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Happy birthday to this angel on Earth, @williampcorgan 🖤 Photos I took: (1) 2007 SP at Voodoo Music Fest, New Orleans, LA (2) 2018 SP Shiny & Oh So Bright tour, Kansas City, MO (3) & (4) NWA 70, Nashville, TN 🖤⭐️ #WPC #Corgan #SP #Zero ⭐️ #smashingpumpkins #NWA #NWA70 @smashingpumpkins @nwa
NEW VIDEO ALERT (link in bio) #TenPoundsOfGold 51 NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis sat down with 8-times NWA Champion Harley Race for the latest episode of #TenPoundsOfGold entitled RACE TO THE LEARNING TREE. The legacy of the National Wrestling Alliance dates back to 1948 in Waterloo, Iowa but it's the men who held Ten Pounds of Gold who carry that tradition forward each day. Harley Race holds the record number of reigns with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. The National Treasure Nick Aldis has made it his mission to re-establish the credibility of the champion and honor the legacy by sitting down with as many former champions as possible. This conversation with Harley Race took place on March 9th, 2018 in. Moscow Mills, MO before the World League Wrestling Show. Covered in this episode, the responsibility Harley Race felt as NWA Champion, the importance of the opponent for the Ten Pounds of Gold, and mindset of a champion. Also see the highlights of Nick Aldis facing Leland Race for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. #NWA70 #HarleyRace
NEW EXCLUSIVE SIGNED ITEM! (Link in bio) #NWA70 Turnbuckle signed by all 3 champions from that event. @NickAldis @Willie_Mack @PhenomJazz
Should the #TenPoundsOfGold & #OneNation titles included to the titles the PP3 Cup winner can challenge for? The @nwa Worlds Heavyweight Championship returned to @cwfhollywood in 2017 when then-Champion @tstorm01 made his debut in CWFH. One year later @williampcorgan & @lagana introduced the NWA National Championship for #NWA70 . Since then both titles & the NWA Women's World Championship by @phenomjazz were defended in CWFH. So why not add the titles to the list of Champions the PP3 Cup winner can challenge for? The PP3 Cup winner has the right to challenge every Champion in the @unitedwrestlingnetwork. The NWA is not a member of the UWN but(!) with CWFH & NWA working relationship it could be possible. If this would be official the PP3 Cup winner could challenge for the NWA Worlds or National Heavyweight Championship at Coastline Clash. Traditionally the PP3 Cup had challenge for a title which is mostly defended at CWFH except for last year when @suedethompson unsuccessfully challenged @the_mjf for the @combatzone. #CWFH #UWN #NWA
New to my DVD collection. @nwa #nwawrestling #nwa70
Pretty good mail call. Picked them #LicensePlatesOfMaryland up off Ebay for a good price. Also snagged the #NWA70 DVD.
