Anybody seen my horse? No snow in Prague so far. Back in social maybe. Iceland, 2014. #leica #kodakfilm
Today on C41 Magazine: ‘Donuts’ ✉ a submission by Deniz Gürdoğan @denizgurd #c41magazine submit here → – ≪“Donuts” is a zine(dummy) that was made in a workshop conducted by Richard Reisen and Istanbul Photobook Festival. It consists of photographs I’ve took in New York(mostly Harlem) as well as various parts of the New England region. I took the pictures prioritising their color aspect while looking for composition as isolated as possible.≫
Geneva, Switzerland 2019 . . . Developed and scanned by @ghisafilmlab
Rainbows and my shining prince Genji ✨🌈🐕
Duality..... everything have to be half and a half. In each half there is different expression, ideas, Taste, and choices. #duality #portrait #art #photography #portraitphotography #blackandwhite #textures #c41magazine #c.41 #expression #coat #winteriscoming #womanportraitphotography
Golden crust at golden hour
A gate in a roundabout.
Surprise picnic 🥂😍 @jammdrop
10/19 так гуляли по п.с. на занятии по композиции и фотографическому видению снять хорошо можно кого угодно где угодно - дайте мне любой район и любого человека, делала сотни раз рассказывала и показывала, куда смотреть и зачем
(a.) “i o u” —
101119 All children, except one, grow up.
Pink palm trees