Tras acabar de leer este libro no sabría definir exactamente de que trata. Simplemente a veces necesitamos sumergirnos en una historia y dejarnos llevar por esta, al menos eso fue lo que decidí hacer yo leyendo este libro. A decir verdad no he encontrado una respuesta tras esta lectura, lo que si he encontrado es la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre la vida al igual que todos los múltiples temas que se tratan en este libro. Creo que cada libro tiene su momento y este fue mi momento de leerlo, por ello os invitó que conozcais la historia de estas hermanas. #bookstagram #books #lasvirgenessuicidas #jeffreyeuginides #vida #life #readings
"(...) Um dia, tendo esquecido seu livro de matemática, Lux partilhara o de Tom Faheem. Na margem, tinha escrito: 'Quero sair daqui'. Até onde ia esse desejo? Olhando para trás, concluímos que as garotas tinham tentado falar conosco o tempo todo, pedir ajuda, mas estávamos apaixonados demais para ouvi-las" . . . #diadesol #inverno #hiver #plage #praia #floripa #brasil #jeffreyeuginides #asvirgenssuicidas #bookstagram #livre #livro #libro #suicidio #setembroamarelo
Mi hermana @pazdemanuel me capta furtiva y amorosamente con postura antinfluencer mientras yo hago una de las cosas que más me gusta en verano. . . . #antinfluencer #lecturasVeraniegas #JeffreyEuginides #middlesex #posarnoesmifuerte #espatarrá #
Und jetzt das; endlich, schon so lang gewollt. Noch keine 100 Seiten drin und dennoch der Überzeugung: Könnte großartig werden (falls mein Wankelmut mal ausbleiben sollte 👀) #middlesex #jeffreyeuginides #bookworm #bookish #bookblogger #igreads #reading #lesen #bookaddict #bookphotographie #believeinyourshelf #alwaysreading #amreading #allthebooks #herrbuch
#QOTD: Is there a book that you keep rereading just for the beauty of the writing? . . While I like the story of #thevirginsuicides, I absolutely love the lyrical writing of #jeffreyeuginides . The book is less plot oriented but still the pace never changes, and that is definitely where the author shines . I rarely reread books and I gladly gave this book an exception . . Now it is your turn, which book do you reread just for the writing? Share a #quote if you can! . . #bookstagrammer #bookishlove #unitedbookstagram #bookgram #booknerd #bookaddict #bookcommunity #bookworm #booklover #bookish #bookreview #bookreviewblog #bookreviewers #elgeewrites
And now we lay the Lisbon girls to rest. It's been a somber month, but we've enjoyed it and we hope you've enjoyed it. Tune in to Part Two of our Virgin Suicides discussion (link in bio!!) or wait until tomorrow when we unveil our December book of the month! 🌷
A little (fashionably) late, but Part Two is OUT NOW on Spotify! Link in our bio to tune in ✨
Part One of our Virgin Suicides discussion is OUT NOW! Who needs Black Friday when you can curl up with your leftovers and tune in to our podcast!!? (or take a pair of headphones with you to the shops) Either way, it's out, we love it, we hope you love it, we love you. Thank you for listening💕🌷 ************************************************ 💜this episode contains graphic discussions about self harm and suicide, please listen with caution 💜 Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Part One of our Virgin Suicides discussion will be out this Friday at midnight! This was a really humbling and emotional one to read and talk about, we hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we did ✨🌷 Reminder, we're on Spotify!!!!! Give us a follow to stay up-to-date with our latest episodes 💕 thx, love you Bitches.
Tell someone you love them today, mean it. Remind them how important they are in this insane universe, to you. Look them in the eyes, listen, give them a hug, do all of the above. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 We'll be announcing the release dates of our Virgin Suicides episodes very soon, stay tuned, we love you.
Jeffrey Eugenides has such a way with painfully beautiful words, this entire book feels like a pastel, dreamlike nightmare set in suburbia at golden hour. **We wanted to let you know this book is incredibly graphic and depicts in detail the suicides of 5 young women (this is not a spoiler), please read and watch along with caution💕
Our November pick of the month: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides ✨ This beautifully tragic book will have us in for a heavy heart this month 🌷WHO'S READY !!?
