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I can do everything for you on line if that's what you prefer. It seems to be the way business is moving. Of course I prefer the personal touch and my packages include that. You can message me with your order or visit my Senesite. Www.senegence.com/unapologeticallypretty
My happy place. Hoping we can keep the heron away until the plants come back.
They were more interested in this sculpture than the real animals and had more fun at the playground than anything else. Im a little disheartened with zoos myself. Next time will just go to the park
We watched Blackkklansman this weekend. Great movie and well done but it broke my heart. When I was growing up I had no idea there was such a thing as racism. I truly didn't. There wasn't much diversity where I lived but I was exposed to it through the university where my dad worked. I just accepted people as they were. I have a tattoo of an African comb on my left forearm. It means everlasting love and feminine virtue. I had no idea it was symbolic in the 60's and 70's (it's in the movie). I hope I'm worthy of wearing it ✊
Lunch with my honey bunny. Best tacos. Everything local and the tortillas are to die for🌮
When I was looking for a cat I only wanted one. These girls are sisters and it was suggested I keep them together and not just take one of them. I am so glad I didn't split them up💜. They've been with us almost a year
I snuck off by myself to take this selfie. I couldn't shut the door cause it locks and I'd already turned in my keys. When I looked at it I realized how metaphorical the picture was. Im moving on but not shutting the door. I've created meaningful relationships here, I will always be a forensic nurse. I value both of those so the door stays ajar. I love the fluidity of life. 💚
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🎉🎉DMG Customer Appreciation IG Giveaway!🎉🎉🎉 ............... DMG has THE best customers! We’re celebrating you all this week. Next up is a giveaway! One lucky winner will be selected to receive our new exclusive portfolio wristlet clutch in kelly green (not yet released)! ................ 1. Follow @definemegreek 2. TAG 3 sorors AND comment with one word that best describes DMG ................ Contest end 3/15 at 12pm PST. Winner will be announced tomorrow evening. 📷: @rjjrphotography
It's coming... spring. Change is also coming. I have two days left of a job that I've loved. The impact was great. I feel I was impactful with the children, the families, the process and the outcome. The job was also impactful on me. My heart, my soul, my empathy, my frustration, and so I move on. We must do what makes our heart and cup full. When we start pouring from one cup to help fill another eventually one becomes empty. I need to find balance again and my hope is the change will do that for me. I will miss my community and it will be difficult to go from expert to novice but I'm ready for the humbling experience!
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Sunday, St. Patrick's day, is one of my favorites. I love bagpipes, brats, and BEER. Did you know traditional lipstick can affect the taste of beer and cause a decrease in that foam. Not to mention it is all over your mug. Tacky. Here are a few suggestions for the big day!!
He isn't always as patient as I'd like but he always takes a time to teach when the moment presents itself! They soak it up!! I love teaching. It's one of my favorite parts of my job as a nurse. I think that's why I love Senegence so much too Through my business I've learned about myself, business, how to improve and I get the opportunity to teach that to others.
Hot toddy/spiked apple cider. My sore throat will either feel better or I won't give a shit!
Lips💋!! I have never thought of myself as someone with full lips and I do toy with the thought of enhancing them but.... they are fuller and smoother than they were four 年前發佈 which is pretty amazing considering I'm getting close to being 55 years old AND most women my age are losing lip volume instead of gaining it! It's all about moisture. I wear lipsense and our moisturizing gloss every day. On days that I don't wear makeup I still wear gloss. I also use our lip volumizer every night. Mwaw💋
All groomed and handsome for St Patrick's day. My humom's favorite holiday cause she loves beer. Senegence has a new gloss with green glitter too. Can't wait to try it
"Here's to strong women may we know them. May we be them. May we raise them." 💪🏾💕 • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority #internationalwomensday
DMG works hard to keep you fabulous, fly, and forward in Greek Fashion. Have you grabbed your tee yet? 🙌🏾 • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
Our favorite part of the job is seeing our gorgeous customers like @deandriat wearing our apparel with such pride! Tag us in your photos for a feature. • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
Ummm does your company treat you with this kind of greatness???
