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🛣 Safe travels, Moors fans...let’s get those three points 🤞💛💙 #SMFC
We’ve come from two goals behind at the break to overcome Geelong in Geelong. Adriana Jones came on to score a brace, while Kelsey Minton and Cindy Lay found the back of the net. #SMFC #NPLVIC
South Melbourne FC would like to congratulate and farewell defender Chelsea Blissett who has secured a full scholarship at the Future Westfield Matildas program in Sydney. Chelsea was with us for two NPLW Victoria seasons and recently debuted in the Westfield W-League. Best of luck Chelsea. #SMFC #NPLVIC
LAST FULL PREVIEW OF THE SEASON: 23-03-2019 & 24-03-2019! ——————- Saturday 23rd March 2019: Tomorrow will see the return of The Girls. With just 2/3 games left this season, Moors have a chance to wrap up the league title. Moors do their job by winning the game and hoping that Leafield can slip up tomorrow afternoon. A win would see them win it (if Leafield manage to slide somewhere else). It looks to be fascinating! They will have Mia Dolan back in the squad as well after her 3 match ban, so it makes a good reading tomorrow for The Girls!⚽️:// We then cross over to The Shaymen, where Moors will be playing FC Halifax Town hoping to move 3️⃣ Points clear at The Top Of The National League. As Leyton Orient are out of League Action, due to their clash in The FA Trophy Vs AFC Telford. But tomorrow is about getting the job done for our First Team. It’s about the way they play tomorrow. They need a massive performance to get over the line against the team that lies 14th in The Table👈. Can Saturday live up to our high expectations?💛💙. ———————————— Sunday 24th March 2019: Sunday will see the finish for most of our Youth & Juniors. It’s been an unbelievable season for most teams this year. With most teams eyeing that prize that comes with it at the end. Most teams might have had an up and down season. Some teams are having to wait to finish their 2018-2019 season and looking forward to starting fresh again. We know that this could be the final weekend in terms of football for Youth & Juniors at Solihull Moors. Therefore, it will be about playing with a smile on the faces of The Players & encouragement for your child to enjoy the final weekend of Football! Can Moors Youth & Juniors end on a high note?💛💙👈. ——————— Overall; 23-03-19 & 24-03-19. This. Is. It! This could be the last weekend of the season for some teams. Others still have to wait to play their remaining fixtures. However, for the teams still to play, I would say just finish it strongly and play with joy and excitement ahead of Next Season!💛💙👈. #FinalPreview #SMFC #ThankYouForYourSupport
ORIENT FOR FREE? Yes! That’s what you just read! Butttt. Let’s get behind the lads for the final push at The Automated Technology Group Stadium! 👉(Firstly, you WILL need to buy tickets for Dover Athletic & Havant + Waterlooville to enter the game for FREE, when we host Leyton Orient!)👈 However, when it comes to The Penultimate Game, we’re giving it away for FREE!🙌. An absolutely incredible move by The Club!💛💙👈 #SMFC
🎟 Let’s raise the roof for the lads as they enter the final three home fixtures of the season. Buy for @doverathleticfc and @havantandwaterloovillefc and get into the @leytonorientfc game for FREE! Read all about the three-match ticket bundle on our website. 💛💙 #SMFC #OrientForFree
✍️| Pen To Paper! George Carline is the next player to have signed a contract beyond this season until the end of The 2019-2020 Season!👈💛💙 #SMFC
😔| An Update On Birmingham City: As most have you might have already seen, Birmingham City Football Club have been deducted 9 Points for breaching Profitability & Sustainability rules. It’s such a sad sight to see for the club we were close to back in 2016. This deduction will mean they are 4 points from The Drop Zone, Question is: Will it affect them on the pitch?👈. #ASadSight #BirminghamCity #SMFC
📖 PREVIEW | The chance to go clear at the top of the National League table... That's the incentive for #SMFC as they head to FC Halifax Town tomorrow afternoon. 👉Read our match preview: https://bit.ly/2TTBRjA. 💛💙