I hope everyone’s Sunday is off to a good start. Time to relax and get some me time, boys and girls! 😊👍🏻 . ____ I love reading articles on the Internet from high-quality online magazines such as the New Yorker, The Atlantic, and Aeon, etc. I chanced upon this great essay on the Virgin Suicides on The New Yorker and took some notes of it on my Hobonichi using my cheap and reliable Platinum Preppy. This is the first time I used it for a whole spread, and I like how smooth it writes on the paper. So, I might get more colors when I visit next week. By the way, that is my normal handwriting when I write fast. Lines and curves are all over the place, because I am less in control of my hands and just let it write away. 😅😊 . ____ Swipe left for a pic of the stationeries used. The rest of the pics are flowers and foliage in my garden. | Have a great relaxing Sunday, everyone! 🏡🌹🌺🌻🍃🌿🌱 . ____ Yohaku washi tapes from @cuts.paper.finds; Tombow calligraphy penblue black Platinum Preppy, and Zig Clean Color real brush pen from; article by Emma Cline published online in The New Yorker . ____ La Dolce Vita and Pion girl washi tapes from @wishmanila (Avail of high-quality Japanese and Taiwanese washi tapes, rubber stamps, and stickers on her online shop, and use my code DIAWISHMNL for 5% off on orders over US$10/Php 500. For customers outside the Philippines: $5.00 off on orders over $100 and $10.00 off for orders over $150.00). . —- #tombowcalligraphypen #washitapes #unistylefit #historynerd #tropicalgarden #homegarden #ladolcevitawashi #pionwashitape #thevirginsuicides #jeffreyeuginides
Combatteva, combatteva , ma , contro chi ? Qual era dunque il suo nemico in quel duello pugnace ? Ne aveva perso la sagoma all'orizzonte del troppo schizofrenico e folle amore , ed ora alla resa , fiacco per la sconfitta indolore eppure struggente aveva nitido il responso . Non vi erano Galli, nè tenaci Barbari , più intimo e viscerale che mai appariva il nemico , e grondava di lacrime quando finalmente intuì che lui ,se stesso , il suo io, era il verace avversario contro il quale avrebbe dovuto immantinente scagliarsi . Era truce il combattere uscendone indenni e asciutti delle chiazze paunazze e amaranto del sangue di guerra , era come osservare o essere imbelli . Piuttosto che avversare il vacuo, avversava se stesso dalle incrostazioni dei timori e dei rantolii di rammarico ed insicurezza pur con animo assai sensibile alle più pure emozioni , e tronfio finalmente vedeva condensarsi un abbozzo di trionfo in chiaroscuro , a valle del traguardo . Forse quella di John non fu la risoluzione di un assedio umorale iniziato all'alba dei suoi stessi ricordi e delle sue reminiscenze da infante , fu un passo , rivolto or ora verso l'innanzi e non destinato all'oblio, forse desiderava un cenno, o forse vanamente desiderava , eppure i suoi ceppi di legno delle valli dei grifoni gli parvero colubrine , rintocchi fiochi della sua timidezza, irruente pulsioni di sè. #jeffreyeuginides #inception #hanszimmer #night
'Cecilia didn't die; she was a bride in Calcutta' #jeffreyeuginides #virginsuicides #sofiacoppola #movies
"Obviously doctor, you've never been a 13-year-old girl" - Cecilia Lisbon #virginsuicides #jeffreyeuginides #sofiacoppola
Ini bukan cerita tentang banci kaleng. Buku ini tentang seorang manusia #hermaphrodite bukan #transgender ,dengan bumbu #mitologiyunani I was born twice: first as a baby girl on a remarkably smogless Detroit day in January of 1960; then again, as a teenage boy in an emergency room near Petoskey, Michigan, in August of 1974 #book #bookstagram #read #reading #pulitzerbook #middlesex #jeffreyeuginides #quotes #bookquote
"La settima onda" è stato un libro sofferto che mi ha tenuta ferma su alcuni punti, che ho odiato e amato. Ma adesso, anche se con un po' di ritardo, comincio il mio terzo libro dell'anno (avevo tra i propositi di leggerne almeno 12, n.d.r.). Chi di voi lo ha già letto? Chi di voi, come me, ha visto solo il film? #3out12 #3di12 #bookstagram #book #books #libro #libri #lettura #libros #leverginisuicide #jeffreyeuginides #thevirginsuicides #instabook #bookaholic #bookloverstogether #bookswap #bookphotography #booklover #bookworm #bookgram #booksofinstagram #bookshelf #currentreading #etibook
If you’ve never read anything by him, please read Middlesex, I’ve waited ages for something new (mixed reviews on this one so watch this space!) #jeffreyeuginides #middlesex #freshcomplaint #mixedreviews #reading #readmore #bookstack
Eins der Bücher, die mich seit der Jugend begleiten. Ich liebe Eugenides poetischen, sanften Schreibstil, der dieses Thema fast schon wunderschön umschreibt. Das Buch ist wie flirrende Sommerluft und Tage am Baggersee, obwohl es gleichzeitig so tragisch ist. Große Liebe #ilovereading #jeffreyeuginides #thevirginsuicides #oneofmyfavs
Excellent reading! Thanks #92ndstreety #jeffreyeuginides
In the 'autograph line,' giddy! #jeffreyeuginides #keepreading
Did he? Wait. But... #jeffreyeuginides #themarriageplot rereading certain things.
