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#Repost @archanaraolabel ・・・ Our SS’19 collection is the journey of a girl discovering herself in a fictional village. Behind the scenes look of how the collection progresses . . . MusicVideo & Photography : @mourya Styling & Set Direction : @indpat Model : @suzannenayana Hair & Make up : @sandysartistry #Lookbook #ArchanaRaoLabel #FashionFilm #StyledByIndrakshi #ThePaintedVillage
#Repost @izarmoura with @get_repost ・・・ 🆘🚨DIVULGANDO PEDIDO DE RESGATE ADOÇÃO OU LAR TEMPORÁRIO 🚨🆘RECIFE PE 📌 Está família , maesinha , paizinho e duas fêmeas filhotes vivem numa situação precária de abandono ! Comem pq levo comida , e qdo não posso levar , viram lixo nas ruas em busca de algo p comer ! A mãe e as filhotes precisam ser castradas logo , pois senão forem já já entram no cio e mais filhotes abandonados 💔 q comida que levo , e do pouco que tenho , e qdo não tenho ração p cachorro não me toca de outra , levo de gato mesmo ! O local e perigoso , eles vão p uma avenida movimentada em busca de comida .. seguem as pessoas .. podem morrer atropelados ... me ajudem por favor 💔 ração castração adoção lar temporário ! Eles precisam de um local seguro e alimentação .. tirei uma foto da água deles .. vira lodo senão troco 😢😢 me ajudem a mudar a situação deles por favor contato Jessica 81 8506-4562 . Me ajudem por favor 👏🏻
🔥👅 - Post by: @its_juliarose ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @: @its_juliarose ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . . . . . . #love #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #happy #cute #tbt #like4like #followme #Picoftheday #follow #me #selfie #art #instadaily #cclopes #girl #men #style #instalike #life #instagram #amazing #repost
#Repost @againsthewaves First stop, BILBAO 🔥 We will be sharing stage with @crrv_official and @retracethelines Who’s coming? Can’t wait to see you all there! Tickets now available at AGAINSTHEWAVES.COM 🎟 —————————— Primera parada, BILBAO 🔥 Estaremos tocando junto a Corrosive y Retrace The Lines. ¿Quién se viene? Esperamos veros por allí! Tickets disponibles en AGAINSTHEWAVES.COM 🎟
#Repost @sam_borboleta with @get_repost ・・・ Heed my words! - GOOD lashes take TIME.⏱ - I don’t care who you are or how much experience you have. A good, quality set of volume lash extensions done correctly takes more than 1 hour for a fill and more than 2 hours for a full set. Of course you need to take into account each client and how many natural lashes they have, but this technique takes more time than not. - Yes, I have already done a post on this subject not too long ago, but I feel like i need to remind everyone, especially for those new to the lash industry. Don’t focus on speed at the very beginning of your lash careers. The speed will come with time and practice. I guarantee it. I have been volume lashing for 5 years now and take anywhere from 1.5 hrs-2 hrs for a volume fill and 3-4 hrs for a full set. - We always want our main focus to be on the quality of service we are providing. If you’re spending more time to do a thorough job and get every single lash than why not charge more? I promise your clients will appreciate it and pay the extra money! - Now go apply this to your daily appointments and give yourself that extra time. . . . . . . #borboletabeauty #lashes #goodlashestaketime #qualityoverquantity #eyelashextensions #volumelashes #lashlove #reminder #lashartist #lashartistry
#Repost @maisonvalentino with @get_repost ・・・ “When the morning comes your love is an abandoned future, astonishing and gazing in its break.” #ValentinoFW19 united a cast of mixed inspirations. Under the light of @robertmontgomeryghost ’s poetic billboard, looks outfitted in sequins, embroideries, and words by @mustafathepoet and @gretabellamacina were presented next to bold, street-inspired graphics made in collaboration with @undercover_lab. With love as its starting point and lyricism as its creative mode, the collection reflects the shared values of a diverse community of ideas. #ValentinoOnLove Video: @fashiontomax Music: Chloe Sévigny for régime des fleurs / prayer to Ste Therese⁣ Johann Sebastian Bach : Cello Suite / Prelude N°1 in C Major / Ave Maria / Air On A G String
