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Hey little brother very proud for your bid to office in the democract for Charlotte North Carolina as on the state executive committee. I hope the city and see you skills being put to use when your elected. Stay awesome and keep God first through your campaign. And your time in office once your elected . #VoteLocaltobeLocal #ProgressHumanity #ncpol #refreshCLT #charlotte #charlottenc #charlottenc #CharlotteNC #NorthCarolina #CLT #Democract #saintaugustineuniversity
Under a Maher administration, we will not be making strategic plans that extend more than a decade into the future. We will be developing 1, 2 and 5 year plans that serve children, families, and teachers. Join us. Link in bio. #MaherforNC #Maher2020 #NCEd #NCPol #EdNC #publiceducation
We're getting ready... Stay tuned! #NCPOL #ncgop
Visit www.elpueblo.org to learn more about #HB370 and how to contact your state representative. #ICEoutofNC #AbolishICE #ncpol
Did someone say “Date Night?” Ours is every Friday night. Get some insight to our favorite places and share yours with us!! https://thatpoliticalcouple.wixsite.com/thatpoliticalcouple/post/our-place-s • • • • #ThatPoliticalCouple #ncpol #guilfordcounty #ncga #blog #politics #nc #politicalblog #politicalblogger #datenight #greensboronc #eastcoastwings #coffee #elonnc #tacos
Dad and @HHS_Huskies women’s lacrosse fan tonight, full time candidate tomorrow...#nced #ncpol
#FlashbackFriday to last years Midterm Elections! 4 of our #NCFYREngaged team ran for seats for the State House and State Senate! @catherineewhiteford - Raleigh (House) @noratrotmannc - Charlotte (Senate) @battsfornc - Greensboro (House) Kurt Collins - Greensboro (House) We are proud to have leaders like these on our team who put themselves on the frontlines: phone banking, canvassing, door knocking, and working the polls. We are looking forward to utilizing these experiences to expand and mobilize YRs to elect Republicans in 2020 as the new leadership of NCFYR! #ncpol #ncfyr #ncgop @meckgop @meckyrs @nc_gop @guilfordyr @guilfordgop @wakecountygop
We are honored to have the endorsement of House Speaker Pro Tempore Rep. Sarah Stevens , NC for Catherine Whiteford and our team #NCFYREngaged ! Thank you for your support and faith in our team to lead the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans! #ncfyr #ncpol @nc_gop
We are happy to announce our candidate for Vice Chairwoman of the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans, Nora Trotman for NC Senate! #NCFYREngaged #ncpol #ncfyr Nora is a former candidate for State Senate in Charlotte, North Carolina and currently serves on the Mecklenburg Young Republican Executive Board. Nora is also a member of the Mecklenburg Evening Republican Women’s Club and the North Mecklenburg Republican Women. Nora helped found both the College Republicans and Young Republican organizations in Pensacola, FL where she attended college at the University of West Florida. Nora holds two Bachelors degrees in Political Science and Communications. While in college, Nora completed an internship in Washington D.C. as well as an internship with Sen. Marco Rubio. Hailing from the largest city in the state, Nora has formed critical relationships with community leaders, businesspeople, and local political activists through her activism, including volunteering for Congressman Robert Pittenger. Nora’s education, grassroots and firsthand campaign experience make her uniquely qualified to recruit Young Republicans across the state to run for office and to be engaged in their communities as Vice Chair. @nc_gop @meckgop
Congratulations to our #NCFYREngaged team member @dbranton89 our candidate for Secretary of the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans, on becoming 2nd Vice Chair of the @newhanovercountygop ! #YRsRun #ncpol #ncgop #ncfyr @nc_gop
Congratulations to the new board of the Young Republicans of Alamance NC! The #NCFYREngaged team was happy to be there in support and to continue to help this chapter form! #ncpol #ncfyr #ncgop @nc_gop @alamanceyr
Meet Catherine Whiteford our candidate for State Chairwoman of the NC Federation of YRs! #NCFYREngaged #ncpol #ncfyr "For me, the Young Republican organization has been so important because it really has changed my life. As an 18-year old, I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to take my life in, but YRs changed that. The organization showed me camaraderie unlike any I had known before, taught me so much through being politically active, and gave me the clarity I had been looking for. More than anything, YRs gave me a new family. Although a lifelong Republican, the reason I chose to become actively involved originally was because I saw an opportunity to affect positive change. I wanted to be that person that did something instead of saying “wouldn’t it be nice if they did that.” I first became involved with the Texas YR’s and advocated to my house representative on higher education reform. As a direct result, she