Gorgeous editions by @picadorbooks ❤️ I miss Housekeeping which I intend of getting as soon as possible. They're so tiny and cute that make me want to read them right now! Have you guys read these? What do you think about them?
Hoy, al comenzar a releer #Middlesex del portentoso #JeffreyEuginides me encontré con uno de los tantos dibujos que me hacía la pirri (@kmidash_05) y que usaba como separadores de hojas de mis libros. Todavia los guardo y conservo cada uno de ellos. Son los mejores marcadores de libros que tengo. #literaturanorteamericana #literatura #literature #anagrama #libros
still hanging on 'the virgin suicides' but i have to admit i prefer the movie though which is rare for me to say because mostly i like the book more than the movie ✨ and i always am much more affected by suicides in books than i expected to be // i might finish this one but other books i actually stopped reading because of its tragic // still its an enjoyable read because of its unique language • #thevirginsuicides#jeffreyeuginides#luxlisbon • i loved the whole playing each other records through the telephone thing • its romantic in some way •
I live my own life and nurse my own wounds. It's not the best way to live. But it's way i am... Jeffrey Euginides - Middlesex #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookworm #book #reading #read #pulitzerbook #jeffreyeuginides #middlesex #bacabuku #buku #sukabaca #ayomembaca
Bought this cool bookmark from this young and talented @anindyaghn_ Me like it 😍 Finished reading #thelovelybones by #alicesebold , start reading the third book of this year #middlesex by #jeffreyeuginides #bookmark #book #bookstagram #bibliophile #reading #read #buku #bacabuku #sukabaca #marimembaca #novel
My last read of 2016. I've been wanting to read this for a long time but couldn't seem to find a copy anywhere. Finally found a secondhand one through the book forums. This is one of the strangest books I've read and I'm still figuring out how I feel about it. Sometimes the prose reads like poetry; other times like a criminal investigation. The story is creepy, haunting and tragic but most of all frustrating because at the end of the day, no one knows why the five teenage sisters decide to kill themselves. And maybe that's what bothers me the most. Worth a read for the experience. #sues2016readingchallenge #jeffreyeuginides #thevirginsuicides #goodreads #bookish #bookstagram #igreads #bibliophile #suereads
Iconic album covers transformed into classic pocket book covers. Jeffrey Eugenides meets The Runaways for "The Virgin Suicides" @the_runaways_days @joanjett @virgin_suicides @virginsuicidesgallery @sofiacoppoladaily #vinyljunkie #bookdesign #jeffreyeuginides #joanjett #sofiacoppola #virginsuicides
Whoa! Have I actually managed to post two days in a row for #bookishjuly16 ?! 😱 Welcome to my nook... my reading nook that is. I should probably use my chair to read in for my posture's sake, but there's something that feels so luxurious about reclining on a bed.
Here are a few of our favorite covers for #bookishmarch day 12. Carthage, Dracula, The Princess Bride, The Phantom of the Opera, The Diviners, Mistress of the Art of Death, Middlesex, and The Penelopiad.
