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Hi sorry for neglecting this account
📸Cody via his Instagram with the caption: MARG⚡️ELA // @thegqstyle // 📸: @cedric_buchet // Styling: @luke_jefferson_day // Grooming: @jamie_grooming // @narrativepr
Cody via his Instagram with the caption: Hey, I’m more of a 🍕guy, but why limit yourself 🥤// For @thegqstyle // 📸: @cedric_buchet // Styling: @luke_jefferson_day // Grooming: @jamie_grooming // @narrativepr
The interview said this was a bad experience but just the thought of this is MAKING ME WHEEEEZE IM sure he had a good reason we all wanna throw a chair at our principals head some times 😈🤟
Cody liked via (@voxliberum ) Instagram with the caption: Unfinished. 💜
King of: 𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓎𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑔 🤩 @randomlynew - — — [ #sanctuscult ] — 🎵Pia Mia- do it again (edited)🎵 Sorry this is so simple and kinda trash -.- DT- tags 💕(couldn’t tag everyone) [all photos via his IG]
KB: Ohh what was your response? CF: So I said, Ryan that's my avocado. Who do you think you're messing with? KB: Mmhmm just gotta remind him of his place in the avocado hierarchy. CF: 😤👿*nodding* CF: das right. I'm the fucking Antichrist. He should've just sat there and ate his buddah. #walkoffame #hollywoodwalkoffame #CodyFern #michaellangdon #ahsfx #ahs #ahsantichrist #americanhorrorstoryfx #ahsapocalypse #apocalypse #ahsmurderhouse #murderhouse #ahsseason8 #ahsfandom #ahsfx8 #ahsfandoms #Americanhorrorstory #ahs9 #ahsfx9 #americanhorrorstoryapocalypse #codyfernfan #codyfernfans #antichrist
Cody liked via (@desiderium.png ) Instagram with the caption: How delightful it was to get to know Cody a bit more through the interviews!!!!! 🌻🌸 The camera just doesn't do justice to the drawings. Oh well, neither do the drawings to the original photos 😳
📸Cody via his Instagram with the caption: Guess who’s got them HQ pics, hunty. // @thegqstyle // 📸: @cedric_buchet // Styling: @luke_jefferson_day // Grooming: @jamie_grooming // @narrativepr
WOW what a mf man
𝕙𝕖 𝕞𝕒𝕪 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕊ℕ𝔸ℙℙ𝔼𝔻 🤤 • Y’all weren’t ready,,,,,Collab with JAY UWU her part stepped on mine and called it pathetic but that’s ok😍🤟 • 🎵Doja Cat- Candy (edited)🎵 cody rlly out here
I'm late af but these but these are like AMAZING 😍😍
📸#NEW |Cody via his Instagram with the caption: G⚡️VENCHY! For @thegqstyle // 📸: @cedric_buchet // Styling: @luke_jefferson_day // Grooming: @jamie_grooming // @narrativepr @givenchyofficial
📸 |Cody's interview for GQ Style magazine!
📸 |Cody for GQ Style magazine! Photographed by Cedric Buchet.
📸 |Cody for GQ Style magazine! Photographed by Cedric Buchet.
Instagram is working 😎🤗
🎥#NEW | Cody via (@kooldelka ) Insta Story
📸#NEW | Cody via (@kooldelka )
📸#NEW |Cody via (@addymcbaddie ) Twitter with the caption: guys i literally saw Cody Fern on my way to class and he said he liked my hair omgggggg
Cody liked via (@nazarova.art ) Instagram with the caption: Тот момент, когда нет времени рисовать, но купил новый скетчбук, а ещё и новая обложка GQ. Я не удержалась и набросала скетчик за 30 минут. #codyfern #codyfernart #gqmagazine #gq #sketch #sketchbook #ahs #ahs8 #michaellangdon #fastsketch #americancrimestory #americanhorrorstory
I love him too much 💗💗
Y’all baNaL
🎥Cody via (@kimberly_meng_photography ) Twitter with the caption: The Cody Fern bag gets signed. 😊
📸Cody via (@jennycooneyinc ) Instagram with the caption: Thanks @sxsw for such an incredible time hanging with my favorite Aussie friends old and new! Austin, Texas is awesome and I heard so much great music too! Thanks @gdayusa @daniellemacdonald @codyfern @benjohnston @mehgmeg @chelseyusa @ausconsulatela @screen_qld #AustraliaHouse #swipeleft
🎥Cody via (@kimberly_meng_photography ) Instagram with the caption: 8 hours later and we are finally home! Here’s a clip from our seats of the infamous Cody bag that’s already making the rounds. 😂 And now it’s autographed! #codyfern #sxsw
🎥Cody via (@kimberly_meng_photography ) Instagram with the caption: One more video share! Cody taking a photo of Layla’s shirt to share with @praisethelourd And it’s ok Cody, you can admit that it’s weird seeing your face plastered all over my child, we won’t be offended but we’ll also accept “great.” 😂😂 #codyfern
📸Cody via (@randomlynew ) Insta Story
🎥#NEW |Cody via (@dundasmedia ) Instagram with the caption: @codyfern at @gdayusa #AustraliaHouse @SXSW today. #DundasMedia is on the ground at #SXSW capturing content for @gdayusa and delivering the edit within 4hrs of the shoot. #motivation #motivationalquotes #actorslife #americancrimestory #americanhorrorstory
This whole part just gets to me. Everything he says about school and wanting to be famous or successful is so true. And the part where he talks about his family and what happened with all that stuff makes me so sad. And yet people are still out here doing it and being problematic 😔🤟 we going sad and soft hours — on a positive note, I’m so thankful for Cody, this whole interview was so emotional, funny and inspiring I loved it! He’s truly a gem💕 he’s made it so far in such a short amount of time because he’s worked so hard🌹 we love u uwu ALSO I CHANGE MY MIND ABOUT THE ENDING OF AHS 8 NOW CODY BROUGHT A WHOLE NEW ASS PERSPECTIVE TO IT DAMN- (Link in bio for the stream) - What’re your thoughts on the live today?