Officially published in @officialpwi. Photo from #NWA70 Aldis v Rhodes. Thank you @officialcrimson @paparazzilady & @triedntruepro for everything and pushing me to grow. I never thought in a million years I'd be doing this, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. More photos @hotshoefoto on IG & FB
Full Match (link in bio) Since September of 2016, Jazz has been the NWA Women's World Champion. The career of Jazz spans over twenty-years including her time with WWE, ECW and now the NWA. At NWA 70 and the NWA Pop Up Event, Jazz made it clear she wanted to be treated like the men and for the Women's division to have its own Ten Pounds of Gold. In this match from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, Jazz defends the NWA Women's World Championship against Heather Monroe. #NWAWrestling . #TenPoundOfGold #NWA70 @heatherisme @sstariasheri @phenomjazz @williampcorgan @lagana
[CWFH News Post] When will we get @nickaldis vs. @ppaallday for the @nwa Worlds Heavyweight Championship? For nearly a year Peter Avalon waits for his NWA Worlds Title shot against Nick Aldis. But why? We take a look back... After Nick Aldis defeated @tstorm01 for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at @combatzone he was scheduled to be at @cwfaztv. He couldn't make it so Tim Storm filled in which lead to a PPA vs. Storm feud which ended at #NWA70 . PPA went out with a 3-1 stats. On Episode 120 of CWFAZ Avalon cut a promo where he challenged Aldis to come to CWFAZ with the #TenPoundsOfGold . Will Nick Aldis come to CWFAZ and finally face Peter Avalon for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title? Or will the NWA send another substitute to protect Aldis for Avalon? We want answers and we want it soon! #NWA #TenPoundsOfGold #CWFH #CWFAZ
#Repost @nwa with @get_repost ・・・ You asked for it... Coming very soon... #NWA70 DVD. Tag a friend who needs this. @nickaldis @americannightmarecody @williampcorgan @willie_mack @phenomjazz @kamillebrickhouse @lagana
#Repost @nickaldis • • • • • Got a look at the fresh new #nwa70 collectible DVDs yesterday! Follow @nwa to be first to get ordering information. #tenpoundsofgold
#Repost @nwa with @get_repost ・・・ You asked for it... Coming very soon... #NWA70 DVD. Tag a friend who needs this. @nickaldis @americannightmarecody @williampcorgan @willie_mack @phenomjazz @kamillebrickhouse @lagana
You asked for it... Coming very soon... #NWA70 DVD. Tag a friend who needs this. @nickaldis @americannightmarecody @williampcorgan @willie_mack @phenomjazz @kamillebrickhouse @lagana
Got a look at the fresh new #nwa70 collectible DVDs yesterday! Follow @nwa to be first to get ordering information. #tenpoundsofgold
Flashback Friday to #nwa70 ... not gonna lie posting this Bc I was having a great hair day. Thanks @jessicaheathermua for hooking your girl up with natural curl, length, and shine. Where was this in my awkward hair years?!?! #wrestling #hairdays #fbf #naturalcurls #hosting #broadcasting
Brand new episode is up! We discuss everything from @beckylynchwwe dominating Wrestlemania season to the Lucha Bros competing all over the globe to how important creative satisfaction is in one’s career. Which leads to our special guest, a man who is constantly creating compelling content as the Vice President of the @nwa , Mr. David @lagana as he joins @realxpac @jquasto @_denisesalcedo @steve_kaufmann @jimbointhebooth and @markbdonica in studio!
Pretty cool to see Jeff Jarrett return to the WWE at Royal Rumble, even taking part in their legendary rumble. It was even cooler setting him at the #NWA70 back in October. Was even so kind to sign the #TenPoundsOfReplica
Click link in bio - enter to win a #TenPoundsOfGold pin. The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship is on the line as the man holding Ten Pounds of Gold, Nick Aldis faces Bad Dude Tito from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Nick Aldis has defended the Ten Pounds of Gold multiple times at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and at the 8th Anniversary Milestone Event he faces Bad Dude Tito. Nick Aldis second reign with the NWA Worlds Title kicked off at #NWA70 when he defeated Cody Rhodes and has blazed forward into 2019. Follow along with the #TenPoundsofGold journey by subscribing to the #NWAWrestling channel on YouTube.
[CWFAZ Result Post] @cwfaztv Episode 116 - CWFAZ Stories on @fitetv - Story: @ppaallday vs. @tstorm01 1. Match - Single Match "Producer" Peter Avalon defeated Tim Storm via DQ after a Chairshot by Storm - Tim Storm filled in for @nickaldis when Aldis couldn't make it to CWFAZ last year in the summer. - PPA "puts" his NWA Worlds Title Shot on the line - PPA brought a chair into a match but Storm used it 2. Match - Single Match "Producer" Peter Avalon defeated Tim Storm via Pinfall with the Foot on the ropes & Storm got his hand on the bottom rope - Match happend at #CWFAZ100 - Peter Avalon hit some Chairshots right before the ring bell 3. Match - Single Match "Kiss My Foot" - Match Tim Storm defeated Peter Avalon w/ Nikko Marquez via Pinfall after the Perfect Storm - Match happend at #NWA70 - cheap shot by PPA after the ring bell - Nikko Marquez substituted PPA to kiss Storm's Foot - PPA kissed the Foot after Storm forced him #CWFAZ #NWA
The legend of Willie Mack continues to grow... From yesterday’s @cwfhollywood event. 📷 - @jonathanking_tcr @willie_mack @williampcorgan @cwfhmarquez
Who should challenge @willie_mack next for the #NWANationalTitle ?
