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RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey defeated Dana Brooke this week on RAW! After the match, Rousey attacked security! 🔥
How times have changed... @619iamlucha
Happy birthday AJ. 🎂🎉🎁🎉🎈👑 You were my favorite then and I still love you and want to see you wrestle again
🤛 bAnG 🖤
Some #sdlive digitals. Credit @the_flair_queen
I know that I’m late but I’m really going to miss my queen so much 😭❤️ Even though I’m upset that she is retired...she is moving forward with life in wanting to have a second child and if she’s happy then I am too 🥰 She deserves all of the happiness in the world 💕 I thank her for everything and I know that she will not forget us & that she will always love us Bella Army❣️ I LOVE YOU BRIE 😭😘❤️ Haters gonna hate....Bella’s gonna ball 🔥❤️....BRIE MODE ☝🏼 #briebella #briemode #queen #legend #thankyoubrie
Roses are Red #sdlive women's title is dead. Charlotte is winning at mania Keep this in your head.
Goodnight Bella Army! How are you guys doing? Hoped you enjoyed the rest of your day. Love you. School was exhausting. Starting a new lesson in math. Had two pages of it and got three long ass pages of math homework without getting time to do it. History test and project was moved closer to due date and I got a packet for homework which I couldn’t finish because of certain people. Btw I forgot my math workbook so I couldn’t do that. Science test I need to study which I still haven’t. Yeah life is great. After that I didn’t do much. Currently about to sleep. #nikkibella #fearlessnikki #stayfearless #totallyfearless #gofearless #domorefearless #briebella #briemode #briemodeactivated #gobriemode #thebellatwins #twinmagic #doubletrouble #werunitweruleit #bellalution @thenikkibella @thebriebella ❤️❤️❤️
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