Today is national absinthe day AND fat Tuesday. How will you be celebrating? Im wearing my favorite purple lipsense Purple Reign, and loose pants in case I get to overindulge! Maybe I can find some King's cake somewhere!!
"Damn I'm tired from working all day... oh wait I don't work. I sleep on my mom's bed and poop in a box. Life is good" #iristhecat
I've got to get motivated and get this chubby off.. the first three people to spend 50 dollars with me will get a free activity tracker!! Who's with me?
It's national mulled wine day. Take 15% off of this color and of course pour yourself a glass🍷
Finally getting to work on my home office. My Unapologetically pretty colors are green and pink... I have the desk, can't wait to get my chair and book case!
I heard at a training that one of the biggest reasons people do direct sales is they want someone to be proud of them. The reason most people don't do it is fear. Fear of failure. What is failure really? It is what you perceive it to be. Nobody judges your successes and failures more than you do. Are you afraid people will scoff you, make fun of you, tell you I told you so? Guess what... some people will but they have probably already done it. If you are letting what other people think hold you back you may miss out on something that will create joy for you, that could change your life or that could teach you something. If you have questions about the graphic message me!!
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The February DMG Drop is here! We took our 5 most popular lapel pins and packaged them up into a “Starter Pack!” Take the guess work out of where to start your pin collection. Included in the pack is our NEW AKA Shield pin. Perfect to wear all together on a jean jacket, backpack or hat, or dress it up by wearing it individually with a blazer. The possibilities are endless! Pins included: -AKA -AKA shield -Green ivy -Skee-Wee -1908 *Pins also sold individually ........................................... #definemegreek #dmgdrop #lapelpin #lapelpins #starterpack #accessories #1908 #ivy #ivyleaf #20pearls #prettygirl #twentypearls #skeewee #thisisaseriousmatter #unapologeticallypretty #myfavoritevendor #greekapparel #greekparaphernailia #aka #prettygirls #alphakappaalpha #aka1908
I stole this from somewhere and every time I read it I laugh out loud. Is there really such a thing as bootleg diabeetus medicine and damn that cat looks like Wilford Brimley.
More great photos by moi!! I love the covered path and the mystery of where it goes. Where are you going? After you frightened if you can't see the destination? There was no hesitation from these guys!!
The vignette is because my good selfie spot is under construction and I don't want you to see my mess. No filter. I went with pink champagne and pink sand gloss today. Im talking to the board so I went a little more subtle, the lip color will be the only thing subtle about me. I can't help it. It is who I am? I made a big announcement to them.
Our Spring ‘19 “Welcome to the Sisterhood” packages are here! If you’re looking for an affordable and unique gift...we have you covered! Swipe ⬅️ to view the different packages we have to offer. Available now at definemegreek.com + link in bio! • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority #fashion
Maybe I'll become a photographer!! Done I am now a photographer!! No it's usually not that easy but it's also not that hard. First you have to decide then commit. Put in the work. That's really all it is. I remember I was resistant to saying I was an expert at child abuse but I am. I put the work in. I also run a successful home business. It's not just a little thing I do. It's not a side gig. I work it. I make money doing it and I take it seriously. What goal or aspiration do you have? *The picture is of a rat house... that's called hard work!!🐀
Bay Area Sorors came together over the weekend to celebrate the 2nd annual @blackjoyparade and they looked FABULOUS in their #firstblacksorority tees. What a great way to round out Black History Month 2019 💚✊🏾💕 • • • • • #definemegreek #blackjoyparade #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
Are you are "what if'er" or "if only I would have..." I should be, and yes I do it occasionally, but not often. It doesn't do any good and I try to look forward not back. Opportunity is everywhere and someday isn't a day of the week. If you're looking for an opportunity message me!
Just gloss, no filter or enhancements (I would have removed the zit on my chin). I still have a few dark spots on my face but they are much improved. I've been using my brightening treatment routinely for the last week and I can already tell!