The latest #TenPoundsOfGold tells the amazing story of @pj450. Click link in bio to hear his near death story of survival.
Weren’t there? No problem. Tag a friend and we will pick a pair at random to receive these #NWAPopUp I Was There Pin. . And the winners are @queenofwrestling & @sameza37. Please check your DMs for instructions! . The winners of the #TenPoundsOfGold pin are... @ricardocomedian and @dudermcnarly. Check your DMs to talk with Maureen.
From #NWAPopUp , Willie Mack and Matt Cross tore the house down with a competitive match that either side could have won. Double tap if you want to see a rematch. @willie_mack @mdoggmattcross
Introducing the @NWA National Championship rematch from #NWA70 between Willie Mack (c) and Samuel Shaw at @cwfhollywood ’s Milestone event. Whole match on the NWA YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/NN3RjT9NRYY #nwawrestling #CWFH #unitedwrestlingnetwork #losangeles #prowrestling #NationalChampionship #Milestone #wrestling
#AndStill ... but the story is one you have to see on an upcoming #TenPoundsOfGold
We would like to sincerely thank the 1,149 fans who paid to support the NWA in Clarksville at our first ever #NWAPopUp event. From the launch of #TenPoundsOfGold inside the classroom of Tim Storm, to #TheAldisCrusade across four continents, to going #-#ALLIN , to the anniversary celebration of #NWA70 ... its been a #BrickByBrick journey for all of us. We would not be here without all the fans believing in this project and giving their attention to the National Wrestling Alliance. 2019 will continue this same path. More #NWAPopUp events, the #CrockettCup in partnership with Ring of Honor and oh so much more to come. @williampcorgan @lagana @nickaldis @willie_mack @phenomjazz @kamillebrickhouse @davidarquette @tstorm01 @officialcrimson @triedntruepro @ringofhonor
The Crockett Cup is back on April 27,2019. Click link in bio.
New Year...The Legacy Continues. Lou Thesz laid the foundation for every @NWA Worlds Champion to follow over the last 70 years. As we enter 2019, the mission and tradition stays the same. @williampcorgan @nickaldis @lagana
***PLEASE READ*** 2018...I'm not sure where to begin. The year was a major step for me in my process of finding myself as a person and Professional Wrestler. I battled people that helped influence my career. @rohdelirious in Arkansas, #DLoBrown as well in Arkansas, @johnhennigan in Tennessee, @penta_zero_miedo in Austin, @steve_anthony450 in Louisiana, just to name a few. I made my #International debut in #London by representing #SOAR at #BritishEmpireWrestling . I was crowned the #PrinceOfTexas by the #KingOfTexas @goachgo , and I promise to hold the throne proudly once you leave for the Other World Tournament. I made multiple appearances on @wwe programming, including the WWE #HallOfFame and a match on #MondayNightRAW alongside @unholydiver27. I attended the very first @ringofhonor Dojo camp in Baltimore. I performed in #Nashville for the HUGE #NWA70 @nwa Anniversary event. I finally made my debut for @aawpro. I also made my return to @wwnlive and made appearances at #EVOLVE in Florida, Detroit, and Chicago. Above all though, I made a statement and became a mainstay at the @njpw1972 Dojo in #LosAngeles . The knowledge and new boundaries I reached there are unlike anything else, and this is just the beginning of my journey. Here's to 2019. Thank you to everybody for following this journey and to those that I've met along the way. And that ONE phrase still sticks with me: "Once I'm gone, this state is yours." I'll do you proud. I promise.
