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Oh hell no! How fucking disrespectful do people have to be, especially in a time when someone needs the most love. Keep you beautiful head up Jackie 💘
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Søker mann som ser på meg på samme måte som jeg ser på denne kebabpizzaen🙄 ____________________________________ 🏔 Location: Fellini Pizza, Bodø 📷 Photographer: Oline ____________________________________ #likeforlikes #likeforfollow #like4likes #likeforlikeback #like4follow #likesforlike #followforfollowback #follow4followback #follow4like #comment4likes #followtofollow
THIS IS IT! Tomorrow is the LAST day to get your tickets for my upcoming art show at the House of Blues in downtown Dallas! 🎨🖼🐼 ANY donations will be VERY helpful. For those who buy a ticket, (or 20), will get a FREE art print of mine and TWO keychains of mine, too! Just visit RAWARTISTS.ORG/MIRPANDAWORKS ❤️🐼🖤 Help an artist chick like me to get her stuff shown out to the world, peeps!
NEW drawing piece, “XX,” of Frank Iero during the Revenge era! ♥️🐼✍🏼 There is a time-lapse video on my YouTube channel of this awesome piece @ MIRPANDAWORKS ❌❌ CHECK IT OUT! 🐼
BRAND NEW piece, “GO!” Oil paint done thickly in a similar style to Cubism. I had so much fun making this piece with just palette knives (with the exception to the background, which I did with brushes to make it so smooth in contrast to the bananas). 💛🍌💜 ENJOY! This pierce will be at both of my shows, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW: rawartists.org/mirpandaworks and/or conceptionarts.com/artist/8sy5hFQ 💛🐼🍌
Ticket deadlines for my art shows are ENDING NEXT WEEK! For family and friends that can’t make it to the shows, you can still buy tickets to show support as a DONATION to help support me and my art career journey! I will send you the FREE art print and TWO keychains in the mail for supporting me from wherever you are! ❤️🐼🖤 So please, BUY YOUR TICKETS @ RAWARTISTS.ORG/MIRPANDAWORKS and/or CONCEPTIONARTS.COM/ARTIST/8sy5hFQ ❤️🎨🐼 TIMES IS RUNNING OUT, and this Panda needs some love and support!
“PINK SKIES!” 🌅🏞🌄🌠 Products now available on REDBUBBLE.COM! 💙💗💚 I love this piece so much! It was such a simple oil painting to make, and I made it onsite while looking at the sky during a very unique sunset. 🎨 Now the piece can be purchased at Redbubble.com on so many awesome products! Y’all will be very happy with the quality and the color of the piece on these endless supply of product choices! CHECK IT OUT! 💙🐼🏞💚 Redbubble.com/people/mirpandaworks
DALLAS ART LOVERS, I want to offer y’all a special giveaway for those who reserve a spot for my upcoming art shows at both the RAW Artist show, “Reflect,” and the Conception Art Show, in downtown Dallas! By buying a ticket to either or BOTH of my art shows, you will receive your own choice of an art print of mine AND 2 watercolor keychains at my booths at the shows! 🐼 DON’T MISS THIS FUN ART DEAL! 🎨 GO TO: 🖤 RAWARTISTS.ORG/MIRPANDAWORKS AND/OR ❤️CONCEPTIONARTS.COM/ARTIST/8sy5hFQ
Ever since I was a little tiny tot, I have always been creating 🎨🌈🐼.....and then changing my mind completely by covering up my entire work like I am doing in the second picture! 😆😅 My poor sister looks like she can never get a turn at it in both of these pics because I am hogging it up completely! Sorry, sis! You look really adorable, though! (Just like Stellz). ❤️ So now whenever job interviews, or anyone else asks me how long I have been pursuing art and creating-I will refer them to these pictures! 🖼🐼🎨❤️👩🏻‍🎨 I’ve always been at it! #mirpandaworks
My piece, “Valued Pear,” on more awesome and quality products! ONLY @ REDBUBBLE.COM/PEOPLE/MIRPANDAWORKS 🐼🖤🍐🎨 Check it out and all of my other artworks on my portfolio page! 🖤 #mirpandaworks
My piece, “It’s An Avocado...Thanks!” NOW AVAILABLE on Redbubble.com/people/MIRPANDAWORKS 🥑💗💚 Pick out your fav products with this awesome design from my online shop, and get 25% off when you request me in my messages on Insta/Facebook! 🥑💗🐼🛍🛒🖼🌈💥💚 (Y’all need anymore emojis? I’m always here. 😇)
“Hail, hail! ‘Cause the king has COME!” This was a very hard one to do and I have never had so much trouble drawing ANYONE until this particular person. My boyfriend thinks I might be a little too smitten to the point where this person affects my damn art. Rude. ❤️✍🏼💔 I had attempted a totally different drawing of him the first try and completely scrapped it in frustration and defeat. But I found this picture-and discovered Party Poison is my safest bet at drawing Gerard! 🔥💥☄️ It is by far my favorite look he has ever had for a LOT of reasons, mostly the vibrant colors and the totally obvious attitude he had (but it’s not particularly my fav era because I will always be a Revenge, and Bullets era bitch!) I’m happy it’s done and I’m very happy how it turned out! The time-lapse video is on my YouTube channel @ MIRPANDA WORKS Check it out! ✍🏼❤️🐼
To my family and friends and anyone and everyone else near the Dallas area, it is time to reserve your spot for my upcoming art showing at the RAW Artist show, “Reflect!” Myself and many more amazing artists will be featured with all sorts of art forms and entertainment at the House Of Blues! Please buy your tickets soon so y’all don’t miss out on the crazy fun festivities! 🐼🖤🎨 RAWARTISTS.ORG/MIRPANDAWORKS
IT IS FINALLY HERE! My official Etsy.com shop is open for business! 🎉🎊🥂🎨🐼 I have been working so hard to perfect this shop for a while now and I am so happy to share that it is open and ready to interact and sell with those who love my work so much enough to want to take it home for their very own! ❤️🐼🖤 I know I have been posting a lot about my work on all of my social medias and everyone has been showing so much amazing support! And now anyone and everyone can buy the pieces they see and love the most! So please go and FAVORITE my shop, and items, and BUY TO OWN! 💗🐼❤️🎨🖼🛍🛒🎁 Etsy.com/shop/MirandaPandaWorks ! Link in Bio for Insta and Twitter!