Друзья! Ни для кого не секрет, что Спартак - это не просто клуб с величайшей историей, но и стиль жизни, который позволяет нам отвлечься от обыденных вещей. Мы неспроста недавно вспоминали нашу акцию 2015 года. В этом году мы решили возобновить деятельность под названием «Граффити-неделя» и надеемся, что данная акция станет для нас традиционной! Встречайте! Graffiti week-2: "За чистую Москву!" Рисуйте за Спартак, прославляйте красно-белые цвета и держите город в чистоте. Жизнь-Спартаку - честь-никому! #СпартакМосква #ТолькоСпартак #ВпередСпартак #РисуйЗаСпартак #Ультрас #КрасноБелые #ФКСМ #Спартаковцы #SpartakMoscow #Spartak #Moscow #FCSM #SMFC #Ultras #Tifo #Fratria #Fans #Football #AMF #Art #StreetArt #B6U #travel #OnTour #SMFConTour #champions #B6United #Ебатьконей #ЦКГ #graffiti
🗣 George Carline is here to stay 💪💛💙 #SMFC
A frustrating night at Pascoe Vale as we are defeated 2-0. ‪#SMFC #NPLVIC
😎 That #FridayFeeling has just gone up a notch... George Carline is the latest to commit his future to the Club, signing a contract extension until the end of next season. 👊💛💙 #SMFC
Футболка мужская «Папай» Цена: 1300₽ Размерный ряд: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL Футболка доступна в магазине на Комсомольской пл. 2, а также online: FRATRIASHOP.ru, ссылка для заказа в описании аккаунта👆🏻 #fratriadesign #спартак #спартаковцы #спартакстор #спартакмосква #фксм #фратрия #фратрияшоп #spartak #spartakmoscow #fan #fcsm #fratria #fratrishop #moscow #пгн #ultraslife #spartakstore #fcsmgirls #ультра #ультрас #футбол #магазинспартак #smfc #spartak_hc #spartak_moscow #hcsm #открытиеарена #стадионспартак #дневникфаната
P.S. No caption is also a caption :) ----------------------------------------------- Do I have a squad? ----------------------------------------------- Repost with credits ----------------------------------------------- Follow me for more memes ----------------------------------------------- 👬Feel free to DM me👭 😍Donations = Shoutouts😍 👌Inspired by the followers👌 ----------------------------------------------- Partners: 1. @faithin_tv 2. @csgo.noodle 3. @xplic1t 4. @beast.csgo_ 5. @csgobesthighlight 6. @ruinesportsofficial 7. @csgo_player.lv 8. @pablo.trapscobar 9. @cs_craggen 10. @csgo_art_banners ----------------------------------------------- Donators: 1. @emerald.playz_ $8.51 (First Donator) 2. . @csgo.doodle $4.3(Artist boi) 3. @pablo.trapscobar $1.4 (really good guy, go check him out) 4. @csgo_deagjrs $0.7 (good player and streamer) 5.@xplic1t $0.49 (brothee from another mother) 6. @csgo_id $0.42 (Great Guy) 7. @zlaja_je_riba $0.29 8. @amketzar $0.2 9. @csgosaints $0.16 (Partner dono) 10. @csgo_strive $0.15 (Cases expert) 11. @necro_cs $0.12 12. @silverscsgo $0.1 13. @csgo_club $0.09 (the best flexer) 14.. @memezmeister_ $0.09 (the trade up tutorial guy) 15. @ajitesh_235 $0.09 16. @csgosaiyan $0.06 (Saiyan) 17. @csgomush $0.03+$0.36 sticker on it (he is mushy) 18. @faithin_tv $0.03 (have faithin him) ----------------------------------------------- Ignore the tags #gaming #csgo #csgomemes #csgofunny #csgof2p #csgoknife #gamingmeme #rushb #GA #giveaway #funnymeme #csgob #silver #nova #mg #lem #smfc #global #teammates #fuckfortnite #fuckpubg #csgoisthebest #word .exe #memes #noclips #iknowyouallloveme #bye
GAME DAY! Following our disappointment on Monday night, we take on Pascoe Vale FC tonight in a crucial clash away from home. Senior Kick off is at 8.15pm, with our Under 20s commencing at 6.15pm. #SMFC #NPLVIC
SOLIHULL MOORS RESERVES REPORT: 3 games down. 2 Wins. 1 Draw. This was their record so far this season. After realising we need this, Charlie has managed to get this team together and they’re representing The Club in a truly fantastic way! This evening, they have played their 4th game and won AGAIN. They made it 4 games unbeaten through: 7-4 (W). 6-1 (W). 0-0 (D) & Today’s result is a 2-0 Victory thanks to Goals from Charlie himself either side of The Half-Time Whistle🙌. —————————— The result is another fabulous result for the club. The way they’ve stepped up just shows tremendous character and confidence in themselves. Great result again tonight lads! Keep it up!👏💛💙 #SMFC
Dribbling è termine del gergo calcistico inglese. In Italia è stato tradotto con scartare, cioè evitare con sveltezza, mutare improvvisamente posizione, assumerne un’altra e così tagliare fuori l’antagonista. 🔝 Questa grande definizione cerchiamo di seguirla alla lettera ⚽️💥💪🏼 #dribbling #football #passion #definition #team #work #class #improving #learning #everyday #onthepitch #comeonguys #nevergiveup #photo #pic #training #smfccontroilfumo #smfc