Could this man (@iestyn_rees ) end 2018 as the @NWA Worlds Champion? Today at @pcw_uk - @nickaldis defends the #TenPoundsOfGold Reminder - every challenger agrees that if they win the NWA Worlds Title and carries forward all booked defenses until the former champion calls for his rematch.
How many of you asked Santa for @kamillebrickhouse to be under your tree this morning? Use an emoji to comment on this photo. #MerryChristmas from the @NWA.
One of my guests this week, Jim Cornette, talks about his experience at the NWA 70 show. Listen to the entire interview on THE JIM ROSS REPORT, which also has part 2 of my interview with Bully Ray, available now on Westwood One, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or wherever you listen to Podcasts! . @nwa @williampcorgan @westwoodone @applepodcasts @googleplaymusic @spotify #JimCornette #NWA #NWA70 #JimRossReport #WestwoodOne #ApplePodcasts #GooglePlay #Spotify #wrestling #podcast #JimRoss #BullyRay
5 THINGS WE WANT TO SEE IN CWFH 2019! UNITED WRESTLING NETWORK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Early 2017 David Marquez posted a picture of the United Wrestling Network World Title. Months later the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title returned to CWFH and was defended in our programm several times. The Question was... Do we still need a UWN World Champion? The answer is yes! Even though CWFH & NWA are working together we should have ourself a World Champion! CWFH withdraw from the old NWA and formed the UWN with several other companies with the goal to form a new NWA. Imagine a NWA Worlds Champion vs. UWN World Champion match in 2019? The UWN is still in talk about how to introduce the Title and who should be involve in it. So... Stay tune! ANDY BROWN BECOMES CHAMPION Despite several title matches Andy Brown was not able to capture the Hollywood Heritage & NWA National Championship. Going into the matches as the Underdog 2019 could be a big year for him. Be sure that you will see Uptown in more title matches than this year. RAY ROSAS & PETER AVALON REUNION Ray Rosas became the United Television Champion by defeating Scorpio Sky. Since losing the title to Oliver Grimsley at #CWFAZ100 he tried to win back the title but failed. With no title shot in the near future... Why not reform the team with Peter Avalon? Since his loss at #CWFHMilestone 2017 Avalon was the producer in #CWFAZ and wasn't really successful in #CWFH with big losses to Tim Storm at #NWA70 , losing the Red Carpet Rumble Match to Andy Brown and to Tyler Bateman a few weeks ago. The Tag Team division needs some new life... We need them! UNITED JR. HEAVYWEIGHT/CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE Decades ago a new style found his way into our Wrestling World. From Lucha Libre style into the modern day High Flying. With talents with the style all over the world... Should UWN have a Jr. Heavyweight Title? YES! We have many talents with the same elements. Let's do it! WILLIE MACK VS. ROYCE ISAACS FOR THE HERITAGE TITLE With Willie Mack never lost his title in a match and Royce Isaacs laid him out on Episode 393... The stage is set for a big Hollywood Heritage Title match! #CWFH2019
#ThrowbackThursday at the Post NWA 70 press conference in Nashville. I look forward to seeing the future for @nickaldis , @kamillebrickhouse and the @nwa . #NWA70 #ProWrestling #TenPoundsOfGold
CWFH Wrestler Of The Week: Willie Mack Willie Mack successfully defended his NWA National Championship against "Uptown" Andy Brown in the Main Event of this week Episode. It marked his first title defense after his title win at #NWA70 . After that Mack defended the title against the likes of @stricklandshane in @houseofhardcore & @thesamuelshaw at #CWFHMilestone . Mack & Brown got laid out by United Television & Hollywood Heritage Champion @royceisaacs. With Mack never lost the Heritage Title in a match he could be the new No. 1 contender to the Heritage Title.