wrote HB 1232 at that time which involved placing a cap on tuition at the time of entry for 4-year degrees. While still being a Texas YR , I also became involved on the national level by becoming a member of Policy and Resolutions committee for YRNF and paid my own way to meetings across the U.S. for a year. I then decided to make a life change to move to North Carolina and was appointed and then re-elected in 2018 as National Committeewoman for NCFYR. It has truly been a blessing and privilege to represent North Carolina and to serve as Co-Chair of Policy and Resolutions Committee for the past two years for YRNF. Over the years as National Committeewoman, I have made a concerted effort to be accessible to everyone across the state, and to visit the various chapters as often as possible. I want to be someone that people can feel not only comfortable approaching but also confident in to receive my attention and a timely response. I see the Young Republicans becoming the driving force for our state in future elections. Without the younger generation and recruiting more to the conservative cause of liberty and freedom, the Republican Party cannot continue to win elections. I see NCFYR becoming leaders fiscal responsibility & limited government"
The #NCFYREngaged team had a fantastic time with @meckyrs and Gaston County Young Republicans! We look forward to working together with passionate people like these across the state 🍀🐘 #ncpol #ncfyr @meckgop @nc_gop
#NCFYREngaged represented at the Mecklenburg County Republican Party convention! Lots of fun hanging out with the Mecklenburg County Young Republicans! #ncfyr #ncpol #meckyr @nc_gop @meckyrs @meckgop
Had a great time with the Fayetteville/CC Young Republicans at their first social! Our #NCFYRengaged team is excited to see what they achieve this year. Special thanks to Mario Be for his work to start this growing chapter! #ncpol #fccyr @nc_gop
It has been a wonderful day in Craven County! A big thank you to New Bern Live & City Talk with Sabrina Bengel & Lee Bettis for having me on their station this morning to talk about my campaign. I enjoyed meeting wonderful citizens of New Bern today as I traveled to birthplace of Pepsi and the downtown landmark, Mitchell Hardware. #NC03 #NCpol
Was happy to be at the Johnston County Young Republicans officer elections meeting in Benson! This is a great group, and I'm happy to have helped and continue to help them grow! #jocoyr #ncfyr #ncpol - Catherine Whiteford @nc_gop
Honored to receive the endorsement of @matthewridenhour. As a candidate for NC Congressional District 9, and former member of the Mecklenburg County Young Republicans, his full confidence in Catherine Whiteford and our team #NCFYREngaged shows the qualifications necessary to build YR's across the state. #ncpol #ncfyr #meckyr #meckgop @nc_gop @meckgop
We are excited to have the support of Representative Julia Howard for Catherine Whiteford and our team #NCFYREngaged ! #ncfyr #ncpol @nc_gop
Very happy to have the endorsement of @mrbrandonjpierce for Catherine Whiteford and our team #NCFYREngaged ! He has been an extremely active member of @meckyrs and is now running for elected office for Charlotte City Council! His dynamic, enthusiastic, and active role in politics serves as an example to Young Republicans all across North Carolina. We look forward to helping Brandon get elected this year! #ncfyr #ncpol @ncgop @meckgop
We are very happy to have the endorsement of House Deputy Majority Whip Rep. Pat McElraft NC 13 for Catherine Whiteford and our team #NCFYREngaged !#ncpol #ncfyr @nc_gop
Thank you to Young Republican National Federation Chairman @jasonemert for your endorsement of Catherine Whiteford for Chairwoman and our team #NCFYREngaged ! He is extremely supportive of the NC YR's, and we appreciate his faith in our team to lead the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans for the next two years! #ncfyr #ncpol #yrnf @gop @nc_gop @yrnational
The spirit of #InternationalWomensDay is something that #NCFYREngaged lives by each day. We are proud to have three strong women at the top of our slate who all ran for elected office and lead by example for Young Republicans across the state. #ncfyr #ncpol @nc_gop @meckgop @wakecountygop @guilfordgop
We are very humbled to have this endorsement from @ncfcr Chairwoman Kayce Lancaster of Catherine Whiteford for Chairwoman of the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans. #NCFYREngaged #ncfyr #ncfcr #ncpol @nc_gop
Thank you to the @nc_tars for your endorsement of Catherine Whiteford and our team #NCFYREngaged ! #ncfyr #ncpol @nc_gop
We are excited to have the full support of the Chatham County Young Republicans for Catherine Whiteford and our team #NCFYREngaged ! #ncfyr #ncpol @nc_gop @chathamncgop
We are excited to have the endorsement of the @meckyrs Immediate Past Chair Brad Thomas for Catherine Whiteford and our team #NCFYREngaged ! #ncpol #ncfyr @meckgop @nc_gop