#Repost @dlalagoas (@get_repost ) ・・・ Seu cérebro é a máquina mais potente que já existiu em todos os tempos. . E para fazer tanto, ele utiliza apenas 1% de sua capacidade consciente. Imagina então poder expandir essa capacidade! . No DL você terá a oportunidade de adquirir ferramentas que lhe possibilitarão utilizar de forma mais efetiva as capacidades de sua mente para a realização de seus objetivos. . Aproveite esse oportunidade! Venha para o DL 🔢 . #treinamento #desenvolvimento #liderança #mente #eufizDL
#Repost @alc_sanjoaquin (@get_repost ) ・・・ El equipo de aguas y obras públicas estuvo trabajando en los sectores 5 de julio, José Tomás Gallardo B, Campo Alegre II, Palo negro oeste, 4 de diciembre y San Bernardo. #SanJoaquinTeQuiero @nicolasmaduro @dcabellor @lacava10oficial @florescilia @carylbertho
Join us an wish @lindsayell a happy 30th Birthday!! 🎂#Repost ・・・ The first day of a new decade. The first day of spring. I feel so loved. So grateful to be surrounded by so many incredible people. So grateful to be able to live out my dream. So excited about what’s to come. This is 30. 🙏🏼💙
We had a DM from a follower after our last post about diastasis recti. First of all, thanks for the question, we love and encourage all questions from you! Secondly, we found this fantastic post from @pelvicguru1 that explains key things about DR and lists some tips that we agree with 100% so we thought we would give her a shout out and answer your question at the same time. 🗣 If you want to have Danielle check your DR send her an email and make a time to go by the studio, she is happy to make time for you. 👇🏾👇🏻👇🏽 Keep reading to see what Tracy Sher has to say about diastasis recti. #Repost @pelvicguru1 ・・・ I’ve been working with people with Diastasis Recti for 19 years. I’ve seen so many fads, braces, pills, diets, and advice... . Pet peeves for postpartum DR: . 😏 When there are absolutes. “EVERYONE should use a brace or binder.” Or “don’t EVER do a crunch or plank.” Or “surgery is the ONLY fix.” . 😏 When every person gets the same exact instructions and exercises. (understandable for some online home programs). . Tips: . 🙋‍♀️ Diastasis recti is actually a normal part of pregnancy. It happens up to 100% of the time (Mota study). What’s important for us in postpartum - looking to see if there’s an ongoing pressure issue, function issue, or other concerns specific to each client/patient. . 🙋‍♀️ Some people will benefit from short term use of wrap or brace. But are they necessary? Not typically. . 🙋‍♀️ Some people have such a significant Diastasis recti but aren’t able to have surgery - so a strong binder or brace to support the belly helps them tremendously. . 🙋‍♀️ Programs that require the use of a binder/brace are problematic because not all people need that. Can it help in some cases? Yes. Should it be required or expected?No. if someone benefits from that program- awesome. . 🙋‍♀️ I see patterns, but each person is unique in terms of figuring out if it actually IS a DR issue, or loose skin, or a hernia, or increased belly fat, constipation or pressure issue, etc. Or a combo of these things. We focus SO much on “the gap” and there’s often other things to consider. . 🙋‍♀️ Some people don’t even care about a small DR. 😉 We sometimes make a big d
#Repost @directorkarpov with @get_repost ・・・ О проблемах драматургии в современном российском кинематографе. Сцена из фильма «Фокус-группа», монтаж близится к завершению. Актерская группа: @zharych @capdan @dmitrygrinevich @vladimir_nevgodenko #shortmovie #focusgroup #actors #acting #терпениеитруд #добротаипорядочность
Jen reprend du service 🤘🎶 #repost #jenmajura
#Repost @elchamoimitador (@get_repost ) ・・・ Jajajajajaja @sensualspiderman SPIDERMAN CHILENO HABLANDO COMO VENEZOLANO 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅😅🤟 MENCIONA A TUS PANAS 😅😅🤟 #elchamoimitador #losbuenossomosmas #venezuela #teamvirguez #planpais
#Repost @tnba_hou with @get_repost ・・・ 🏀It’s that time basketball fans! Check out our story and vote on if you wish to receive a link to our very own TNBA tournament bracket challenge! Winner will get some free gear! #thisistnba #tnbahouston
#Repost @sainttracys (@get_repost ) ・・・ Pick a side guys, sometimes i am blue Topaz more times i am purple Amethyst. Colours always make you more noticeable....