The @nwa National Title was on the line at MILESTONE! Stay tuned to see if @willie_mack was able to retain against @thesamuelshaw in their rematch from #NWA70 ! 📸: @jonathanking_tcr
[FREE MATCH] Sammy Guevara vs Scorpio Sky vs Colt Cabana vs Samuel Shaw from NWA 70 Now available on NWA’s YouTube Channel! {#SammyGuevara #ScorpioSky #ColtCabana #SamuelShaw #NWA #NWA70 }
This sunday @cwfhollywood will present #CWFHMilestone our last event of the year in the OVP Theater! Be there to see live action from #CWFH , @njpw1972 LA Dojo & @nwa. Matchcard: NJPW LA Dojo Young Lions: Clark Connors & Alex Coughlin vs. Ray Rosas & Adrian Quest NJPW LA Dojo Young Lion Karl Fredericks vs. Bateman w/ Sarah Wolfe Ayoka Muhara vs. Heather Monroe Grudge Match Peter Avalon w/ Nikko Marquez vs. Tim Storm NWA National Championship Willie Mack (c) vs. Samuel Shaw NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Nick Aldis (c) vs. Bad Dude Tito Hollywood Heritage Championship Ladder Match Royce Isaacs (c) w/ Jamie Iovine vs. Andy Brown
BREAKING! Challenging for the @NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at #NWAPopUp Event on 1/5/19 in Clarksville, TN is..... @JamesStormBrand TIX - triedntruepro.simpletix.com/Event-List/ VIP Packages announced Monday! @triedntruepro @nickaldis @williampcorgan
The NWA National Championship was determined at NWA 70 on 10/21/18 in Nashville, TN. Stage One | Match A saw Colt Cabana vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Samuel Shaw with the winner advancing to the finals that night at #NWA70 . In the end that night, Willie Mack became the NWA National Champion and now forges forward defending the championship. His next challenger is the man who he beat in the finals. #NWAPopUp #TenPoundsOfGold
All too often in this business, language is thrown around too freely; words like legend, innovator, trailblazer, gamechanger. Phrases like "I give it everything I have" and "sacrifice". But nobody embodies sacrifice more than Tom Billington. The Dynamite Kid's matches not only stand up today, but still outclass 95% of all matches offered today. The most incredible talent; speed, explosive power, agility but with aggression and a rugged, believable delivery. Not choreographed, never stuff for the sake of stuff. Unfortunately, he paid the price. There is no denying he was a flawed man personally. However, his contributions to our industry can never be understated. In my two world title matches with @americannightmarecody we tipped our proverbial hats to greats of the past. At #nwa70 I used a tombstone piledriver followed up by my top rope elbow. That was my tip of the hat to Dynamite. I'm glad I did it. I hope he found peace. Never forget what he gave for this business. Never forget what it makes us all give. #RIPDynamiteKid
The insurance policy for #TenPoundsOfGold is Focused AF. #Repost @kamillebrickhouse ・・・ “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” @williampcorgan @nickaldis
This match is very underrated #cody #nickaldis #nwa #nwa70
🏆 History. Tradition. Legacy. The Crockett Cup Tag Team Tournament returns in 2019... Get ready. • -Announced by Road Warrior Animal in an interview conducted by Jim Cornette at NWA 70 in Nashville on October 21, 2018- • #WARKINGS #RoadWarrior #Animal #Crimson | #JaxDane #OffWithTheirHeads 💀🗡 • #NWA #NWA70 #CrockettCup @nwa • 📸- @hotshoefoto
For those who attended #NWA70 I just wanted to share this! My meet/greet with you all was able to bring in $2,000 dollars for a well deserving charity in @bcrfcure Thank you!