Thank you to NC @republican_national_comittee National Committeewoman Dr. Ada Fisher for your endorsement of Catherine Whiteford for Chairwoman and the rest of our team #NCFYREngaged ! #ncpol #ncfyr @nc_gop
Thank you House Majority Whip Representative @jon_hardister for your endorsement of Catherine Whiteford and our team #NCFYREngaged ! #ncpol #ncfyr @nc_gop
Excited to announce my candidacy for Chairwoman of the North Carolina Federation of Young Republicans! My team and I are ready to roll up our sleeves to get the work done from now through 2020, and we would appreciate your support and vote this summer at the NCFYR State Convention! #ncfyrengaged #ncpol #ncfyr #yrnf #LeadRight https://ncfyrengaged.com
13 universities, including #UNCG and #NCAT have failed to meet the standards for student ID’s to be used to vote. Implementation of voter ID has already been pushed out to 2020. Why won’t the legislature move the deadline for universities? #13 universities, including #UNCG and #NCAT have failed to meet the standards for student ID’s to be used to vote. Implementation of voter ID has already been pushed out to 2020. Why won’t the legislature move the deadline for universities? #ncpol #ncga #fairvotes
Thank you NC House Representatives Holly Grange, Debra Conrad, Bobby Hanig, and William Richardson for sponsoring the Whistle-Blower Protection/Municipal LEOs. This will protect Law Enforcement Officers who report improper or unlawful government activity from retaliation. #ncpol
2020 is coming - are you all in for Dan Forest? With your help, we can build the largest grassroots team in North Carolina history. Start today by signing up at www.DanForest.com (link in bio) #RunForestRun #NCPol
For this week’s In Session with Sam I’m coming from the Terrible Creek Water Treatment Plant in Holly Springs. Today I’m talking about the Farm Act and making Election Day a holiday. #ncpol
After attacking North Carolinians and losing our state BILLIONS of dollars, this guy thinks he deserves a promotion? You better think again. He hasn’t represented us well in Raleigh, so he sure as hell won’t represent us well in DC. • • • #ncpol #NC09 #turnncblue #flipnc #NC9 #HB2 #northcarolina #nc #ncpolitics #voteblue
It is with great pleasure that I announce my bid to become a member of the governing body of the NC Democratic Party. During my two year term, as a member of the State Executive Committee, I would like to lead an effort that passes a comprehensive package of amendments to modernize how we do business as a state party. That is why I am asking the delegates of Mecklenburg County, NC to vote me into the SEC at our county convention tomorrow. • • • #RefreshCLT #VoteLocalToBeVocal #ProgressHumanity #ncpol
Always a pleasure to show students around the NC General Assembly, answer questions and let them know how important it is to get involved in community and state government. #thefuture #ncpol #hd31
@nicoleforraleigh ‘s Campaign Kickoff fundraiser was such an incredible event! I love being a part of @afaraleigh and helping events like these be accessible to young families through providing “kid zones”! • So many inspiring people in the same room, and all to support a wonderful person and candidate! Thanks @friendsforbatch and @juliefornc for sharing your wisdom with me and for @asaflemingre for your listening ear and encouragement! And thank you all for your sacrifice and leadership! You help me feel like being hopeful for the future of NC is not in vain! . . . . #afaraleigh #progressivefamilyvalues #campaign #ncpol #raleigh #thefutureisfemale #blackexcellence #womenrun #blackwomenrun #womenshistorymonth
March 21, 2019: What's up with redistricting? Read more at link in profile. #ncga #ncpol #fairmapsnow
👵🏽 #ThrowbackThursday Trivia This morning the news reported an explosion underground in downtown Raleigh that caused some power outages (McDowell/Davie) that a potential cause by old underground cables. Duke Energy manages the city’s street lights, etc. 🧐 ________________________ ❓How old are Raleigh’s underground cables? What’s the environmental impact of old infrastructure in Raleigh? ❓ . . 🎉Winner gets an invitation to be one of the first people to know what I’m running for🤫. 🎉
Had a great meeting about expanding collective bargaining rights in NC and @NCStateAFLCIO issues with Sen. Wiley Nickel @wileynickel wileynickel @marybemcmillan and @AFLCIO today at the #NCGA . More exciting news about this meeting soon. #ncpol
Happy 1st day of Spring! 🌸 Democrats in Gaston County are planting the seeds of democracy... https://mailchi.mp/dd7e26834a9a/happy-spring-democrats?e=c37af63d9e #ncpol #ncdemocrats #gastondemocrats
Happy to be a co-sponsor on #HB393 , which will protect children from abuse and modernize our sexual assault laws. I attended the press conference in support of the bill today along with community members and advocates. Thanks to @chaz_beasley for leading this effort. #ncpol
Check out @replisastonebarnes for big news for rural NC #ncpol #ncga