My avocado piece process pics! 🥑💖💗💚🎨 It was such a fun piece to make and actually very relaxing and easy to create! 🐼
I recently got the chance to meet @tanamongeau at her tour in Dallas! She loved the drawing and singed it, as well! I couldn’t really hear her over the blaring music. When both her and Trevor said something to me I just nodded my head because I couldn’t hear them at all and said, “Y’all are beautiful!,” and, “Have a good night!” But it was still pretty cool to meet them all and have my art to show Tana. ✍🏼🖤🐼 If y’all want a chance to see this piece in person or even get a chance to BUY it for your own-GET TICKETS to my art show in March at rawartists.org/mirpandaworks ! #mirpandaworks
LAST post on process pics from my past series! These last two are of me and how my style was inspired by Lady Gaga! ❤️🐼🖤 This was a super fun project to make and I hope to make more in the future to continue the series! ✍🏼💎💗 #mirpandaworks
Another process pics posts on my piece, “Lady In Fabrics.” (I swear I’m almost done with these y’all!) ✍🏼❤️🐼 Michael, my boo, says this is his favorite piece from my Lady Gaga series! 🖤
Process pics of my piece, “Lady and Lace!” ❤️🐼✍🏼 One of my favorite pieces from the series!
Another one! Here are some of my awesome Redbubble.com stickers I have covered all over my artist binder! They are super fun and come in all different sizes! These are the smallest and multiple fit on a binder. The biggest size takes up an entire freezer door on a fridge!! A bunch of these unique stickers will be for sale at my art show in March. Get your tickets for the show at rawartists.org/mirpandaworks 🐼❤️ They are also currently up for grabs at my link Redbubble.com/people/mirpandaworks CLICK-CLICK-BUY! 💗💎🎨🐼
Wanted to share some more of my Redbubble.com product designs that I own! I have four large pillows that I just love sitting, cuddling, and decorating with! They can come without the filling or WITH the filling! Just go to Redbubble.com/people/mirpandaworks and you can order your very own to have and chill with in your home! They are super comfy and high quality with my artwork designs on them! 💙🧡💛❤️🐼 #mirpandaworks
My BRAND NEW piece, “It’s an avocado!..thanks!...,” 🥑 Done in oil on canvas and in my living room as I watched Master Chef. 🍳🥘🍜🍲🍽🗣👩🏻‍🍳 I would find myself frantically painting when Gordon Ramsey would be yelling at someone to make the gourmet guacamole faster in time for the pressure test dish! So I’m happy to say I finished this piece in time for my next class with my good friend Sandy. 🎨💚💗🐼 I am the Master Avocado....🥑 #mirpandaworks
My pen and ink series from a while back! Each one of these pieces means so much to me in many different ways. Each has it’s own story! These 7 pieces will be featured at my showing at the House of Blues RAW Artists show, “REFLECT,” in Dallas! March 19th @7 PM. Go to rawartists.org/mirpandaworks to BUY TICKETS! ✍🏼🖤🐼
BIG NEWS! I will be a featured artist at the RAW Artist Dallas show at the House of Blues! PLEASE to all of my family and friends nearby the Dallas area, can y’all buy a ticket through my profile at rawartists.org/mirpandaworks to come and show support! It is super easy to do and I would LOVE to see y’all there! ❤️🐼🖤 This is such a huge honor and accomplishment for me as an artist and as a person to be in this show. I have been trying so hard to get into a show so I can showcase my work again because I LOVE meeting people and showing them my love for art in person. Also, I remember seeing my first ever My Chemical Romance show in this SAME EXACT place! That band means the world to me and they influenced me as a person and an artist so much and I just can’t believe how full circle this has come! Please show support to not only me but all local artists in the Dallas area by buying a ticket to come! It would mean so much! Thanks y’all! ❤️🐼🖤✍🏼 Can’t wait to show off my stuff at the show! 👏🏽💎💖
Process pics of my piece, “Lady in Shells,” step by step! ✍🏼💚💙💜🐼
My piece, “Lady In Flesh,” process pics! I’m just on a roll of past projects and their processes. I find it helps me stay inspired from where I started to where I am now as an artist. ❤️🐼✍🏼
More step by step process pics! These pics are of my piece, “Lady In Lace,” from the Lady and I series I did on Lady Gaga and her fashion and style influence on me. ✍🏼🖤🐼
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