WRESTLER OF THE YEAR 2018 - WILLIE MACK Willie Mack has a successful 2018. He returned to CWFH and won the CWFH Heritage Championship from the unstoppable force @baddudetito ! After successful title defenses against Bad Dude Tito he defended it in Japan. He was stripped out of the title due to not defended the title on CWFH for few weeks. Months later he won the newly NWA National Championship at #NWA70 . He defended it against @_andy_brown_ , which will air soon on @fitetv , and will defended again at #CWFHMilestone on December 9 in the OVP Theater! #CWFH #NWA
Full match at link in bio! The Nick Aldis vs. “The American Nightmare” Cody rivalry was first seen in NWA Ten Pounds of Gold and exploded at their match at ALL IN in Chicago, IL on 9/1/18. This is their rematch from NWA 70 called by Jim Cornette, Joe Galli, and Tony Schiavone. Cody won the NWA Worlds Championship for the first time that night and set off in following in his father’s footsteps as the NWA Worlds Champion. Nick Aldis didn’t want to wait long for his rematch and accepted it at the #NWA70 event in Nashville, TN. In attendance for this NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Match were former champions Dory Funk Jr, Colt Cabana, Tim Storm, Jax Dane, Blue Demon Jr. and Jeff Jarrett. Order NWA merchandise at http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/NWA @nickaldis @americannightmarecody @williampcorgan
As announced on Facebook by @cwfhollywood there will be a Grudge Match between @tstorm01 & @ppaallday at #CWFHMilestone ! It all started when Tim Storm filled in for Nick Aldis, who couldn't make it to CWFAZ. Peter Avalon, who expected a NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match against Nick Aldis, challenged former Champion Tim Storm to a match. Peter Avalon pushed Tim Storm's to many often and got 2 wins over Storm who punished Avalon with the chair. At #NWA70 they agreed to a "Kiss My Foot" match which was won Tim Storm. Peter Avalon sent Nikko Marquez in to kiss Storm's bare foot but at the end Avalon had to kiss Storm's foot too. Who will win the final match? And... Could the winner become the next No. 1 contender to the #TenPoundsOfGold ? Find out on December 9 live from the OVP Theater at Milestone! FREE ADMISSION!
WHO WILL BE WRESTLER OF THE YEAR 2018 (CWFH)? BAD DUDE TITO Bad Dude Tito defeated "Professional" Peter Avalon at the CWFH Red Carpet Rumble 2017 to become CWFH Heritage Champion. He hold the title for 308 days and defeated big names like Brian Cage, Jeff Cobb, Watts and more. With the upcoming NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match against Nick Aldis at #CWFHMilestone Bad Dude Tito could become the first CWFH Guy who will hold the NWA Worlds Title since Adam Pearce. WILLIE MACK Willie Mack returned after 4 years and defeated Bad Dude Tito for the CWFH Heritage Championship. He not only defeated the big names CWFH had to offer but also defended the title in Japan which makes him the first one who does that. He got stripped off the title but won a NWA National Championship at #NWA70 and will defended on CWFH very soon. ROYCE ISAACS 2017 Royce Isaacs debuted in CWFH and with in a year he is one of the most successful guy on the roster. He became a PP3 Cup Finalist and won the UWN Television & CWFH Heritage Championship with the help of Jamie Iovine in the past 3 months. You can be sure that 2019 will have more to come for Royce. RAY ROSAS After finally defeating Peter Avalon in a Steel Cage match Ray Rosas chased the UWN Television Championship from Scorpio Sky. After winning the title he defended it all over the UWN. He lost the title to Oliver Grimsly at #CWFAZ100 which marked a very rare title change outside CWFH. He will face Royce Isaacs next week on CWFH for the UWN Television Title.
Reppin’ my new #nwa T-shirt. Just order the red/black SnapBack hat as well, can’t wait for it to arrive. Great time to be a wrestling fan 🤼‍♀️ #nwa70 #prowrestling #wrestling #10poundsofgold #legacy #future #toosweet @nwa @lagana @williampcorgan @nickaldis
This was an awesome moment for me when I met the legend himself Ex NWA World Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr. what an honor I also love my NWA T-shirt that I picked up at NWA70. I wish I can go back. #nwa70 #nwawrestling #tenpoundsofgold #bluedemonjr #luchalibre #wrestlingislife
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