Alhamdulillah, next 16 Besar Karang Taruna Massedi Ati Cup 1 "Kita Yang Tak diHitungkan, Kini Membuktikan" Insya Allah Tuhan Selalu bersama Orang2 yg Tekun dan giat Berjuang #AkuPadamu 😁 #MembangunKerjaSamaTeam #SMfc
MISI DAN VISI 💪🏻 . . Sejarah sudah tercipta kini visi dan misi kami harus dilaksanakan.. Berkongsi pengalaman adalah pekara yang paling best dalam 1 Pasukan. . . Tak kira dari segi sudut apa sekali pun. Perkongsian idea dengan pemain. Sharin is caring.. Musuh dan nak sampai jangan berundur dan takut.. #kitalawan 😊 #smfc #runjjy #manabolehmengalah #roadtofinal #teamwork
Congratulations to Giorgi Zarbos and Renee Sofronidis who the @sportsmartau Players of the Week. #SMFC #NPLVIC
Preview coming Friday!👀 #SMFC
‪Full Time and a late Sofia Sakalis penalty has seen us share the points.‬ 📸 @bythewhiteline#SMFC #NPLWVIC
It was great to see our Powerchair Team proudly represent the club at the @arnoldsportsau over the weekend. #SMFC
An extended weekend of football is over, with our women due to play on Wednesday and men on Friday. #SMFC
Спасибо за фото @chuchikisa Напоминаем, что у нас продолжаются скидки на женскую коллекцию, все Футболки по 650 и 790 руб. Большинство моделей выпускаться больше не будут. Ссылка для заказа в описании профиля 👆🏻 #fcsmgirls #fratriadesign #спартак #спартаковцы #спартакстор #спартакмосква #фксм #фратрия #фратрияшоп #spartak #spartakmoscow #fan #fcsm #fratria #fratrishop #moscow #fcsmgirls #ultraslife #spartakstore #fcsmgirls #ультра #ультрас #футбол #магазинспартак #smfc #spartak_hc #spartak_moscow #hcsm #открытиеарена #стадионспартак #дневникфаната
😁| With The National League drawing to a close, I’ve seen so many posts over the last few days. And I have to say, it’s been quite remarkable how many people have said Solihull to go up! I think it just shows how much we are coming along as a team. Even fans from The Championship have commented us. I think it’s simply fantastic. And credit goes to the players, the staff at the club! It’s been one simply amazing season from all of us!💛💙 #SMFC #DareToDream #WeAreOnOurWay #Onwards &Upwards
👀| 2️⃣ Down. 3️⃣ To Go. ————————————— Having played 2 of our final 5️⃣ home games, Moors have managed 6 points out of 6. Having picked up 2 massive results in context to our season! A 1-0 Victory over Gateshead signified the last of The Top 6 to be played until The Penultimate Game. We also dismissed Braintree Town on Saturday as we returned back to Joint Top! Heading into the final 8️⃣ games of the season. With just 3 Home Games & 5 Away Games left, Who is likely to win The Vanarama National League this season?👈. ————————————— Overall Message To The Players: I have to say, in my opinion, it’s been such an amazing season. With all that’s happened, looking destined for Relegation last year, in a turbulent position. 15 points from safety. It’s been such an unbelievable turnaround from each and every last one of you. Now, heading into the 8 Cup Finals. I just want you to know that all you can do now is make us proud by finishing the season strongly even if that means Play-Offs. We have a strong mentality in the squad! We can do this!!💛💙. #SMFC
Nambah pengalaman lagi😇. #SMFC
‪Full Time and the one that got away with multiple missed chances in dying minutes. #SMFC #NPLVIC
🙌 A first home goal in over a year for @liam.daly.161 ! #MondayMotivation 💛💙 #SMFC
GAME DAY! A huge three points on offer tonight as we travel to The Grange Reserve for our Round 5 clash with @kingstoncity_fc A win could see us jump back into the top six, so we urge all South fans to support the boys. #SMFC #NPLVIC
🕒 Or 😔? | It’s now or never you feel for Our Ladies Team. These are the remaining fixtures left to play for Solihull Moors Ladies as they go in persue of staying in The Division! It’s been a tough old season on The Ladies, but one big push will do the trick now! You’ve got this, Cmon You Moors Ladies!💛💙 #SMFC
🔥| Solihull Moors’ Adi Yussuf came off the bench yesterday afternoon to seal the winner and make his tally for the season (19) for the club in all competitions!💛💙 #SMFC #Prolific
👀| We do love leaving it late to snatch a win! It happened again yesterday at The ATG Stadium as we beat bottom of the league and resilient Braintree Town!💛💙 #SMFC
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