This is what I'm doing this weekend. Painting our newly textured ceilings. My hubby has become quite skilled at drywall texturing. We are frugal and have tried to do as much of the work as possible. I am not cheap tho. I have researched paint, cabinets, fixtures, lighting and much more. Some inexpensive things are high quality and some expensive things are crap. Do your research. If it's worth the money I'll pay it!!
It's critical that your skin care is appropriate for your skin type. We have a tendency to use products that are too drying. This can lead to premature wrinkles, increased oil production, flaking and redness. What's your skin type emoji?
It's national margarita day and yes I will be partaking!!! Be sure to hydrate... your face will show it tomorrow and you'll feel it if you don't. I'll definitely be lubing up my lips with my lip volumizer and lots of collagen night pak so i'm not all pruned up in the morning... cheers🍸
20 年前發佈 I started my nursing career working with families, primarily moms and their babies. Part of our curriculum was involving dad's. Many times it fell on deaf ears. Research has shown us over and over that this relationship is important, even when dads aren't exemplary (who is really?). I am often frustrated with the lack of progress we make as a society but I do think we are better when it comes to this. I think the courts are better and people who work with children seem to be embracing the importance of this relationship. We now have family restrooms and changing stations in men's bathrooms. Let's remember that dad's are important. That they are capable of taking a child to the doctor, caring for and nurturing a small child. Making appropriate decisions regarding food and safety. Leave adult issues between adults. Allow children to love both of their parents unconditionally. Embrace this important relationship❤!
A recent article said that the benefits of the sun outway the risk of skin cancer!!! I still keep a mechanical sunscreen on my face by wearing Senegence daytime moisturizer and foundation (spf 30) and a margarita is always a good thing🍹
Love this lip combo and the eyes look pretty bomb too. Our mascara has a growth enhancer in it so why would you not use it. We lose lashes and eyebrows as we age so stay ahead of the clock!! It comes in waterproof and moisture resistant. Ordering today... send me a DM to reserve yours $28!
Vegan coconut curry with chickpeas. I made the curry sauce from scratch. We're going to have at least one meatless night a week. It's better for our health and the environment. Who has good meatless recipes?
We take our tees as #Serious as Black History Month! Who is your favorite Black History Hero?Post below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 📸 @akaetasigma1908 • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
Health topic Let's talk about social/emotional intelligence. There is a lot of research about this. We know that over all people who are high in this area are more successful, happier and more well rounded. What can we do so that our little ones are more emotionally intelligent. A caveat here this is purely my opinion....although I think I am pretty credible. Model model model....children mimic what they see. Be respectful. Even when someone has gotten on you last nerves you can still be respectful NO YELLING!!! This is basically verbal abuse. When you yell you are damaging. It hurts our self-worth, our feelings our self esteem. Be thankful and appreciative and praise. I just read an article that said that successful marriages have partners that appreciate each other and they tell them. "Thank you for all you hard work today!!!" Validate people's feelings. If I am trying to have a discussion with you and I tell you how I feel DO NOT POINT OUT HOW THAT ISN'T CORRECT!! Feelings are not right or wrong. "It looks like you are sad" "Boy you seem to be really angry" Help children recognize OTHER people's feelings. If you as an adult aren't doing that your children won't. "I think what you said hurt their feelings" Spend quality time together. With children you will get the opportunity to practice some of the things above. Remember that time is not perceived the same for children. An hour is too long for pretty much anything. Even most adults can not attend to something for longer than 45 minutes to an hour. Small children need to do things in small increments. The great thing about this is 10 minutes of one on one time is golden and may change the whole day for the better. EVERYONE has 10 minute they can give. LISTEN...Listen with you whole body!!! Sit still, make eye contact don't say anything, just listen!! You may not even have to respond. We all want the above mentioned things. People who receive this type of attention will become masters at giving it!!
Looking for the perfect Chapter tee? We got you! Contact us today to get a design going that matches the history of your chapter and vision of its present! • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
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