Y fue en este periodo cuando Madeleine entendió cabalmente que el discurso del amante era de una soledad extrema. La soledad era extrema porque no era física. Era extrema porque la sentías mientras estabas en compañía de la persona que amabas. Era extrema porque estaba en tu cabeza, el mas solitario de los lugares. #latramanupcial #jeffreyeugenides #myobsessions
MIDDLESEX by Jeffrey Euginides is one of the or the most incredible literary journies I have ever taken. A Journey through Cal nee Carliope Stephanides an intersex person entertwined with the journey of his family and countries. From conflict between Greeks and Turks in a piece of Asia Minor, to travel of a brother and sister, then man and wife when their geet rich American soil. #jeffreyeuginides amazing #bookporn Perhaps the number one read of 2016 so far. Thank you #streetbookstore
At last. This one was looking at me from the shelves of the library for a very long time. Don't know exactly why I've waited to read it but somehow I've always felt it wasn't the right moment. Well, wow. This book suits me like a good dress the first time you put it on. It has spoken to me from the first page, talking about life, death, desperation, vitality and the brutal awareness of our solitude and strangeness. And how graciously and powerfully Eugenides writes about sexuality! Great book. A wonder. 📖📖📖📖📖📖 Finalmente. Questo libro mi guardava dalle mensole della libreria da tanto tempo. Non so esattamente perché ho aspettato tanto a leggerlo ma non mi sembrava mai il momento giusto. Beh, wow. Questo libro mi è sembrato subito mio, come quando indossi un buon vestito per la prima volta. Mi ha parlato dalla prima pagina, di vita, morte, disperazione, rinascita e della brutale consapevolezza della nostra solitudine e stranezza. E in che modo sublime e potente Eugenides scrive della sessualità!! #book #bookworm #bookstagram #booksnews #bibliophile #continuiamoaleggere #scratchbook #ilfeuilleton #reading #bookriot #goodreads #bookish #jeffreyeuginides #middlesex #mondadori
#bookloves_reads review of #TheMarriagePlot by #JeffreyEuginides: 3.5🌟/5 . . It's not a book for EVERYONE i must say. It centers around a love triangle of 3 brilliantly smart students, Madeleine, Mitchell and Leonard. . Plot: If you're looking for fast paced and suspense plots, this is not it. It's very slow moving that I had to scan many paragraphs in order to keep going. But I TRULY enjoyed the book after the first 100 pages, no kidding. . Ending: Not what you expected, but very realistic 👌 . Characters: So you have a manic depressive biologist (so interesting!), a Victorianist feminist, and a theology student who backpacks discovering Christianity. The characters are nothing short of peculiar. Also they are the same age as me, 23, and I found them relevant and non-relevant to my experiences as the same time. . Language: The thing that made me glued to this book was its beautiful language! No doubt Eugenides is such a gifted author that the lack of story plot was entirely compensated for its language and deep messages for the young in love. I loved seeing the characters maturing within that 1 year after college ended, and I'm glad they turned out the way they did 😊
What happens when you leave a water bottle cap loosely screwed and spill water all over your #currentread 😢 #bookishklutz much? 😂 . Have this ever happened to you?
Tagged by @mywickedeyes 1.keem, kimba, kimberlah, Kim comb, kimmy, kimmeh, Kim possible, Kim Kim 2.dark brown 3.#carnabycopperred by #VidalSassoon 4.when I'm nervous I just flip off everything, not targeted at anyone in particular just in the air like you just don't care 5. #Mintgreen 6. The ambience of the #witchesbrew. Once I have my own place, id love to decorate it into a similar feel. 7.#jasonsegel 8. The #chupacabra 9. Right now it's #mandygoestomedschool by the #dresdendolls 10.havent #read in a while but last time it was #virginsuicides by #jeffreyeuginides . That or the #sandman comics by #neilgaiman
It's time to vote my next read! Which one would you want me to review for you next? 😄 . . 🔖 The Marriage Plot by #JeffreyEuginides 🔖 In The Orchard, The Swallows by #PeterHobbs 🔖 Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by #RobinSloan 🔖 Fight Club by #chuckpalahniuk 🔖 Black Swan Green by #DavidMitchell . . Choose your pick and comment below 👇
Spent half a day rummaging the shelves looking for this. Well, I found it under the bed. Seriously, book, what were you doing there??? 😓😓😓 #thevirginsuicides #jeffreyeuginides #currentlyreading #book #books #bookporn #instabook #bookstagram #igreads #bookswithglasses
Middlesex, Php75. Their Eyes Were Watching God, Php20. Steals? More like giveaways! :)
My new mate. Bought in Shakespeare&Co., Paris.
Beautifully written. #Middlesex #JeffreyEuginides
Almost done... @chrishancockjr ... I know ridic...
This book is amazing. I love the characters. Plus, I feel like at my age, this is probably the best time to read something like this. #books #jeffreyeuginides #reading #marriageplot #novels