BIG NEWS for Rural NC: “Broadband access directly impacts our students’ education, the livelihoods of business owners, and our economy,” said Barnes. “With this bill, I am doubling-down on my commitment to enable job growth and economic prosperity, particularly in our rural communities." #ncpol #ncga #ruralnc #broadbandaccess Learn More: https://www.ncleg.gov/BillLookUp/2019/h398
@countryabigail @tarhelwig about her 17th convention but this year a #delegate and #qanon / @waketars #future #republicans #ncpol #newby2020 #maga #daddyanddaughtertime they love to make faces when I try to take a serious pic
Today, Rep. Cynthia Ball and I sponsored a bill that will give county clerk of courts the discretion to waive guardianship fees when the need arises out of injuries sustained in the line of duty. This process cuts a little red tape out for an injured law enforcement officer family member when there shouldn’t be any hardship. Special thanks to Wake County Clerk of Court Blair Williams for recommending the idea #ncga #ncpol
Thank you to everyone that joined us at @nccoastalfed , North Carolina @seagrant_noaa , @noaa , @ncdeq , and NC Division of Marine Fisheries for #OysterSummit2019 and the legislative reception last week in Raleigh! We had a great time @naturalsciences , and we left the event feeling hopeful and inspired. The event brought together a wide variety of stakeholders and covered topics including legislative support for oyster initiatives, protecting wild oyster populations, economic development, the promotion and need for clean water, support for the growing oyster mariculture industry, increasing tourism, and marketing North Carolina as the ‘Napa Valley’ of oysters. Nearly 300 oyster enthusiasts made their way to @transfercofoodhall following the summit to shellebrate. Guests enjoyed oysters from eight different N.C. growers, with each grower’s oyster boasting unique and delicious flavor profiles. For more information on the summit, including presenters, partners, and sponsors, visit our link in bio. To stay updated on the progress being made in the world of NC oysters, follow along with us here, on Twitter, and Facebook. Check out NCOysters.org and subscribe to the On the Halfshell Newsletter for quarterly updates. Photos by Logan Prochaska. Oysters provided by @hold_fast_oyster_co @n.sea.oysterco @oysterscarolina @middle_sound_mariculture #oldbaldyoyster #woccoconoysters #sandbaroysters #coresoundoysters . Partners and sponsors are tagged in pictures as available. • • • #ncoysters #oysters #oyster #halfshell #ncpol #ncga #raleighnc #raleigh #mariculture #onthehalfshell #shellfish #shellfishgrowers #oystergrowers #oysterfarm #coastalnc #northcarolina #thisisnorthcarolina #thisisnc #reception #transferfoodco #localsseafood #food #seafood #oystersanctuary #ncseafood
UNC Board of Governors election. #UNC #NCPOL #NCGA
Today, I joined state leaders at the Capitol to support our farmers. I will always do what is right for North Carolina by standing up for our #1 industry and putting the interests of our famers ahead of the trial lawyers. #GotToBeNC #NCAG #ncpol #IStandWithFarmers #FarmerStrong
An exciting #NCAgDay at the #NCGA as we were present for @senbrentjackson unveiling his #FarmAct which includes @ncsweetpotatoes branding. We are thankful for our #legislators #NCpol who support #farmers and NC’s number 1️⃣ industry ‼️ Thank you @gottobenc @ncfarmbureau for facilitating such a great event! #farmerstrong #AgAwareness
Today is Ag Awareness day! If you have the opportunity, please thank a farmer for making sure that we have food on our tables and clothes on our back. #GotToBeNC #ncpol #ncagday #ncfarmbureau
Big things are happening for our district. Like/follow these pages and sign up for my newsletters to be the first to know #ncpol #ncga
Today, I joined state leaders at the Capitol to support our farmers. I will always do what is right for North Carolina by standing up for our #1 industry and putting the interests of our famers ahead of the trial lawyers. #GotToBeNC #NCAG #ncpol #IStandWithFarmers #FarmerStrong
Today I had the great privilege of visiting @frankielemmonsch ! North Carolina is at its best when everyone of all abilities are included and supported. Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day and we are looking forward to celebrating by wearing our #crazysocks and advocating for people with Down Syndrome. #wdsd #wdsd19 #runforestrun #ncpol
Glad to support survivors by co-sponsoring HB 393 which would modernize and strengthen sexual assault and child protection laws here in North Carolina. Thank you to Rep. @chaz_beasley for your leadership! #ncpol #ncga
Senator Joyce Waddell discusses mental health initiatives with representatives from the NC Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) #NCGA #NCPOL
Senator Joyce Waddell meets with American Heart Association of North Carolina to discuss work being done to increase access to affordable healthcare. #NCGA #NCPOL
Rain or shine, we love our farmers! #ncag #AgAwarenessDay #ncpol #ncga #ThankaFarmer
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