#Repost @pomogem_kcenii2015 • • • • • • #маминыновости #новостиотмамы #новости_КсюК Здравствуйте наши дорогие. Ночью Ксю спала плохо, чего то тяжело дышала. Как будто воздуха не хватало. Я ночью дала подышать ей через ингалятор и днем уже все нормально. Напугала она меня чуть чуть. Отзанималась она сегодня не плохо, не скажу что хорошо. Не важно она сегодня себя чувствует. Да и у меня сегодня все из рук валится. Все мысли только об одном. Постоянно переживаю и Ксю это чувствует и тоже нервничает. Очень переживаю что мы не можем попасть на реабилитацию так как еще не хватает очень большой суммы. А Ксюши нельзя оставаться долго без реабилитации так как это означает откат назад и еще больше деформируется грудная клетка и тогда ей вообще будет больно и невыносимо дышать. Поэтому я очень прошу Вас, помогите Ксюши развиваться и дышать свободно. Мне как маме больно осознавать что жизнь и будущее моего ребенка зависит от денег, которых у нас к сожалению нет😔. Я очень хочу что бы моя дочь была как все детки🙏🏻. Но есть и хорошая новость Ксю стала произносить звуки "Ай", это уже хорошо. Спасибо всем кто с нами. Дай Бог здоровье Вам и Вашим близким. . 🆘 СРОЧНЫЙ СБОР! ПОМОГИТЕ! 🆘 ❗МАКСИМАЛЬНЫЙ РЕПОСТ❗ ВАЖНА ПОМОЩЬ КАЖДОГО🙏🏻 ➖➖➖ 🚺Каменская Ксюша 24.02.2015 г.р. 🧬Диагноз:резидуально-органическое поражение ЦНС #микроцефалия , Симптоматическая #эпилепсия (медицинская ремиссия).Грубая задержка ПМР. Сопутствующий:Сколиоз грудного отдела позвоночника 2 ст. Сгибательные контрактуры коленных суставов.Воронкообразная деформация грудной клетки. #ЧАЗН . . 🔴Сумма сбора:319 650,00₽ 🆘Остаток:216 303,00₽ 🔴Срок сбора: 20.03.2019г. . ✅на 4 месяца реабилитации в РЦ «РеаСанМед» г.Санкт-Петербург ➖➖➖ 🆘РЕКВИЗИТЫ ДЛЯ ОКАЗАНИЯ ПОМОЩИ КСЮШЕ В ПЕРВОМ КОММЕНТАРИИ К ПОСТУ⤵️ . @pomogem_kcenii2015 #каменскаяксюша #мояксю #вторник #великийпост #пост #нужнапомощь #питер #москва #весна #добряки #сборнареабилитацию #реасанмед #кировскийрайонспб #мерсподписчику #геликподписчику
#Repost @juanitacalamidad1 ・・・ Hoy es miércoles Y PUNTO ! La mejor sesión erasmus te espera como siempre, en juanita Calamidad junto con nuestros amigos de @esnvalladolid. No olvides tu ESN Card 💳 para descuentos especiales. Best music selection by: @villada_felix
“La padronanza del linguaggio assicura il rispetto e la stima, così come la bellezza suscita ammirazione.“ •Jane Austen• 📷 @romeo_ornella_ . . . . . #photography #photographer #photooftheday #janeausten #love #girl #shooting #workshop #photography #beautiful #repost #instagood #ootd #vintage #style #art #bride #wedding
Emotions... 😊✌🏼 • @goldjungegin @ginput_dk @barlifedk#Repost @ginmops with @get_repost ・・・ ADVERTISEMENT REVIEW9️⃣0️⃣(Part2️⃣) GOLDJUNGE GIN🇩🇪 ”Drinking is an emotional thing” - Charles Bukowski • I had so many ideas before shooting this picture. Alfred should wear a golden necklace and sit on the golden circle you see at the couch. Nothing of this happened. Instead, Alfred went to the glass and was quite happy about the scent 😁. • GinTonic🍹 My GT - 5 cl gin (@goldjungegin ) - 15 cl tonic (@originaltonic Berries edition) - Two raspberries as garnish • This is berries all over - from nose to finish. Absolutely no burning juniper and absolutely a summer drink🌞. A little too girlish for my taste but with a warm sun burning and surrounded by family and good friends this will always be a winner💥. • • • Served in a @barlifedk glass • 🔷 @goldjungegin @ginput_dk #gin #gintonic #ginandtonic #ginstagram #germangin #ginogtonic #flying #goldjunge #goldjungegin #raspberries #ginreview #review #mops #mopsliebe #picoftheday #copenhagen #københavn #originaltonic #spirits #booze #alcohol #imbibe #imbibegram #odense #aalborg #pugstagram #drinkup #glassware #pug