Everyone posting SXSW. Meanwhile here's me. lol Source: @/galesunshine on Tumblr who cleans up pics. (She's only on Tumblr so the other user here with the same name is just a coincidence) #CodyFern #thelasttimeisawrichard #michaellangdon #ahsfx #ahs #ahsantichrist #americanhorrorstoryfx #ahsapocalypse #apocalypse #ahsmurderhouse #murderhouse #ahsseason8 #ahsfandom #ahsfx8 #ahsfandoms #Americanhorrorstory #ahs9 #ahsfx9 #americanhorrorstoryapocalypse #codyfernfan #codyfernfans #antichrist
📸#NEW |Cody via (@gore_zaddy ) with the caption: @codyfern can take food from my bars any got dang time #ahs #codyfern #sxsw #workplsdontfireme
#NEW | Photos of Cody today at SXSW!
📸#NEW |Cody via (@kimberly_meng_photography ) Instagram with the caption: We had to take a little last minute road trip when we learned that my daughter’s #1 was going to be at #SXSW today. We couldn’t afford badges and she wasn’t technically old enough to attend this event, but by some amazing luck and kindness of the people at the venue she got in and was front and center for the whole thing. It’s a day she will NEVER forget, thank you so much @codyfern ❤️#codyfern #sxsw
📸#NEW |Cody via (@caleighfults ) Instagram with the caption: Sometimes things go to plan and if you’re lucky, even better than you expected. Thank you Cody for your words and laughs. You deserve everything you have and more and I’m so proud of you and who you are. Thank you for today❤️
Stories #6 (Michael) -Together again- It's been two days since Michael gave us the order to get out of the outpost, it's terrible out here. I did not go out for 18 months and I preferred it, my house is not there anymore, not even the park in Rover Street. We are living on provisions stolen from that kind of kitchen. I can only think of Michael. We are heading towards a couple also had their suits, Gallant says: hey can you tell us if you saw a guy blond hair like silk about 1.90 meters high? The guy turns around and says, are you looking for me? Me: I burst into tears and run to him. Michael: You know I do not love hugs but this is nice enough, hey do not cry it was only 2 days I told you I'd find you again. Where have you been? Gallant did you take care of them, her? Gallant: I did everything you asked me. I ask Michael: who is the woman? Michael: poor thing ... Me: I understand. I feel confused and stand still for 5 minutes. Michael screams: follow me I bring you to the sanctuary. Me: the sanctuary? Are we headed there? Michael: yes. They spend hours and hours finally arrive near a statue similar to the entrance of the outpost, we enter, after a shower and a sterilization, finally we are free. Michael gives us directions: each of you will have a double room, choose your partner, I was left alone with Gallant, but Michael could not allow this as he says: ok Gallant takes my single room and I stay with Grace. I blush and Michael says: what is it? You never slept with me. Me: no, at least I remember. In my mind I was thinking: only in my dreams. Michael whispers: even in mine. Maybe I must have said it aloud, ops (I hope you like it) 💖✌️ ° #codyfern #codyfernloves #codyfernfans #codyfernahs #codyfernfanpage #codyfern #darrencriss #codyferncult #codyfernloves #ahsapocalypse #americanhorrorstory #acs2 #acsversace #codyfernahs #michaellangdon
📸#NEW |Cody via (@brandiandres ) Instagram the caption: Cody Fern's talk at Australia House @sxsw was emotionally moving, brave, original & real. Moved by his story, his drive and his ability to recognize his truth and make the necessary changes in his life to be more authentic. ❤️ #codyfern #sxsw2019 #australiasxsw #gdayusa
📸#NEW |Cody via (@rustillaloosr ) Instagram with the caption: just met one of the most incredible, genuine human beings currently living. thank you for the kind words cody. #codyfern
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