this other new beginning. So much expansion is occurring and it feels scary, overwhelming, beautiful and liberating and I’m embracing every breath of it as I reclaim my own power to heal where in so many life’s before I was condemned for it. Breaking those patterns are all we are here for, so thank you so dearly to every one who has supported me by purchasing my products, jewelry and offerings so that I can keep doing this work and continue to grow and assist you all. Without your support this all wouldn’t be able to survive so I appreciate you seeing me and holding space for me to rise and shine the light back on you. —— with all of that being said everything is on sale until my site officially launches: 50-70% off all jewelry, memberships, crystals, aromatherapy and crystal infused body products, etc. X 🌞
Many times challenges are a type of honor, they indicate expansion and growth and they show you more of your potential, your infinite capability. Theyre a precursor to overcoming and gaining new intelligence/remembrance of what we already Divinely know but are just remembering in this body. Challenges can be a portal to more of our light. - some examples of this type of challenge are learning a new subject, starting a new business, especially one you have so much heart energy tied to, embarking on a very deep soul centered relationship where you’re faced with your fears and wounds as a catalyst to healing, facing trauma and allowing your self to become something more, reprogramming challenging thought-forms, improving your health, raising your voice on behalf of your purest truth, standing up for others, etc. But... Challenges can also be a sign that we’re in the “wrong” place, at the “wrong” time, doing the “wrong” thing, with the “wrong” energy and “wrong” people.(I quote because wrong is a judgement, everything is in service in some way, but in this way it denotes our lack of our highest alignment) this type of challenge will always feel like suffering. There will be no light or joy shining through keeping you going. It’ll just keep feeling heavier and heavier because you’re so far off from who you naturally and innately are and your soul is trying to use your emotions, your internal guidance system, to wake you up. > > > So it’s incredibly important to be able to identify what is actually serving you, and what is here as a sign of your discordance. You will always receive signs, but it’s up to you to pay attention and recognize. The more you keep getting closer to your soul and awaken, the easier this will become to discern. —————————————————————— I’ve had 1 more 60 minute session open up for the end of February if you’d like to work with me 1-on-1 and help remove some of this discordance and interference so you can reclaim your power and head back towards the light. - **February is now SOLD OUT, but you can still grab my last space left in the beginning of March! x
Don’t be so focused on that one door that won’t open that you miss out on all of the other ones that are wide open and waiting for you to walk through. And that also have more abundance on the other side. ✨—————————————————- I just uploaded a new Podcast all about this topic. As we’re in big creational energies right now I wanted to share another aspect of our power to create and how mastering our inner realm is the key to mastering our outer reality. I also talk about force vs. ease and flow, and how we sometimes unconsciously block what’s truly meant for us when we stay so focused on only our physical self and it’s desires vs all of the infinite potential that exists for us to receive. I share a big experience I had where I got to see this magic unfold in my own life and how to identify the signs that are showing you you’re out of alignment so that you can move back in to more potential. I hope you enjoy it! x PODCAST: YOU ARE LUMINOUS > > > on ITunes,, etc.
Holding on to someone or something that is no longer in harmonic resonance with your vibration actually creates resistance and blocks in your life force that are of no service to your highest well-being and that also will postpone and block your blessings. ————————————————— What you do when you hold on to something that is ready to go is emanate energetically that you no longer trust creation, which you are, so what you’re really saying is you don’t trust your self and your own Divine power, and so you cause interference to your own blessings, to your own receiving. you try and then use force and control and other lower vibrational means to get someone to stay out of fear or other energies which will only continue to cause further suffering. You then will tend to get angry because you feel powerless over the other because you can’t get them to do what you want- this is actually you giving them your power, surrendering your happiness to another when you actually are the co-creator or your own happiness- it should never depend on something outside of you, that isn’t true happiness. You then might even try and match the others vibration which is, especially now, different from yours, which takes you away from your own unique energy signature- that then will keep attracting more of what won’t serve you into your space. All of these come from a place of attachment - attachment is rooted in fear. Love is rooted in freedom and trust. So when you hold on, you disrupt what then can now flow back in to your space. What can now meet you in your home frequency that WILL be of harmonic resonance and service to you. ———————————————————- So if you’re currently experiencing any lack in your life - look at the connections you’re keeping - to people, places, jobs, objects, things (these are all different manifestations of energy/ a mirror of what you feel worthy of) and see where you can release what isn’t honoring you or keeping you small in trust that something new will then finally be able to flow back to you. x