#Repost @prdespanama (@get_repost ) ・・・ “En el @PRDesPanama tenemos un equipo de grandes profesionales trabajando, desde hace varios años en un proyecto de país, para garantizar la sostenibilidad y economía energética del país”. @Jriverastaff #UniendoFuerzas #TodoLoQueNosUne
#Repost @shopeelook (@get_repost ) ・・・ Shopee Look Giveaway is back! Kali ini kamu bisa menangin VIVO V15! Caranya gampang banget: 1. FOLLOW @shopeelook dan LIKE post ini 2. REPOST foto ini dan sertakan hashtag #ShopeeLookGiveawayVivo 3. Profile tidak boleh private 4. Periode giveaway berlangsung hingga 24 Maret 2019. 5. 1 Orang akan kami pilih untuk menjadi pemenang. _ So many cars in the highway, good luck for this giveaway 😍 #ShopeeLook #ShopeeID
#Repost @haleyluhoo ・・・ I got to spend a handful of hours with Claire Wineland before we started filming @FiveFeetApartFilm. She was the wisest soul in the youngest, smallest body of anyone I’ve ever met. I’ll always remember her telling me that when you have Cystic Fibrosis there comes a time when you stop living for your treatments and you start doing your treatments so that you can live. We added that as a line in the movie. I think those words are the heart of the story and I’ll hold on to them forever as a reminder that the point of life is for it to be lived. Thank you, Claire **if you are inspired, do some extra research about CF and donate to @clairesplacefoundation (which is a continuation of her legacy) or to @cf_foundation ** 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
A #wednesdaywisdom word 🙌🏾 #Repost @exquisitemo ・・・ It all starts with knowing your value and self awareness.... It’s nothing wrong with being different... embrace being different... when I was younger I didn’t understand this... I always felt My thinking was different than others around me.... but I never expressed myself because I felt no one would listen.... but me being different and not trying to fit in is the reason why I’m here today.... I never walked with the crowd I always walked in the other direction... it has nothing to do with thinking you are better than anyone, it’s about knowing your values and beliefs and anything that doesn’t align with that you just walk in the other direction. It’s that simple ☺️💕💕
#Repost @qatarairways ・・・ From the flight deck to the kitchen, taste some of our captian’s @hassan_alibrahim culinary delicacies this week at #QIFF2019 👨🏼‍✈️. Looking forward to seeing you all! #QatarCreates
#Repost from @mrharrycampbell with @regram.app ... @mekareshaun ‼️Want to win 2 FREE general admission tickets to @rootmagazine 's #Root10 event during @thestellars week 03.28.19⁉️ Follow rules below: . 1. Follow @MekaReshaun & @RootMagazine . 2. Download my debut single 'Desire of You' via any digital platform. . 3. Repost THIS post! . 4 DM me with proof of follows, repost, and download of single! . 5. Use hashtags #MekaReshaun & #Root10 . 6. YOU MUST BE IN LAS VEGAS to utilize the tickets. . . #stellars #stellarawards #stellarawards2019 #thestellarawards #TheStellars #gospelArtist #gospelmusic #music #gospel #lasvegas #vegas #NV #nevada
#Repost @reformanational with @get_repost ・・・ REFORMA is honored to receive the 2019 @carlemuseum Angel Award recognizing outstanding contribution to children's literacy and efforts to bring picture books to children everywhere.
#Repost @qatarairways ・・・ From the flight deck to the kitchen, taste some of our captian’s @hassan_alibrahim culinary delicacies this week at #QIFF2019 👨🏼‍✈️. Looking forward to seeing you all! #QatarCreates
#Repost @caraotadigital ・・・ #Internacionales | Roniel Wilfredo Pérez, venezolano de 24 años, falleció el pasado 14 de marzo arrollado por un camión de la empresa KLO Perú, donde trabajaba como estibador. La familia del venezolano tuvo que correr con todos los gastos del sepelio, ya que el seguro de la empresa donde trabajaba cubría únicamente accidentes en las vías públicas y este sucedió dentro de un almacén. #KLO #Perú #VenezolanosEnPerú #Venezolano #20Mar #CaraotaDigital
#Repost @priscila_dudaa e @guilherme_queiroz93 "Eu sei que vai ser perfeito , Deus está cuidando de cada detalhe ". Então chegou o grande dia em que Deus reservou pra nós dois , momento único na presença de Deus , Pais , Irmãos , Família , Amigos !! Que este momento seja único em nossas vidas e que possamos compartilhar grandes e únicos momentos !! ❤❤❤ Alianças : @gfatelie Ph : antonioni_fotografia Make : @fernandaf.makeup #AbençoadaporDeus Casamento chegou 16/03/19 . . Que Deus continue abençoando grandemente o relacionamento de vocês ❤ Felicidades aos Noivinhos !!! 😍 . #NoivinhosGfAteliê #Noivinhos2019 #Lindos #AbençoadosporDeus #AliançasGfAteliê #JoalheriaArtesanal #GfAteliê #NovaLima #Mg
#Repost @jesuspayanmusic Esperen el video de el teniente grabado en mi rancho con mi compadre @leninramirezmusic fierro puro del récord @josecastroeimparables @jimenezirwin @angeldelvillar27 @delvillar_m #DelRecords 🔴🔝 #elfelipon
Para quem ainda não conhece essa profissão maravilhosa😊, segue uma repostagem maravilhosa! 👇 #Repost @nataliabittencourt_fisio (@get_repost ) ・・・ Tenho visto tantas intervenções estranhas nas redes sociais... 😞😞 e nessas horas de caos é sempre bom voltar ao básico e correto. A profissão fisioterapia tem qual objetivo ? Qual a nossa identidade profissional? 😃😃. #pensafisio Temos sempre que refletir e evitar que a vaidade e negligência exploda nossa profissão. Claro, que não é a maioria. E por isso continuo orgulhosa de ser fisioterapeuta e motivada a contribuir para uma fisioterapia melhor ! Com evidência, experiência e raciocínio clínico !! ⚠️“ O ERRADO É ERRADO, mesmo que todo mundo esteja fazendo. O CERTO É CERTO, mesmo que ninguém esteja fazendo” 😃😃💪. E claro. Não podemos esquecer do importante papel dos CREFITOS de fiscalizar e punir!!! #fisioterapia #crefito4
#Repost @papaduck561 with @get_repost ・・・ Please all my supporters and Families it’s time we get educated...March 30th I will be one of the speakers at C.R James Smith Center 1723 Bruton Blvd Orlando Fla...4-pm TIL 8pm...and if you register now I My Company SLMG will sponsor 50% I’m so serious about this cause we need to get educated....please hit the contact info on the flyer