It’s not that you’re not worthy of blessings so they’re not showing up. They’re not showing up because you stopped believing you are worthy of them(you give the universe the green light to what you receive). You forgot that blessings attract blessings, and you have to remember you are one to begin with to then receive more of what you believe you are. You have created the disallowance and blocks to your own Birthright - to who you Divinely are because of false belief systems that are taking away from your grace, ease and joy. But you also have the power to remove those blocks in any Now moment by creating new thoughts of allowance and surrender back to the heart and let them all effortlessly flow back in. You don’t have to work hard for them because they are already yours, it’s who you innately are. You just have to realign your vibration and thoughts to be back in resonance with your desired outcome. ————————————————————————— Your current reality is simply a reflection of your subconscious and conscious belief systems. Change your thoughts and perceptions and you’ll change what you receive, what you experience and what you see outside of you. The inner change creates the outer change. The power lies in YOU!—————————————————————— if you need assistance identifying where you’re still consciously or unconsciously creating blocks and disallowance to the life you desire and know you’re worthy of, I only have 3 1-on-1 sessions left for February to help you identify and rewrite what’s hindering your highest potential! x
Because self-love is where it all begins. Our connection with all of life stems from our connection with self. How we feel about our self is the point from which we are attracting and creating our outer reality from. So in order to improve our outer reality, if we feel(remember emotions are our internal guidance system) things are out of alignment or discordant, is to improve upon or realign our inner self with what we desire to see, feel and experience. This is not to say that who you are is anything less than perfect, because you are whole, luscious and worthy in every state of your beingness, but that if you want to obtain more love, abundance, joy or see this true worth reflected more outside of you, you must first hold that belief within. Everything outside of you is only the mirror from which you see your truest self. You can not seeing anything that you aren't or aren't holding the temporary space for. ✨ In my email going out today for all Members I’m diving in to how we anchor more of our Divine Feminine essence as this is the key, the portal, to allow more nurturance, compassion, kindness and healing in, and ways in which we can then activate this innate love, and continue to cultivate it until we become the most unconditional, unwavering vibration of it. You can join this space for $22/month(cancel at any time) or $222/year. If you sign up for a yearly membership today, you’ll also receive a FREE 54 card self-love affirmation deck!! x or
Signs a connection isn’t in alignment or is no longer in alignment: - karmic patterns keep arising - you notice your self saying, “why do I always attract someone who makes me feel like this?” - that’s a personal wound in need of healing - you feel like you’re being judged or you can’t show your true self - the other tells you you’re “too much” or crazy - they try to suppress you or change you - make you less than who you are so that they feel more comfortable - there’s a lot of arguing, control, territorial issues, jealousy, distrust immediately - your only pull towards this other person is lower human desires like financial support or physical or sexual attraction - that’s strictly physical and ego, not of the heart or of your highest nature at all - you don’t feel safe - something just feels off but you keep trying to justify it or keep trying to convince yourself to stay present —————————————————————— if you need assistance identifying where you’re still choosing less than on your path or in your connections and want to finally step in to all you’re worthy of and take your power back, I only have 3 1-on-1 sessions left for February! x
Challenges and responsibilities are an honor. They indicate that spiritually you are ready for greater things. - Diana Cooper ——————————————————— I need you to know that life isn’t against you. Life doesn’t want to hurt you or see you struggle. Life is always working for you, for you are life itself. Understand that your pain is a portal to your magnificence. Your wounds are invitations from grace. You’re being strengthened to new heights each time you endure. Your overcoming is gifting you with more compassion. Your depletion is teaching you to be overflowing again. Your imbalance is shifting your focus back to balance. Don’t be fooled by the illusions you feel and see on the physical plane. The unseen is always on your side and supporting your highest becoming. x
Let the fear be a reminder that you’re rising in to something new, accepting new dimensions of your being, reclaiming your worth, not as a hinderance to your next level of becoming. ✨ ————————————————————- 1. MEMBERS - your February energy report + Ascension Symptoms and Podcast will be sent off in the next couple of hours! - if you’d like to join us it’s $22/month or $222/year for support, insight and guidance as to what’s manifesting due to the present energy 2. I’m almost sold out of my Limited Edition Affirmation care decks so if you want to receive a deck at a very discounted price, mows your chance 3. Have a beautiful week!! +
The difference between these two is one of the biggest ways we block our own allowance of blessings. We think any thoughtforms towards what we desire, as long as we’re focusing on what we desire, will surely bring it to us. However, Complaining, feeling lack, or discordance while still focusing on what you desire will not allow it to manifest because you’re actually holding an opposing vibration. The lack, complaining and discordance manifest more of themselves in all different forms of manifestation which cause your own block and interference towards your desire. You cant will something in to existence that you haven’t first become a vibrational match to. So if you desire something you must become in vibrational harmony with receiving it. You must be abundant to receive abundant. You can’t be lack and receive abundance - it can’t find you then, you’re riding a different wave. You must also understand that the universe does not know the difference between what is physically “real” and what isn’t even in your life yet. It’s solely working off of the vibration of your words, thoughts and feelings. So if you desire something and you want that something, the key to receiving it is to consciously remain focused on how good it would feel to receive it. To obtain it and not just that but most importantly focusing on it already being in your life, it already having arrived and the joy you feel experiencing it because nothing can block it except your own interference of it but already visualizing and experiencing you’re self experiencing it as it already being yours is the surest way it will come to you. x
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