#Repost @vialx (@get_repost ) ・・・ ‼Equipo, instalación, sonido,iluminación, estructuras ,climatización y ACCION‼. 🎬 : La Logia Cuna de América en La Zona Colonial y su patio central fue el espacio para un momento icónico, donde pudimos demostrar que Vialx hace de los retos un evento posible. 👏🏻🙌🏻 : Déjate contagiar de este buen ambiente en el que 👫Karla y Luis, así como sus invitados, disfrutaron cada detalle. : Vialx, “Conectando emociones”.✨ By @marypilyeventstudio 👏 : :#convialx #sinvialx #conectandoemociones #iluminacion #estructuras #sonido #eventos #tarima #escenario #lighting #stage #events #production #juegodeluces #mocaespaillat #moca #santiago #santiagodeloscaballeros #santodomingo #puertoplata #laromana #puntacana
#Repost @oiowearclothing • • • • • • DISPONIBLES!! ESTAMOS UBICADOS 💚EN SANTO DOMINGO💚 ( @oiopiantini ) {Calle Max Henriquez Ureña #55 3er Nivel Plaza Capuchinos Local 8 C } Ensanche Piantini ☎️ 809-751-2424 (Whatsaap) 🕖 LUN a SAB 10:00 am - 7:00 Pm DOM 10:00 am - 2:00 Pm 📦🛍 ENVIOS A TODO EL PAIS🇩🇴 (Aceptamos Tarjetas de credito)💳 👁 ---------------------------------------------------------- 💛EN SANTIAGO💛 ( @oiosantiago ) [3er Nivel Plaza Colinas Mall, Local 351] Santiago,R.D. ☎️ (829) 518-1201 (Whatsaap) 🕘🕖 LUN a SAB 10:00 am - 9:00 Pm DOM 11:00 am - 3:00 Pm 📦🛍 ENVIOS A TODO EL PAIS🇩🇴 (Aceptamos Tarjetas de credito)💳 👁 ---–—---------------------------------------------------- 🇺🇸 PARA PEDIDOS EN USA A PARTIR DE ABRIL 1 🇺🇸 🛑 NO DAMOS INFO POR DM.. PARA PEDIDOS ESCRIBIR POR WHATSAAP ‼️
💚🇪🇸 _ #Repost @vox_es ・・・ Viñeta que nos envía un simpatizante 😂 Menuda sorpresa se van a llevar el 28 de abril los que piensan que la #EspañaViva se dejará engañar 💪🇪🇸 ____________ #Elecciones #EleccionesGenerales #VOXÚtil #28A #vox #laspalmas #grancanaria #laspalmasdegrancanaria
#Repost @oiowearclothing (@get_repost ) ・・・ #oiowear Visita www.oiowear.com
#Repost @isavaha ・・・ We verwelkomen onze nieuwkomers😊zalm met pittige avocado , tonijn “tonato” en St jacobsnootjes met gerookte mayonaise😋lekkere lenterolletjes met scampi, gerookte kip en tofu en edamameboontjes op de wijze van de chef! IsaSushi staat voor dagvers dus bestel tijdig!👌🍣🍸😍 #shoplocal #eatlocal #Verkénsintgillis
This is some very cool art. I really like the strength, courage, defiance, and beauty defined, here. I have always admired strong women, especially those who are strong, yet unmistakably feminine. Such heroines in fantasy, and real life, have been inspirations to me, as both a writer, and in a personal sense. I admire confident women, who do not accept being mistreated, and walk their own independent paths....; RED SONJA commission (traditional art) Commission list open #marvelcomics #comicartist #comics #traditionalart #passion #picoftheday #superheroes #pencil #ink #watercolor #followme #redsonja #redsonjacosplay #wolf #darknight #comicstyle #beautieswithblades #fumetto #illustration #horse #traditionalart #Repost @gianlucagugliottaart with @insta.saver.repost • • • #SGSmithauthor #ThePlanetDoom #thedarktowerofmontytheheavyspinalplanetdwarf
#Repost @stfjusbr with @make_repost ・・・ Restabelecida prisão preventiva de acusado de ser mandante do homicídio de professora em Xambioá (TO). Por maioria de votos, na sessão desta terça-feira (19), a Primeira Turma do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) revogou a liminar concedida no Habeas Corpus (HC) 148773 e restabeleceu a prisão preventiva decretada contra Vilmar Martins Leite, réu em ação penal por homicídio triplamente qualificado e por motivo torpe. Ele é acusado de ser um dos mandantes do assassinato de uma professora, ocorrido em Xambioá (TO), em 2009. De acordo com os autos, o homicídio foi encomendado porque a professora ameaçou denunciar um esquema criminoso que levou à cassação do mandato do candidato vencedor das eleições municipais de 2008, em benefício da mulher de Vilmar, segunda colocada no pleito. O relator do HC, ministro Marco Aurélio, manteve a liminar concedida anteriormente. Ele observou que o juízo de primeira instância levou em conta apenas a gravidade abstrata dos delitos e a repercussão social, elementos que, em seu entendimento, são insuficientes para a decretação da prisão preventiva. O ministro Alexandre de Moraes votou pela cassação da liminar e o restabelecimento da prisão preventiva. Ele considera que a sentença de pronúncia, que também determinou a prisão preventiva, está bem fundamentada, pois narra de forma clara que a periculosidade do acusado ficou comprovada pelas provas colhidas nos autos, além de apontar a repercussão social em razão das ameaças a testemunhas que se mudaram do município por medo de represálias. Ele destacou que este fato atrasou o andamento do processo em razão da expedição de diversas cartas precatórias. “Os crimes são gravíssimos, homicídio triplamente qualificado, estupro e com concurso de pessoas. Entendo que a prisão preventiva está bem fundamentada e há nos autos notícias de que testemunhas foram coagidas e tiveram que se mudar da cidade”, afirmou. Os ministros Luís Roberto Barroso, Rosa Weber e Luiz Fux acompanharam o relator pelo restabelecimento da prisão preventiva.
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#Repost @iranian_artist_art with @get_repost ・・・ . اولین پست سال ۱۳۹۸ را اختصاص میدیم به #سکوت صدای زنان ایرانی، صدایشان ستون هنر مستقل می باشد، انها در طول تاریخ هنر، همیشه زیر تیغ سانسور بودند، ما از همه بینندگان صفحه هنرمندان مستقل میخواهیم پست حمایت صدای زنان را در استوری خودشان قرار دهند. این خوانندگان نسل جدید صدای آواز ایران هستند، ما حامی آنها هستیم، امیدوارم امسال صدایشان برای همیشه آزاد شود... چیدش ویدیو به ترتیب ارسال فایل ها می باشد. ویدیو کاملا اختصاصی... جای خیلی از زنان در این ویدیو‌ خالیست. #نت_سکوت با سپاس بسيار از پيج وزين @Iranian_artist_art براى حمايت و همراهى بى دريغشان🍃🙏 #موسيقى #موسيقى_ايرانى #آواز_زنان #صداى_بانوان #محبوبه_گلزارى
I have t-shirts i swear 🙊
Vince loves the snow ❄️🐾
Happy New Year👑
خلع جراحي ل11 سن لايمكن علاجهم وتعويض المريض بطقم اسنان كامل متحرك بعد اخذ كامل الطبعات و المقاسات لكي يستطيع ممارسة حياته اليومية 💉👨🏻‍⚕️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . l . #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #happy #cute #tooth #picoftheday #art #summer #me #selfie #teeth #instadaily #repost #friends #style #travel #girl #fun #photography #dental #smile #fitness #family #instalike #instagram #beauty #life
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